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Polinox Reports Production Increase in Organic Peroxides and Mould Release Waxes

Polinox Reports Production Increase in Organic Peroxides and Mould Release Waxes

  • Tuesday, 18th February 2014
  • Reading time: about 2 minutes

Polinox has reported a 5.5% increase in the volume of organic peroxides and mould release waxes in 2013.

According to Roberto Pontifex, General Director of Polinox, the positive result should be evaluated with caution. “We managed to grow in a very tough year for the composites industry, and we even achieved a greater market share. However, the profit margins were affected by the continuous increase in the manufacturing costs,” he says.

The company says that approximately 80% of raw materials processed by Polinox are imported or have their prices pegged to the US dollar.

The expectation for 2014, says Pontifex, is to achieve a 6% increase in the volume produced by Polinox in Itupeva, in São Paulo, Brazil, which it says is already the largest Latin American complex for the production of peroxides and waxes. “If the exchange rate does not fluctuate too much, we will be able to recover our margins over the year. We should intensify the turnover with the other countries in South America.”

In general, exports account for 10% of the company’s revenue. 

Photo provided by Polinox.

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