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Sicomin to Showcase Breakthrough Technology

  • Monday, 9th September 2019
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Sicomin will showcase a newly developed carbon fibre version of its revolutionary MaxCore technology at Composites Europe in Stuttgart, Germany this week. The part will also be displayed at CAMX in Anaheim, US later this month.  

Sicomin’s MaxCore sandwich core infusion technology was launched at JEC World 2019 earlier this year with both flat and curved panels using glass and flax reinforcement fibres. Sicomin will now present the ultimate in high-performance MaxCore technology using carbon fabrics for the laminate as well as carbon fibres for the thru-foam structure. The 60mm thick demonstration part features 4mm diameter carbon filament bundles inserted through a RohacellÒ core, with carbon skins infused with Sicomin’s market leading high modulus epoxy system SR 1710, which is optimised for carbon fibre parts.  

Sicomin’s new MaxCore carbon fibre technology is perfect for applications that become too heavy when engineered in glass fibre and require a lightweight and high stiffness solution. The technology is aimed at industries in which lightweight, structural performance and energy/cost saving are key drivers, including aerospace, marine, civil engineering, rail and other transportation.      

MaxCore is an innovative method of dry fibre insertion into thick foam cores, with dry filaments of glass, natural fibres or carbon, for infusion manufacturing of large sandwich structures. Dry fibres are inserted into the foam in multiple orientations and are responsible for 100% of the mechanical properties of the infused processed core. With its unique patented manufacturing process, Sicomin is able to place these reinforcement fibres with precise fibre angles and positions within the core and can produce MaxCore panels with core thicknesses as high as 300mm. 

Due to the mechanical contribution of the fibre reinforcement, MaxCore doesn’t rely on denser and more expensive core material, so it is a cost-effective option compared with classic foam cores used in composite panels. As the core material is solely a carrier for the fibre reinforcement, cores can be selected based on other required parameters such as: fire and smoke behaviour, water resistance, thermoformable ability, low resin absorption or sustainable chemistry.   

Future developments under way include a thermoplastic version of the MaxCore technology and a new factory in Northern France. 

Philippe Marcovich, President, Sicomin comments, “We are delighted to showcase the new carbon fibre version of our MaxCore technology at two of the industry’s leading composite trade shows this month. This innovative carbon fibre technology will revolutionise infusion processes in terms of light weighting and its associated costs. In order to keep up with the growing demand for MaxCore, we are working on the opening of a dedicated MaxCore factory in Northern France and are exploring options to produce MaxCore locally for the American market.”

Image provided by Sicomin

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