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Polinox Highlights Partnership with Syrgis at Feiplar

  • Thursday, 20th November 2008
  • Reading time: less than a minute

Polinox, the largest Brazilian manufacturer of organic peroxides and releases waxes, highlighted its partnership with Syrgis at Feiplar.

The agreement with Syrgis was executed in June, when Polinox officially started representing and distributing the company in South America. “We added several specialties to our portfolio, which is being very positive to the market”, assess Roberto Pontifex, Polinox’s director. With capacity to produce 210 tons per month of organic peroxides, Polinox trades approximately 20 tons per month of Syrgis’ products. “They are peroxides destined to more sophisticated transformation processes, such as RTM, BMC, SMC and infusion”, he says.

Syrgis’s products portfolio also comprises several blends, that is, mixtures of different kinds of peroxides which, together, assure exceptional results. “One of the classic examples is the possibility to reduce polymerized mass contraction, mainly to thicker parts such as pipes and flanges, which eliminates the incidence of cracking””, Pontifex explains. “South-American manufacturers now have full access to specialties consumed in Europe and in the US”, he points out.

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