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San Diego Composites Awarded Contract to Develop Composite Missile Launch Units

  • Friday, 15th July 2005
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Sand Diego Composites (SDC) has been awarded a contract to develop a missile container launch unit supporting Raytheon Missile Systems multi-year contract for the System Development and Demonstration (SDD) phase.

The NLOS-LS, one of 19 FCS Core Systems, will consist of a family of missiles and a highly deployable, platform-independent Container Launch Unit with self-contained tactical fire control electronics and software for remote and unmanned operations.

SDC is partnering on the Phase I program with Sparta, Inc. The ultimate value for all three phases of the program is in excess of $50M.

In the Phase I study, SDC engineering and Sparta manufacturing will develop innovative approaches to enhance producibility and assembly of the composite container structures. Weight, cost, and functionality are all important objectives on the program, which includes a broad spectrum of environmental requirements.

San Diego Composites, which had three Phase I SBIR contracts awarded in its first year, 2003, has projected sales of $2.5M for 2005.

The company has depended heavily on the small business innovative research program for the first three years, but anticipates that engineering development programs, like NLOS-LS, will help boost growth in the future. Some of the current SBIR programs include development of thermal management technologies for high power wide bandgap electronics, carbon-carbon mirrors and telescope structures, more producible composite kinetic kill vehicle structures, multi-functional electronic enclosures, light weight payload adaptor with integral shock and vibration mitigation technologies, radiation hardened enclosures and telescopes, and a high temperature polymer missile antenna section.

In addition to core competencies of composite materials design and analysis, SDC has acquired both test and fabrication equipment for prototype composite structures and high temperature polymer composites. This equipment will support technology as well as engineering development programs.

A significant commitment to building up the infrastructure that will enable SDC to support NLOS-LS CLU and other engineering development programs. This process will be greatly enhanced not only by the NLOS-LS program, but by participation in a prime contractor mentoring program.

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