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Sabic Helps Gocycle with Parts Made from LNP Verton

  • Friday, 7th August 2009
  • Reading time: about 2 minutes

Sabic Innovative Plastics has helped Karbon Kinetics with a unique new bicycle that uses high-value Verton RV00CE specialty compound.

According to Sabic, KKL’s new Gocycle electric bicycle is the lightest production electric bicycle in the world. It weighs just 16.2kg, thanks in part to Verton composite, a 60-percent long glass fibre-reinforced nylon composite that gives the award-winning Gocycle the required stiffness, impact strength, toughness and reliability. The new fold-up bicycle is intended to provide an environmentally responsible, low-cost urban transport solution that meets all European Union (EU) and U.S. city cycle testing standards.

LNP Verton RV00CE specialty compound was chosen over metal for many of the Gocycle’s structural components enabling very light-weight part consolidation and a unique design. Gocycle components using LNP Verton specialty compound include: front fork/controller plug, hub attachments, tolerance ring and wave spring applications, and the rear shock absorber.

The vehicle’s designer and the founder of KKL is Richard Thorpe. Gocycle was developed with city professionals and their families in mind. To date, Gocycle has won numerous awards for design and innovation including the Best Complete Bicycle (2009) and Best Innovation Awards at its debut at the 21st Taipei International Cycle Show in 2008.

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