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Quovis “Reduced Mobility” Vehicle Fully Moulded in RTM

  • Friday, 28th May 2004
  • Reading time: about 2 minutes

A new vehicle aimed at drivers with reduced mobility offers improved, functional design with internal and external panels produced using the RTM process.

The novel feature of the Quovis design allows the driver to enter the car without the need to leave the wheelchair as the remotely controlled rear gate doubles up as an access ramp allowing the user to drive the car directly from the wheelchair.

All external bodywork panels as well as interiors are produced using the RTM process, from moulds manufactured by Plastech’s nominated mould manufacturing company, Moltec Levante.

The Quovis was created as a young, modern vehicle that stands out for its functional qualities and contemporary appearance. Making use of the many known benefits of composite technology, the spacious and ergonomically designed interior with rounded lines make the Quovis an attractive production vehicle.

Moltec have produced an initial set of RTM moulds to produce the 14 body and interior panels needed for the vehicle. At present 6 car sets per day (84 individual panels) are injected using 2 Megaject Sprint machines with Reichholds Norpol PO 6005 resin and Chomarat’s Rovicore reinforcement. Production is semi automatic using Autosprues and pneumatic mould manipulators.

The design brief was to market a vehicle which would enhance the social integration of wheelchair users, or those with reduced mobility who for one reason or another are not able to drive a conventional car. The company has therefore used the available technology to deliver a product of the highest possible quality and benefits that a vehicle of its class can offer.

Due to the increasing popularity of the unique Quovis design, full RTM MIT technology is planned with potential manufacturing plants in Mexico and the far east.

The Quovis is offered with the option of a sun roof and aluminium wheels, and available in six colours. A front mounted 505cc diesel engine with 2 inline cylinders makes the Quovis an agile, economical and safe car. One of the available models offers a fuel consumption of 3.5 litres/100km and a top speed of100km/hour. This is an edited version of a news article extracted from Plastech’s seasonal news bulletin, RTM TODAY, which will feature exclusively on the NetComposites website from today. Click on the RTM link to view the full Spring 2004 edition.

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