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Simulayt Releases Composites Link for CATIA V5

  • Sunday, 15th April 2007
  • Reading time: about 2 minutes

Simulayt is taking its collaboration with Dassault Systemes a step further by the release of Composites Link for CATIA V5 Composites Workbench.

The new product will integrate the analysis function performed by software such as ABAQUS/CAE with the design function performed within CATIA V5 Composites Part Design seamlessly during the composites development process. Composites Link transfers zone and ply data directly between finite element models used by analysts, and the geometrical models used by designers within CATIA V5 Composites Part Design. The bi-directional, automated transfer replaces traditional manual data transfer methods that are slow and error-prone.

John Klintworth, the CEO of Simulayt, commented: ”The most critical factor limiting the development of high performance composites structures subject to severe loads is the bottleneck in communication between analysis and design functions. With our longstanding partnerships with the leading vendors of analysis and design tools, we are well-placed to bring these disparate communities together to accelerate the composites development process. This will allow designs to be improved and mistakes reduced to ensure the development of efficient but robust structures.”

Composites Link is a CAA V5 application to transfer zone and ply information between finite-element based models used by analysts, and geometrical information used by designers within CATIA V5 Composites Part Design. Analysis zone descriptions (PCOMP/Section data) can be imported to generate zones in the CATIA V5 Composites Part DesignWorkbench automatically. These zones provide the starting point for the development of a ply model as development proceeds. Once plies have been defined, they can be transferred directly to analysis tools for detailed ply-level analysis. Based on the results of the detailed analyses, changes suggested by the analyst can then be imported back into CATIA V5 Composites Part Design and reviewed by the designer, where they can be compared and accepted interactively.

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