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Quickstep Forms R&D and Marketing Alliance with Zyvax

  • Thursday, 12th April 2007
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Quickstep and Zyvax have formed a new business alliance focusing on the development and promotion of composite production techniques utilising Quickstep’s composites manufacturing process combined with Zyvax’s tool treatment formulas.

The ‘Quickstep Process’ – as with all composites manufacturing – requires that a barrier treatment be applied to moulds and tooling parts in order to prevent the manufactured component from sticking to the mould. Zyvax manufactures a range of proven, environmentally friendly, high-performance treatment products, and can also develop new formulas to meet specific manufacturing requirements. The alliance recognises that Quickstep’s and Zyvax’s patented innovations for composites manufacture are complementary, and significant synergies could be generated through a formal business alliance.

Under the terms of the agreement, which will initially run for a 5-year period, Zyvax will supply tool preparation and mould release products to all Quickstep locations, including pilot production facilities, for use in testing and demonstrations. Zyvax will also provide support to Quickstep research and development as new requirements are identified.

Zyvax CEO, Ms Nancy Layman, said the alliance would allow Zyvax and Quickstep to jointly present an enhanced composites manufacturing solution to potential customers.

“Quickstep and Zyvax have arrived on the market at a time when there is a global demand for high-volume, low-cost manufacturing methods for advanced composites materials,” she said. “Both parties believe that the Quickstep manufacturing process is unique, and, when used in conjunction with Zyvax’s tool preparation and mould release formulas, will present an attractive total solution to manufacturers seeking improved production efficiencies.”

The agreement also allows for the establishment of an Agreed Strategic Sales & Marketing Understanding between the two companies. Quickstep Managing Director, Mr Nick Noble, said, “Setting a formal marketing agreement would allow both companies to plan, fund and resource projects in advance”.

“We believe our customers make decisions regarding materials and processes for composites production based on successful demonstrations of the technology. We have therefore made an in principle agreement to jointly demonstrate and promote activities to allow both Quickstep and Zyvax to better demonstrate the advantages of our systems to potential customers,” he added.

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