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PlastiComp Expands Direct Compounding to Include Carbon Fibre

  • Sunday, 15th October 2006
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PlastiComp has now compounded long and short carbon fibre reinforced thermoplastics using their Pushtrusion direct in-line compounding technology.

Early developments have focused on levels of 15-25% by weight reinforcement of PBT and TPU with planned experiments continuing with PPS, PA, and other engineering thermoplastics. Plasticomp say that both structural and conductive, PBT compounds with 20 wt% carbon fibre exhibit tensile strengths of 25,000 psi and surface conductivity ranges comparable to parts moulded with pre-compounded pellets.

Converters are already practicing direct compounding of glass fibres which give moulders an opportunity to reduce their material costs compared to pre-compounded long fibre reinforced pellets.

Two commercial platforms for Pushtrusion Direct In-Line Compounding technology were unveiled at NPE 2006; as an original equipment option on new moulding machines and as a portable unit that can easily be retrofitted to an existing moulding machine. Engel Machinery will make Pushtrusion technology available as an option on their Combi series injection moulding machines. MGS Mfg. Group has developed portable Pushtrusion units that can connect to an installed injection machine for added versatility of an existing asset.

“We project a very large market potential for Pushtrusion, and we are confident that our customers will appreciate the flexibility to choose between either of these platforms to best suit their circumstances and business practices” says Steve Bowen, President and CEO of PlastiComp.

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