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RS Poles Gain Australian Patent and Market Acceptance

  • Friday, 9th October 2009
  • Reading time: about 2 minutes

Resin Systems Inc. has recently secured an Australian patent for its “”method of modular pole construction and modular pole assembly.”” This patent is in addition to RS’s previously awarded Chinese and Canadian patents and supports the company’s broader commercial strategy of protecting its unique technology in international markets.

RS composite poles are used as transmission and distribution poles for electric grids and the communication industries.

“”The RStandard poles are light enough for line crews to hand carry and erect without the need for heavy lift cranes, which cannot access the installation sites,” said Stephen Devlin, ActewAGL Acting General Manager, Networks Division. “Restricted access to backyards does not allow for the installation of standard wooden, concrete, or steel single piece poles. The only multi-piece poles available for installation with a lifting beam are composite and steel. The advantages of composite poles compared with steel poles are lighter weight, non-conductive, non-corrosive and less expensive,”” added Devlin.

The popularity of the composite RS poles has seen Australia import four full freight containers to its Australian distributor, Armor Utility Structures. As with the prior RS pole shipments, the poles are destined for ActewAGL, the utility serving Canberra. ActewAGL is utilizing RStandard poles to replace degraded wood distribution poles located in difficult to access locations, such as homeowner backyards and alleys.

In addition to their ease of installation in tricky areas, the expected service life of RStandard poles is greater than 80 years. According to Resin Systems that figure creates the lowest ownership cost of any pole on the market.

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