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Norco Composites Deliver on Promise with Lightweight Tender

Norco Composites Deliver on Promise with Lightweight Tender

  • Tuesday, 5th April 2016
  • Reading time: about 2 minutes

Norco Composites has recently delivered the latest boat to superyacht tender manufacturer Pascoe International, who has chosen Norco as its partner of choice to supply composite hulls and decks for its range of larger Limousine tenders.

Norco explains that it customises every boat by using a whole series of unique implants and mould configurations to produce boat shapes specific to each of Pascoe’s customers, whilst minimising tooling costs. Norco’s capability in manufacturing high quality laminate and pre-preg structures is instrumental in delivering the lightweight optimised solutions that meet the stringent weight requirements. The use of pre-preg ensures the highest quality structure and laminate, whilst the deck and internal structure is manufactured from carbon fibre for further weight reduction, to optimise performance of the vessel.

According to Norco, the relationship it has with Pascoe is instrumental in the success of every project, and is driven by the requirement from both sides to continually innovate and improve on the manufacturing process. The repeatability of the mould tools produced by Norco ensure each mould can be adapted according to the size of boat, with the use of high performance materials resulting in a lightweight boat.  

Mark Northey, Managing Director of Norco, commented, “Our ongoing and sustainable relationship with Pascoe allows us to approach every boat with a fresh mind, and ensures the final finished product always exceeds our customer’s expectations. Due to the nature of their finished product, Pascoe has very demanding customers and it is only by continually reviewing and monitoring product details can we ensure we maintain this high quality output.”

Richard Watson, CEO of Pascoe International, echoed these comments, “One of the things we value from Norco is their willingness to suggest an improvement to the manufacturing process or materials we use, and we really value the fact we can benefit from their knowledge and their proactive approach to improving the product. We see Norco as a key partner in aiding our expansion in the market place.”


Image provided by Norco Composites

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