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NTPT Upgrades its Marine Prepreg Product Range

NTPT Upgrades its Marine Prepreg Product Range

  • Tuesday, 25th August 2015
  • Reading time: about 2 minutes

North Thin Ply Technology (NTPT) have launched an upgraded product range based on the successful ThinPreg 80EP product and say that, through the introduction of this enhanced product range, it can demonstrate that it is fully ready to serve the marine market in a professional and dedicated way.

According to NTPT, ThinPreg 80EP, one of their key products, is a unidirectional tape made of carbon fibres impregnated with thermoset epoxy resin system 736 with a minimum curing temperature of 80°C. The improved range includes an updated 736 matrix with modified tack and flow behaviour, which is adapted to manufacture thicker ply material (150gsm to 300gsm). It is available in a wide range of fibres including standard, intermediate and high modulus UD reinforcement fibres.

NTPT is also able to offer the marine market woven and multiaxial prepreg products based on the same system, along with a high toughness adhesive film. A nanoparticle property enhanced version of the 736 system has also been developed. The range is supplemented with a prepreg peel ply product, allowing NTPT to offer a comprehensive range of boat building prepreg products which will complement its Thin Ply prepregs that have been used successfully for many years in the marine industry.

NTPT explains that its multiline prepreg production facility in Poland allows for low cost manufacturing with quick order turnaround and adds that it is able to shorten the lead time from order to dispatch anywhere in the world to two weeks.

“Offering a more traditional thicker ply prepreg product range complementary to our Thin Ply Prepreg is the step NTPT in broadening the market appeal of our products,” states NTPT’s CEO James Austin. “Extending our product range will definitely be an advantage for the marine market, because NTPT is able to propose the right products according to the market’s needs. Our customer friendly prices, short lead times, and reliable, fast shipping enables users to have the material quickly at their disposal.”

Image provided by NTPT

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