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Owens Corning Introduces Three New Grades of PerforMax Glass Fibres

  • Monday, 23rd October 2006
  • Reading time: about 3 minutes

At the international Composites & Polycon 2006 show in St. Louis, Owens Corning introduced three new products to its PerforMax high performance thermoplastic reinforcements’ portfolio.

PerforMax LG chopped strand, designed specifically for small electronic and electrical components such as SMT connectors, LED and relay housings to reduce outgassing.

PerforMax HR chopped strand, tailored for applications exposed to fluids and high temperatures, such as parts used for plumbing, heating and ventilation and automotive under-hood components.

PerforMax SP chopped strand, specifically designed for reinforcing engineering plastics such as LCP, PPS, PES, PEI and PEEK polymers in harsh and demanding electronic, automotive and plumbing applications.

“With the launch of these and other new high performance thermoplastic applications, Owens Corning has begun delivering on its promise of breakthrough products through the combination of complementary technologies following the company’s acquisition of the composites business of Japan’s Asahi Fiber Glass Company in May this year,” said Owens Corning Senior Engineer Hiromasa Suzuki. “What the Owens Corning and Asahi technical teams have done, is to address the outgassing issue in respect to the sizing of the glass fibre reinforcement. This has involved changes at the molecular level to deliver significantly lower outgassing than competitive products, and clear, game-changing technological advantages to the design engineers, compounders, moulders and OEMs who make up the value chain.” Owens Corning also announced its MicroMax fine diameter chopped strand for ultra-thin high-performance thermoplastic parts. According to Owens Corning, MicroMax reinforcements offer reduced part wall thickness of up to 40 percent compared to parts made with standard glass fibre inputs and will provide a positive aid for the continuing trend to miniaturize advanced electronic components as well as bring further performance enhancements. “Demand from the marketplace has progressively driven the downsizing of electronic components, particularly those for handheld devices such as mobile phones, personal digital assistants and digital audio players,” said Owens Corning Asia Pacific Marketing Director Bijoy Mohan. “At this point the industry has reached a size threshold beyond which smaller and thinner parts cannot be realized using standard reinforcements as they are unable to achieve the flow and dispersal required.” “MicroMax technology is an innovative and timely development to overcome that barrier,” added Owens Corning Senior Engineer Hiromasa Suzuki. “Its combination of extremely small filament diameter and special proprietary binder not only gives it the necessary flowability but also imparts higher mechanical strength to a moulding and contributes to smoother part surfaces.”

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