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Osteobiologics Receives Patent for Manufacturing Fibre-Reinforced Scaffolds

  • Thursday, 30th September 2004
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OsteoBiologics, Inc, an innovator in tissue repair technologies has released details for its fibre-reinforced biodegradable scaffolds patent.

The patent claims methods of manufacturing fibre-reinforced, polymeric implant materials useful for tissue engineering, specifically to facilitate regeneration of load-bearing tissues such as articular cartilage and bone. This new patent broadens existing OBI technologies for both porous and non-porous resorbable scaffolds useful as implants for load-bearing sites. OBI, through its patent portfolio, has the unique ability to combine porosity and load-bearing capabilities into single or multiphase bioresorbable implant devices.

“This patent represents continued expansion of our broad patent portfolio which has been our strategic goal as we develop advanced technologies for medicine,” said Fred Dinger, President and CEO of OBI. This patent supports the PolyGraf line of products, including the TruFi Plugs as well as other products currently in development.

OsteoBiologics, Inc, based in San Antonio, Texas, are a private company specialising in developing and manufacturing bioabsorbable polymeric scaffolds, films, and related instrumentation for the repair and replacement of bone, soft tissue and articular cartilage.

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