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Reichhold Introduces New Pultrusion Resin

  • Tuesday, 23rd April 2002
  • Reading time: less than a minute

Reichhold is introducing a new pultrusion resin, DION® 31066, in both the Americas and Europe. Key features of the new pultrusion resin include faster line speeds up to 100 inches per minute and richer, deeper colors especially blues, blacks and reds previously unattainable through pultrusion.

Faster line speeds are achievable due to DION 31066’s proprietary, one-pack system with a highly reactive base. Because it is a one-pack system versus a traditional two-pack system, pultruders will find that formulation with DION 31066 is easier, reducing labor and opportunity for error in weighing, blending and dispensing.

In addition DION 31066 also provides improved shock resistance in pultruded parts. Similar to other one-pack systems, mechanical properties are better than those of two-pack systems due to superior phase domain size. Parts pultruded with DION 31066 also exhibit good weatherability and water absorption is low.

The chemical make-up of DION 31066 does not require non-shrink additives which tend to whiten upon curing, causing pultruded profiles to lighten in color. The absence of these additives allows for the production of dark blue, red and black profiles when using DION 31066. Pultruders will find that profiles based on this resin provide surface appearance comparable to thermoplastics.

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