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Redelease Takes Over the Distribution of GP’s Liquid Phenolics

  • Tuesday, 4th September 2007
  • Reading time: about 2 minutes

Georgia-Pacific has decided to transfer the distribution of liquid phenolic resins to Redelease, following the agreement on powdered resins signed in 2005.

At that time, the Brazilian company Redelease started to distribute powdered phenolic resins manufactured locally by Georgia-Pacific (GP). “Based on the positive results of this partnership, above all, pursuant to a well defined focus and abiding technical support, we just decided to transfer to Redelease the distribution of liquid phenolic resins”, said Gustavo Vasques, GP’s General Manager. Redelease’s scope of action, he detailed, will be the composites market.

Whereas powdered phenolic resin is used to manufacture brake pads, loudspeaker parts and fireworks, among other products, the liquid version is used as raw material for floors gratings and other high performance composites.

“They are products regularly applied to strict sites concerning fire spread and smoke control, for instance, on offshore platforms”, explains Alexandre Coelho, GP’s Accounting Manager. GP’s phenolic resins are the only ones manufactured in Brazil that are approved by Petrobras, one of the biggest companies in the world specialized in oil exploration. ”We are happy with GP’s decision and more motivated to grow in the phenolic resin’s segment”, stated Rubens Cruz, Redelease’s Director.

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