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Owens Corning Licenses Twintex

  • Thursday, 16th July 2009
  • Reading time: about 2 minutes

Owens Corning has licensed its Twintex reinforcement technology to Fiber Glass Industries, Inc.

Twintex technology will be used by Fiber Glass Industries to produce GLASS POLYPRO roving and fabrics that combine glass fibres and polypropylene filaments. The proprietary and ready-to-use thermoplastic and glass fibre technology is designed to produce reinforcements with high mechanical properties such as excellent stiffness-to-weight ratio and superior impact resistance. Twintex® technology also provides freedom of design and easily recyclable products.

“We are delighted to establish another source of products made with Twintex technology,” said Marcio Sandri, vice president and managing director, Americas, for Owens Corning’s Composites Group. “The additional availability of reinforcement products made with this innovative technology will extend its use in a variety of processes and markets.”

“We are proud to manufacture a new line of co-mingled glass and thermoplastic fibres using industry-leading technology,” said Tom Bruce, director of sales and marketing at Fiber Glass Industries. “This will allow for continuity of supply in the U.S. for co-mingled glass and thermoplastic roving products, and also allow us to work with our customers to develop new applications for the products.”

Bruce said production of GLASS POLYPRO roving and fabrics by Fiber Glass Industries will begin in September. Until then, material needs will be provided by Owens Corning.

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