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Stablcor Enters into Licensing Agreement with Everett Charles Technologies

  • Monday, 10th September 2007
  • Reading time: about 3 minutes

Stablcor Incorporated, the provider of carbon composite laminates, has licensed the use of its Stablcor technology to Everett Charles Technologies’ Semiconductor Test division.

Everett Charles Technologies (ECT) is a subsidiary of Dover Corporation. The Stablcor technology provides printed circuit board (PCB) fabricators with a solution for advanced thermal management, thermal expansion, and board rigidity.

“We have been challenged by our customers in the field of flatness, heat management, and Fr4’s ability to match, or come close to, CTE of the ceramics,” stated Tim McNulty, President, ECT Semiconductor Test Group. “Stablcor provides the ability to tailor the CTE in a range from 2.5ppm to 12ppm.”

McNulty continued, “High performance components generate much higher heat resulting in elevated board temperature during operation. Boards manufactured using Stablcor, as one or multiple cores, will act as a heat spreader, which substantially increases thermal conductivity; increased rigidity without increasing the weight of the board; and decreased temperatures in lead-free assembly. In addition to the improved CTE and thermal management, PCBs manufactured with Stablcor’s licensed technology exhibit the following characteristics: less than 50 percent Z-axis expansion, when compared to boards that were using Thermount materials; and no moisture absorption issues,” added McNulty.

“ECT is the leading supplier to the ATE and Wafer Probe test equipment markets,” explained Stablcor President Douglas Tullio. “We are pleased to have a licensing agreement with a company whose strong customer loyalty validates their dedication to providing the highest quality engineering and manufacturing capabilities within the industry. We will continue to provide diversified markets with innovative solutions through the talents and skills of companies such as Harbor Electronics, one of the premier fabricators in the industry.”

“After providing onsite manufacturing training to ECT’s talented process engineering team and witnessing the strong capabilities within their extremely high aspect ratio drilling and plating department, I believe that we have licensed one of the highest quality and most technically sound PCB fabricators for the ATE and Wafer Probe test board market,” said Stablcor CTO Kris Vasoya.

“As ATE and wafer probe cards have a high layer count,” continued Vasoya, “they are quite thick, yet lack adequate rigidity for use in the test setup machines. The most critical factor of these multi layer boards is their rigidity and flatness. A prototype design was manufactured on site and, by adding a few carbon fibre layers (Stablcor) within the circuit boards, the rigidity requirement not only met, but exceeded expectations. Because of their experience with technology driven products like Thermount, blind buried via, sequential lamination, and CIC, I am confident that Harbor Electronics will do an excellent job manufacturing and representing high quality products with the Stablcor line of carbon composite laminates,” added Vasoya.

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