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Owens Corning Introduce SE 2350 for High-Pressure Pipe Applications

  • Monday, 3rd October 2005
  • Reading time: about 3 minutes

Owens Corning has introduced SE 2350, a reinforcement designed specifically to increase performance in high-pressure pipe applications.

At the American Composite Manufacturers Association (ACMA) Show, Owens Corning introduced SE 2350, a single-end Type 30 roving reinforcement for high-pressure pipe applications.

The company are targeting epoxy-based pipe applications that distribute oil, chemicals and other corrosive materials, due to SE 2350 providing a 17 percent improvement in burst strength over any competing product.

Owens Corning’s SE 2350 provides a host of other performance characteristics including:
A 10 percent increase in cyclical regression (stress) strength
A 41 percent increase in manufacturing efficiency and 35 percent reduction in rework costs by addressing critical factors in the process, by providing:
easy and consistent delivery of glass from its storage creel to the production mandrel
less frictional resistance and lower fuzz eliminating broken glass strands that result in defects and scrap
low, stable tension in the glass strand to maintain uniformity in pipe construction, resulting in less work stoppage to adjust tension
faster “wet-out”, a critical step in the manufacturing process
Due to improved burst strength, the opportunity to reduce pipe thickness by 10 percent – resulting in cost savings of as much as 10 percent.

Wisdom Dzotsi, global Type 30 product manager for Owens Corning, stated that in developing the product, engineers created over nine tons of sample material and more than 2,500 feet of pipe, and ran over 600 cyclical regression and 4,000 tensile tests.

“After several decades of limited penetration in the oil, gas and chemicals process industry, with high steel costs and high oil and gas prices driving increased sector activity, we’re poised for a growth rate of composites in piping applications of more than twice that of general industry,” added Dzotsi. “And with SE 2350, our customers can take full advantage of that growth profitably, with less scrap, increased production speed and volume, and less maintenance and rework costs.”

One of Owen’s Corning’s customers, Fiber Glass Systems, who produce epoxy pipes, has tested SE 2350 and were happy that the new product meets their it market demands.

“We produce pipe that ends up transporting chemicals and gasoline in places all over the world, so needless to say the pipe needs to be able to withstand extremely demanding conditions, and because of the fragile ecology in many areas, we can’t afford failures. We needed a solution that could help us confidently produce pipe for these requirements,” said Jerry Givens, Vice President – Quality and Process Engineering at Fiber Glass Systems, a leading producer of epoxy pipe. “Owens Corning provided the solution with the SE 2350 glass-fiber reinforcement. The added bonus is that it has characteristics that make the manufacturing process smoother and improve the ultimate quality of our product.”

SE 2350 will be manufactured in Amarillo, Texas, and available globally in various sizes. Production in other regions will be considered as customer demand increases in the market.

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