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SAMPE 2003 Update

  • Sunday, 16th February 2003
  • Reading time: about 5 minutes

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The SAMPE 2003 Committee had selected Jens Hinrichsen of Airbus Industries as the SAMPE 2003 Keynote Address Speaker. The talk, entitled “The Airbus A380 Technology Platform: A Market Driver for Suppliers”, is aimed at typical SAMPE show attendees who are heavily involved in advanced composites.

Jens Hinrichsen is the Component Management and Integration Team Leader on the A380 Vertical Tailplane for Airbus Industries. Mr. Hinrichsen has had considerable involvement with previous Airbus technology programs, where he was the Director of Structural Engineering on the A3XX and A380 composite programs. He is a well-known industry resource because of his heavy involvement in previous design, materials selection, optimization and manufacturing technology development for Airbus Industries M&P technologies.

In view of M&P selection, the A380 has been envisioned by Airbus and the industry as an advanced technology platform for commercial aircraft. New technologies that appear to have reached certain maturity levels were selected. Maturity was determined by both manufacturing quality as well as aircraft owner maintainability in the field. The A380 technology will still be advanced during production through additional opportunities to material and manufacturing suppliers. Areas pertinent to materials selection, materials performance, improved manufacturability, and ease of maintainability will be discussed by Mr. Hinrichsen. Airbus considers that “…there is significant motivation for team members to deliver high quality CFRP-structures in time at optimum cost levels (design for manufacture, design for maintenance, design for quality) must be practical and beneficial to Airbus.” The Keynote will address commercial aircraft industry issues and challenges in these areas as new technology platforms such as the Airbus A380 move toward production. Stiff competition between Airbus and Boeing drive technologies such as these where material and manufacturing suppliers compete heavily for new program source positions.

Immediately following the Keynote Address, the Keynote Panel on “Leveraging Advanced Materials and Processes to Create Value” will include a distinguished industry group following the Keynote Panel Speaker, Dr. Yiin Chii-Ming, Administrative Vice Minister, Ministry of Economic Affairs, Taiwan, ROC on the topic “From Made-in-Taiwan to Designed-in-Taiwan”.

Over 215 technical papers will also be presented and included in the SAMPE 2003 Proceedings – with strong technical program sessions covering such hot topics as: Nanomaterials/Nanocomposites, Infrastructure Technology, Automated Processing, Fire Safe Materials, High Temperature Resins, RTM/RFI/VARTM Technology, Testing and Inspection, Preforms, Advanced Methods in Design and Analysis, E-Beam Curing, Ceramics/Metals/Metal Matrix Composites, Polymer and Reinforcement Technology and Wind Energy.

Dr. Cory Arendt, SAMPE 2003 Technical Program Chairman indicated “… that the SAMPE 2003 Committee solicited a large number of focused technology presentations on current interest topics in today’s Materials and Processing industry, with a significant focus on overseas technology areas. The technical program reflects that strong response to our call for papers”.

In addition to the technical papers, several panel sessions were developed to focus on critical growth technologies. The SAMPE Technical Committees, of which there are 13 representing current M&P industry and market segments, were organized to provide an afternoon panel that provides the first “Technology and Market Trends in Advanced Materials and Processes” update for SAMPE 2003 attendees. Anthony Falcone (SAMPE International Senior Vice President) and Dr. Scott Beckwith (SAMPE International Technical Director) organized the panel with the goal of providing the overview of international M&P needs, goals and current market trends in technologies represented by SAMPE. SAMPE 2003 also offers several other distinguished panels on “Marine Technology: Process, Reinforcements and Resins for Today’s Hottest Marine Machines” and “Nanomaterials/Nanocomposites: National Perspectives.”

For the first time in many years, SAMPE 2003 will feature several active technology demonstrations on the Exhibition floor during the exhibit days. Both the National Composites Center (NCC) and Why Not Composites will put on floor demonstrations that involve composite infrastructure and bridge deck applications, resin infusion molding processing, channel-assisted RTM (CARTM), FRP composite girder technology, and civil engineering applications. NCC will also be hosting its annual spring business meeting at SAMPE 2003 for its Member companies.

NASA and the Interagency Working Group on Fire and Materials (IWGFM) are also providing active technology panels, presentations and technology briefings during SAMPE 2003. NASA is providing the special Luncheon Speaker, Dr. Jeremiah Creedon, Associate Administrator (Aerospace Technology Enterprise) with a talk on “Advanced Materials and Processing Technologies for Aerospace Systems”. NASA is also making presentations through a series of technology briefings on NASA’s “Advanced Materials Program: Bringing Space Technology Back Down to Earth”. The IWGFM, headed by Usman Sorathia (Naval Surface Warfare Center) is being recognized by SAMPE for holding its 10th anniversary business meeting at the SAMPE spring show, as well as, its continued strong support with numerous technology sessions on fire materials technology.

SAMPE Tutorials, always a popular educational function, are again being offered at SAMPE 2003. A series of 10 educational half-day tutorials on various topics of interest to the M&P engineer, program manager, business development manager, scientist, educator and student are being offered during the first two days of SAMPE 2003.

SAMPE’s annual Bridge Building Contest, with over 70 entries last year, will again be held on the SAMPE 2003 Exhibition floor because of its popularity. The SAMPE Fellows Banquet will induct four new SAMPE Fellows during the week as well. And, to top it off, a workshop will be held to provide an “Overview of Today’s Export Controls” that will highlight changes since 9-11 in exporting technology, materials and equipment.

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