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Reichhold Introduce Low-VOC Gelcoats for European Composites Industry

  • Thursday, 23rd September 2004
  • Reading time: about 2 minutes

Reichhold has introduced a new series of low-VOC gelcoats, NORPOL SVG, for the European composites industry.

These new gelcoats combine high performance and robust processing with low volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Applications for this new series of gelcoats include sanitary components, boats and cladding panels among others.

The spray versions of Reichhold’s NORPOL SVG gelcoats contain 30 percent volatiles while the brush-applied versions contain only 25 percent (in the white colour product). The styrene emissions of NORPOL SVG products are approximately 50 percent lower than those of conventional gelcoat products. Styrene is the only monomer used.

It is anticipated that gelcoat application will remain an open-mould process for the foreseeable future, even as fabricators move other processes to closed moulding techniques. Changing European environmental regulations have therefore driven the need for fabricators to reduce emissions of VOCs. By reducing VOCs, fabricators also improve working environments by lowering worker exposure.

Reichhold claim that NORPOL SVG gelcoats provide excellent mechanical properties and improved surface aesthetics in composites applications. Good film flexibility ensures resistance to micro-cracking in these products. Colour retention is better than conventional ISO / NPG gelcoats while gloss retention is comparable.

Reichhold also assert that the gelcoats yield outstanding protection from weathering. Because NORPOL SVG gelcoats are based on premium ISO / NPG resins, they are well suited for contact with water and less aggressive chemicals.

Reichhold designed NORPOL SVG gelcoats to maximize processing robustness. These products are simple to apply due to easy flow and air release, enabling high-quality manufacturing under a variety of external temperatures.

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