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Quadrant to Showcase Portfolio of Composites at K-Show 2004

  • Friday, 6th August 2004
  • Reading time: about 3 minutes

Quadrant will showcase its portfolio of plastic composites, injection mouldings and cable protection systems at this years K2004 show.

Quadrant’s four business divisions – Quadrant Engineering Plastic Products, Quadrant Creative Moulding & Systems, Quadrant Plastic Composites and Quadrant Cable Protection Systems – spawned a host of new products and capabilities targeting multiple end-markets.

Quadrant Plastic Composites launched its lightweight SymaLITE composite last year, winning the prestigious Innovation Award in 2003 from the Society of Plastics Engineers for its innovative achievements in the field of composite materials, in particular for the underbody structure of the new BMW 5 and 6 series models.

The system completely encloses the vehicle’s underbody with four SymaLITE parts which is claimed to considerably improve the vehicle’s aerodynamics and thus reduces driving noise and fuel consumption. Quadrant stated that the new SymaLITE material concept also enabled weight savings of approx. 30 % to be achieved compared with conventional underfloor structures.

SymaLITE is made from glass and PP fibres that are first processed into a mixed fleece and then heated and laminated to impregnate the reinforcing fibres with the thermoplastic matrix. After heating the thin sheets, the frozen-in-stresses in the reinforcement fibres induce a significant increase of wall thickness that reduces the material’s density. Current applications are underbody systems, trunk trim liners and load floors: SymaLITE has now also been validated for headliners and sunshades where Quadrant demonstrated several benefits versus the current PU solutions such as an higher design freedom, an easier handling and assembly concept as well as cost reduction.

Automotive suppliers have also leveraged Quadrant Plastic Composites’ GMT and GMTexTM materials to manufacture semi-structural and structural components that must satisfy the highest crash safety standards for the protection of passengers and pedestrians. Typical applications for GMT composites, which exhibit outstanding toughness and mouldability are semi-structural components, such as vehicle underbody shields, instrument panel carriers, door module carriers and seat structures. In these applications GMT provides for weight reduction, high functional integrations, outstanding crash performance and total resistance to corrosion. Through the introduction of additional reinforcement based on technical textiles, Quadrant has developed new GMTexTM composite materials with a direct fit in structural components previously only achievable with metals. These high strength energy-absorbing structures, encompass bumper and pedestrian protection beams as well as chassis parts like rear axle supports, tailgates and spare wheel wells, opening the way for metal replacement in structural applications on a far broader front.

Quadrant is one of the a major player in the global engineering plastics and high-performance materials industries – plastics pioneers such as The Polymer Corporation/Polypenco, Erta, Cestidur, Symalit and DSM Engineering Plastic Products are gathered under the umbrella of the Quadrant Group.

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