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RAKU-TOOL Close Contour Products Take GP3 Race Car to Next Level

  • Tuesday, 15th September 2015
  • Reading time: about 3 minutes

RAPMF’s RAKU-TOOL Close Contour products were used for the manufacture of prepreg lay-up tools for the monocoque of GP3/16 allowing for its analogous requirements; maximum speed on the one hand, high-class product characteristics on the other.

With over 400 hp, a top speed close to 290 km/h, acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in less than 3 seconds, the GP3/16 racing car from Italian chassis manufacturer Dallara Automobili claims to not only impress with raw power and driving performance, but also with excellent handling characteristics.

According to RAMPF, RAKU-TOOL Close Contour Casting CC/CB-6503 was used for the production of master models for prepreg lay-up tools for the main monocoque body. RAKU-TOOL CC/CB-6503 has a fine surface with no bonding lines, as well as good dimensional stability. The models were used to produce lay-up tools with low temperature prepregs in the autoclave. It says the autoclave process allows for very high mechanical properties and a very high quality of the finished parts. RAMPF also describes a further advantage: RAKU-TOOL CC/CB-6503 is delivered as a three dimensional casting, which is already a close contour of the customer’s final model and therefore easy and quick to machine with little waste.

The nose of the racing car was produced using RAKU-TOOL Close Contour Paste CP-6131 for medium temperature prepreg lay-up tools. Customer demand required that up to 120 parts could be produced from the same tool. RAKU-TOOL CP-6131 is easy to process and apply. The quick and even heat distribution within the shell tool guarantees fast autoclave cycle times. The production process is very fast and efficient – direct tooling does not require the production of a model, and the close contour shape facilitates faster milling times. Furthermore, as with all close contour products, less material is used and thus less waste produced.

“With RAKU-TOOL CC/CB-6503 and RAKU-TOOL CP-6131, we were able to deliver a quicker, more cost-effective, and higher quality solution to produce the composite parts for the GP3/16 racing car,” Jochen Reiff, Sales & Marketing Director at RAMPF Tooling Solutions, describes the successful collaboration with Dallara Automobili.

RAMPF is presenting a case study at Composites Europe that illustrates the high-quality work being done in the US. For AC & A, an integrated manufacturer of large, complex, composite tooling products, the experts from RAMPF Group, delivered Close Contour Castings to produce a stamping tool to form 1 inch invar for a 315°C temperature resistant prepreg lay-up tool. Traditionally, invar is formed using a brake press. Complex geometries are consequently divided into smaller segments and afterwards welded together to make the prepreg lay-up tool. RAMPF explains that the new process with RAKU-TOOL Close Contour Casting CC/CB-6503 enabled the production of large three dimensional invar stamping dies that produced larger invar parts. This offered the following benefits:

  • Reduction of welding labour.
  • Reduction of stamping labour.
  • Reduction of stamping dies.
  • Increase of vacuum integrity by reducing the amount of welds.

RAMPF will be exhibiting in Hall 3, Stand B04.

For more information visit:

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