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Revolution in CFRP Skateboards

  • Thursday, 16th September 2004
  • Reading time: about 2 minutes

A new graphite skateboard has introduced a significant performance improvement over the wood skateboards that have been the standard for many years.

The carbon fibre composite Revdeck developed by Revolution Enterprises is 20% lighter than typical wood boards and considerably stronger and longer lasting. But perhaps the most impressive factor is the explosive ‘pop’ or super spring action of the Revdeck. This enables skaters to enjoy popular “”ollie”” tricks with greater ease than on wood boards. Also, the lighter, quicker Revdeck is more responsive and easier to control, which enhances overall skating fun and the development of skaters’ skills.

The unique design of the Revdeck permits the skateboard to retain its’ ‘pop’ for the life of the board as compared to the gradual loss of ‘pop’ and ultimate flatness that occurs in wood boards. “”We believe our Revdeck embodies the next generation in skateboards,”” states Dave Hadzicki, co-founder and spokesman for Revolution Skateboards. “”We began our quest to develop a better skateboard more than four years ago. We went through multiple cycles of design and testing before we were satisfied that the Revdeck met our criteria for outstanding performance in a board that was also lighter, stronger and more durable than wood boards.””

“”Fifteen months ago, we signed Tas Pappas, former World Skateboard Champion, to test and skate our Revdeck and represent us on the Professional Skate Tour. The feedback from Tas along with the rest of our test team members has been invaluable in the further development of the Revdeck.”” During his tour of the European circuit last summer, Tas skated a single Revdeck board for the entire two months. “”Normally, with wood, I would have gone through eight boards in that time. Hands down, says Tas, this is the best ‘pop’ and the best board I’ve ever skated.””

“”The patent pending Revdeck represents an exciting and important development in skateboard technology which will greatly contribute to the advancement of skateboarding worldwide,”” says Hadzicki.

Revolution Enterprises located in Poway, California has been engaged with carbon fibre composites for fifteen years. They have been actively involved in the development of leading edge products which have benefited from the intrinsic high strength and light weight properties of carbon fibre such as kayak paddles, golf club shafts, sport kites, bicycle frames and components, and now skateboards.

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