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PlastiComp Acquires PushtrusionSM Technology

  • Friday, 27th May 2005
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PlastiComp LLC has acquired full ownership and all rights to the PushtrusionSM Technology from Woodshed Technologies, Inc.

The Pushtrusion process which combines reinforcing fibres with molten thermoplastic polymer directly during the part forming process, was originally conceived, engineered and patented by Woodshed Technologies.

In making the announcement, PlastiComp CEO, Steve Bowen, said, “”This marks a significant milestone in the growth of our PlastiComp business and opens up an exciting new phase of technology development and establishment of industry partnerships.”” Bowen added, “”Increasing market interest in this unique, in-line compounding technology drove the move to acquire the technology and to accelerate investment in further technical development.””

The new 15,000 square-foot PlastiComp Technical Development Center (TDC) opened in 2004. During the first year of operation a long-fibre pellet manufacturing line was installed, and a 300T PushtrusionSM equipped injection moulding machine was installed for customer mould trials and further Pushtrusion qualification and process development.

PushtrusionSM is a technology that combines continuous fibre reinforcement with molten polymer, creating fibre-reinforced compounds during the moulding process. PushtrusionSM technology which can be also be used with injection, compression and transfer moulding, claims to eliminate the need for pre-compounded composite pellets commonly utilized in moulding.

PlastiComp chairman, Roger Jones, commented, “”Until this acquisition, PlastiComp had an exclusive, global license to market the PushtrusionSM technology. Now, with full ownership, we will accelerate both our marketing and the programs in our Technical Development Center.”” Jones added, “”At a time when there is increasing downward pressure on manufacturing costs and a simultaneous and dramatic increase in raw materials costs, the benefits of PushtrusionSM technology is quite attractive to manufacturers and end-users of both long and short fibre reinforced plastics.””

PlastiComp is the exclusive global source for the PushtrusionSM Direct Long-Fibre Thermoplastics (D-LFT) process and for Complet composite pellets.

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