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Royal Crown Yachts Announces New 53-Foot Series Luxury High-Speed Catamarans

  • Monday, 8th July 2002
  • Reading time: about 3 minutes

Royal Crown Yachts, Inc., designers and builders of advanced technology high-performance catamaran sports yachts, today announced the introduction of a new 53-foot series of high speed catamarans.

They also announced that well-known luxury yacht builder Lazzara Marine, which has built 3,000-plus yachts for some of the world’s most discriminating yachtsmen over the last thirty years, will produce the new Royal Crown 53. Both companies are based in Tampa.

Royal Crown president Steve Nichols said that, “”Everything about the Royal Crown 53, from its technology to its materials, performance and operating costs, are superior to any other product in its price category.”” Mr. Nichols said that the initial models of the Royal Crown 53 are expected to be in the $1 million range, “”bringing mega-yacht luxury within the reach of a much wider audience.””

Capable of top speeds in excess of 50 MPH, and a sustained cruising speed of 47 MPH for nearly 600 miles-plus range, the Royal Crown 53 travels faster, farther and consumes less than one-half the fuel per hour of its nearest priced competitor. This makes a roundtrip from Tampa to Havana possible with no need for refueling. “”We are able to achieve these results due to the unique Kevlar/Carbon Fiber and high performance resins and vacuum bagging that we use in construction, plus our superior hull design,”” said Mr. Nichols.

The interior, with 17.5 feet of beam and 7 feet of headroom throughout, boasts equally unique features including a full width owner’s suite complete with Jacuzzi tub. Standard features include a washer/dryer, dishwasher, make- up vanity, and a spacious queen-size berth that can be made up without needing to crawl across it. Even the standard guest cabin has a full queen berth, and all regular maintenance can be carried out in a full height air-conditioned machinery space.

“”Most of the catamarans currently built in the U.S. are for commercial use,”” according to Royal Crown president Steve Nichols. “”In fact, we do not know of any other U.S. builder of luxury catamarans for consumers.”” But he said that luxury consumer catamarans have proven to be extremely popular in the rest of the world, particularly in New Zealand, Australia and England.

“”The catamaran design provides substantially improved performance and decreased operating costs over the traditional yacht design,”” said Mr. Nichols. “”We are confident that U.S. consumers will find these advantages equally compelling, especially when they see the sleek design of our catamaran and its luxurious mega-yacht appointments, and feel its stability and ease of handling at all speeds.””

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