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Reichhold to Increase Prices on Vinyl Ester Resins

  • Sunday, 15th October 2006
  • Reading time: less than a minute

Reichhold will be making a price increase of $ 0.05 per pound on all vinyl ester resins sold in North America to the composites industry, effective from November 6.

“The escalating costs of raw materials used to manufacture vinyl ester resins have necessitated this price increase,” said Al Naser, Reichhold Vice President of Sales, Composites North America. “Furthermore, the relationship between raw material feedstock supply and demand is controlling raw material pricing, effectively decoupling them from their crude oil and natural gas sources.”

“Reichhold appreciates the understanding of its customers and is making every effort to minimize the impact of raw material costs upon product pricing,” Naser said. “We continue to invest in research and development along with manufacturing upgrades to meet the needs of our customers and the markets they serve,” he concluded.

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