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Operations Unify as Saint-Gobain Technical Fabrics (SGTF)

  • Friday, 2nd February 2001
  • Reading time: about 3 minutes

Compagnie de Saint-Gobain (Paris) has announced a unified identity for its five affiliated companies that share related products, markets, and technologies in the manufacture of industrial and commercial reinforcement fabrics from glass, polyester, and proprietary fibers. The organization, which has existed on an operational level for the past year, will now be known as Saint-Gobain Technical Fabrics (SGTF). The new commercial organization brings together Bayex, Bay Mills, and PermaGlas-Mesh, all headquartered in North America; Tevesa, headquartered in Spain; and Vertex, headquartered in the Czech Republic. The size and scope of the Saint-Gobain Technical Fabrics organization ranks it among the world’s largest fabric reinforcement companies. SGTF is acting as a global resource for fabric reinforcement, serving more than 5000 customer accounts through 18 production and commercial facilities located in North America, Latin America, Europe, and Asia. Worldwide, the organization employs more than 1,200 professional and technical personnel. “The SGTF organization creates advantages for the affiliated companies and for our customers,” said Doug Mattscheck, President of Saint-Gobain Technical Fabrics America, from the company’s offices in Niagara Falls, New York. “By bringing together a group of individually strong organizations, we’re finding tremendous synergy in our research and development resources, technological capabilities, manufacturing capacities, and customer service and support abilities. And, of course, we’re backed by Saint-Gobain, a more than $25 billion corporation that is vertically integrated in basic glass and fiber glass.” The organization serves three basic industry sectors — Construction, Engineered, and Industrial — with a wide range of materials. In the construction sector, SGTF’s products for exterior applications include facade cladding mesh, roofing systems, and insect screening; products for interior applications include wall coverings, drywall tape and wallboard reinforcement. In engineered products, SGTF produces fabrics for fiber-reinforced plastics and advanced composites, as well as geotextiles and infrastructure products. For the industrial sector, the company produces reinforcements for abrasive wheels, laminates and facings, and coating fabrics. In North America, the new organization will be known as Saint-Gobain Technical Fabrics America, and Saint-Gobain Technical Fabrics Canada. “We are enthusiastic about the benefits the new organization brings to current customers of Bayex, Bay Mills, and PermaGlas-Mesh,” noted Mattscheck. “Starting now, wherever those customers are in the world, we’ll be better able to continue to deliver to them the highest quality products, solutions to day- to-day challenges, and innovations for a more effective, efficient and profitable future.” Further information about Saint-Gobain Technical Fabrics is available through the organization’s new web site

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