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Redelease Invests in Internal Improvements to Grow in 2016

  • Tuesday, 19th January 2016
  • Reading time: about 2 minutes

In 2015, year of economic crisis and downturn in the composites market, which accounts for 70% of the company’s sales, Redelease chose to focus on internal improvements.

“We made several arrangements that will help us grow in 2016, despite the enormous challenges that should be faced by the industry,” said Roberto Lacovella, Managing Partner of Redelease. For now, he estimates a 5% sales growth for the next year, in comparison with a nearly 20% drop in 2015.

In a scenario of rising logistics costs, increased requirements for the storage, handling and transportation of hazardous products and the beginning of the implementation of reverse logistics programs, Redelease decided to transfer its headquarters in the city of São Paulo to an industrial area in Barueri (SP), both in Brazil.

“We also opened a branch in Sorocaba, transferred the unit in São José do Rio Preto to a better location and opened a store in the district of Vila Guilherme, in the state capital, to continue supporting small and medium enterprises,” said Rubens Cruz, Managing Partner of Redelease. The company has been also operating an office in Campinas since 2010.

“In 2015, we tried to effectively complete the service coverage to the state of São Paulo,” said Lacovella. Being more efficient, in fact, has guided the company’s strategy over this period. “Due to the small margins exercised in the composites market, we have been increasingly identifying correlated products for the same supply. Thus, we are able to offer packages with more complete solutions.”

This attitude was crucial for Redelease to be nominated for eight categories in the 2015 Composites Industry Top of Mind, a record number since the creation of the award organised by the Latin American Composite Materials Association (ALMACO) – it is the industry’s main award. “The market recognised our eclectic method of operation, that is, it has understood that we have the ability to work on several fronts, from the most common resins to items such as carbon fibres, mould release agents and additives, among others,” said Lacovella.


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