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Plataine Launches MAT 4.0 Digital Manufacturing Software

  • Tuesday, 18th July 2017
  • Reading time: about 2 minutes

Plataine is introducing the latest generation of its material and asset tracker software, MAT version 4.0, which is designed to help manufacturers gain full traceability of the digital thread whilst optimising material and tool utilisation, productivity, throughput and quality.

The software is said to offer:

  • complete visibility of the production floor, with real-time tracking of the location, condition and status of critical assets such as raw materials, tools, parts and assemblies;
  • proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to analyse large data sets, providing production floor staff with real-time smart alerts, insights and recommendations;
  • full traceability of the digital thread from raw material to the end-product, both at the factory and supply chain levels;
  • state-of-the-art cloud technologies, providing high availability, full scalability, supply chain collaboration, with FedRAMP compliant security;
  • microservices architecture enabling unprecedented system flexibility, rapid deployment and agile development capabilities, on stand-alone basis and in partnership with leading ERP, PLM or MES systems and IoT platforms.

Plataine explains that Version 4.0’s microservices architecture structures the software as a suite of modular services, with each module supporting a specific business goal. The system uses Amazon’s Web Services platform and suite of cloud services and security infrastructure. Both Plataine and AWS offer FedRAMP and ITAR compliant solutions that meet regulatory requirements of government and defence projects.

The new release offers expanded support for the entire manufacturing supply chain, where OEMs and suppliers can collaborate on a single platform for integrated visibility of manufacturing status and traceability.

As part of version 4.0, new analytical algorithms have been introduced to the system, analysing large-scale databases and driving alerts and recommendations.

“We are proud to launch our most advanced software to date,” states Avner Ben-Bassat, CEO and President of Plataine. “MAT 4.0 will radically improve the throughput, material utilisation, productivity and quality control allowing advanced manufacturers to step into the Digital Factory era.”

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