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Resin Systems appoints Consultant for Power and Utility Sectors

  • Saturday, 1st March 2003
  • Reading time: about 2 minutes

Resin Systems has appointed Erich P. Gnandt to provide key engineering and marketing services to the Company as it moves to commercialization of a composite material pole for the power and utility sectors.

Commenting on obtaining Mr. Gnandt’s services, Company President and CEO Greg Pendura stated, “”Erich is extremely well known and respected within the power industry. We believe he will be a key contributor not only in the area of technical assistance but also with our marketing program. His knowledge and the fact he is well known will be of immense benefit to Resin Systems. This is another important step in our efforts to create the right team to expeditiously exploit opportunities for what we believe will be revolutionary composite poles and crossarms for the power and utility sectors””.

Mr. Gnandt’s views on the industry and Resin Systems are as follows. “”In my opinion, the utilization of composite materials is finally realizing an exponential growth rate as a replacement or alternative material for a multitude of products already on the market and soon as the main structural component for an endless list of new products. Regarding its use by utilities, many composite based products such as composite insulators have been introduced to utilities over 20 years ago with their preference over porcelain acknowledged today by utilities world-wide. As with any product, price and performance are critical to the acceptance and regular usage of composites in the utility industry with the price being the main issue holding back many utilities when first introduced to composite poles. With the expected recommendation and approval for acceptance of composite poles by the National Electric Safety Code (NESC) in USA, this should remove the technical and legal concerns of utilities for buying composite poles. Because of the superior technical characteristics of RSI’s resin “”Version””, which is used in the manufacture of their composite poles, RSI should be able to manufacture a mechanically stronger, lighter weight and less expensive composite pole compared to their present competitors. This should overcome and resolve most if not all issues so that utilities can confidently purchase composite poles for both pole replacement and new construction applications””.

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