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Solvay Presents Latest Composite Developments

  • Tuesday, 29th May 2018
  • Reading time: about 2 minutes

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Solvay presented its latest composite technology developments at SAMPE 2018 in Long Beach, California, US, on 21-24 May.

Solvay promoted technologies that enable the industrialisation of composite part manufacture:

  • CYCOM 5320-1 for cost-effective OOA processing of aerospace structures;
  • APC PEKK for rapid consolidation of thermoplastic composite structures. This unidirectional tape product enables affordable manufacturing processes with excellent toughness, damage tolerance, FST, and notched property performance;
  • PRISM technology for high rate manufacture of integrated composite structures.

The company also showcased products and technologies that offer reliability and cost efficiencies:

  • FusePly further enables the build of reliable, bonded composite parts through the creation of covalently bonded surfaces thus streamlining part integration and reducing assembly time in composite structures;
  • Evolite F1050, newly launched product for oil and gas thermoplastic composite pipe applications;
  • SolvaLite 730, a thermoset prepreg resin system specifically developed for high-volume automotive applications. This prepreg offers very short cycle times, enables robotic handling and eliminates the need for freezers and temperature controlled transportation;
  • Tegracore PPSU Foam, a foam core under development ideal for thermoset or thermoplastic sandwich panels. It offers a high level of structural and functional integration and is lightweight (53 kg/m3) with a high strength -to-weight ratio.
  • VAC-PLY VMS3, a multi-layer microporous vacuum channel for resin infusion specifically designed to maximise air removal during resin infusion processes, thus optimising impregnation and avoiding dry spots.

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