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Primix Updates International Growth Events

  • Tuesday, 8th August 2000
  • Reading time: about 2 minutes

The Primix Corporation is presently evaluating the many inquires generated by a number of international commerce trading companies. These companies have expressed interest in the international sales of the revolutionary Primix Engineered Composite Railroad Tie. They are also conducting their own internal due diligence investigations of the Primix Tie regarding its impressive qualities and revolutionary engineering design. Each of these international companies has expressed interest in assisting Primix through a possible alliance, joint venture, or partnership arrangement. They are proposing various options including providing financing to initiate the global marketing product launch of the Primix tie, and the distributing of the Primix tie through their many global contacts in the railway industry. Primix president Mr. Marc Shea stated, “We are very encouraged by the interest these international companies have shown in our technology. Some have even invested thousands of dollars to conduct their own investigation of our domestic and international patent status, product viability, and international market interest. I’m also impressed with the size of some of these companies. A few of them are ranked in the top twenty largest business concerns in the world. We anticipate negotiating an agreement with one or more of these companies in the near future. These agreements will provide the financing and infrastructure to initiate the product launch of our tie into the multi-billion dollar international railroad tie market.” In recent independent testing of the Primix tie, findings validated Primix’s own test results proving that the Primix tie is far superior to the wood railroad tie currently available. With the inherent properties in the Primix composite formula providing a theoretical life span of 240 years, combined with the engineering freedom to produce a tie that can meet varying perimeters of strength, size, design, etc., proves that the Primix Tie is a huge leap forward in technology. The Primix tie provides a level of technological advancement that meets the needs of the most advanced rail systems now in use, and can handle the heavier loads that are planned for the 21st century.

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