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RocTool Launches HD Plastics

RocTool Launches HD Plastics

  • Tuesday, 12th April 2016
  • Reading time: about 3 minutes

RocTool is launching a complete new approach for the brands and their suppliers in order to reach a new level of quality for plastic parts: the ‘High Definition Plastics’.

RocTool explains that with its high heat moulding, the level of the tool surface replication goes up to 97.2%, providing product designers very premium looks, high gloss possibilities and matching the texture they initially targeted.

According to RocTool, the flow increase with its high heat moulding technology unlocks design rules and pushes the limits in order to create thin wall applications. It has implemented a materials database, which will continue to grow every month, every year as materials are qualified, “We are currently selecting many resins from different resin providers and testing key factors such as overall surface quality, level of replication of the tool surface, weld line strength, flow length… qualifying the results between parts produced by conventional injection moulding methods versus RocTool moulding technologies. We can clearly see when the overall quality reaches a High Definition level from a visual aspect, but also from a performance aspect,” Mathieu Boulanger, RocTool CEO explains. It is currently analysing samples to evaluate the level of replication that can be reached from a standard tool texture to a micro replication.

RocTool says that HD Plastics is not only targeting commodity resins but also high-performance resins and ultrapolymers. The ability to reach high temperatures before injection, extends the process window and moulding possibilities for performance materials such as PEEK, PEI and those with high filler content.

With HD Plastics, RocTool is aiming to offer more part performance, light weighting and top surface quality. “Those are the main drivers and we are collaborating with companies in the plastic industry to exploit the possibilities of HD Plastics to reach a new level of quality that is now possible,” Boulanger continues.

With HD Plastics, RocTool is currently evaluating all the possible solutions to reduce or eliminate the use of paint. The use of the right resins with RocTool process and creating unique decorated textures on the tool surface is a way to fully eliminate secondary operations. “We realise that increasing the number of painting lines, or adding secondary steps in the manufacturing of decorated products is not a long term solution, along with the need to be environmentally concerned. The use of decorative film is also costly and very difficult to use on complex shapes,” Dr. José Feigenblum, RocTool CTO adds.

Scratch resistance on a plastic moulded part is clearly a challenge, but the selection of the right resins, colours, extended process window with RocTool induction system and the unique tool surface patterns are efficient ways to address it and find good compromises.

In order to inspire and work with product designers, RocTool will frequently release some ‘HD Stories’ to share some quality achievements on real products in production, such as NESPRESSO who recently won the JEC Innovation Award in partnership with RocTool and Flex for their Pixie Clips coffee machine.


Image provided by RocTool

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