Advanced Engineering 2018
TUBALL Nanotubes Enable Conductive, Coloured Gelcoats

TUBALL Nanotubes Enable Conductive, Coloured Gelcoats

10 April 2018

BÜFA Composite Systems is developing conductive gelcoats incorporating TUBALL single wall carbon nanotubes.

Revolution Fibres Gains Aerospace Certification, Triples Production Capacity

Revolution Fibres Gains Aerospace Certification, Triples Production Capacity

03 April 2018

New Zealand company Revolution Fibres is tripling nanofibre production to meet increased international demand from a range of industries, fr...

Nanodiamonds Boost 3D Printed Polymer Performance

Nanodiamonds Boost 3D Printed Polymer Performance

03 April 2018

Finnish nanodiamond manufacturer Carbodeon and Dutch 3D printing specialist Tiamet 3D have announced the development of nanodiamond-enhanced...

Graphenano Collaborates with Tecnivial on Graphene Signs

Graphenano Collaborates with Tecnivial on Graphene Signs

27 March 2018

Graphenano Composites has signed an agreement with Tecnivial to improve the properties of the composites used in the Spanish company’s traff...

Nanotube-Reinforced Rebar Offers Improved Tensile Strength

Nanotube-Reinforced Rebar Offers Improved Tensile Strength

20 March 2018

Preliminary tests have demonstrated that the tensile strength of composite rebar can be increased by 32%, and bending strength by 29%, by in...

Haydale Signs Supply Agreement with Korean Fishing Rod Manufacturer

Haydale Signs Supply Agreement with Korean Fishing Rod Manufacturer

06 March 2018

Haydale Technologies (Korea) has signed an annual supply agreement for specific functionalised graphene nanoplatelet (GNP) material with Riv...

NANOLEAP: Call for Tenders

NANOLEAP: Call for Tenders

31 October 2017

The open window call for tenders is part of the activities of the ongoing NANOLEAP project, which brings together a European network of pilo...

The Graphene Council Supports Industrial Nanocomposites 2017

The Graphene Council Supports Industrial Nanocomposites 2017

19 September 2017

Industrial Nanocomposite Conference (INC) organisers are pleased to welcome the support of The Graphene Council for INC 2017 being held in S...

Industrial Nanocomposites Conference: Programme Unveiled

Industrial Nanocomposites Conference: Programme Unveiled

29 August 2017

The programme for the 2nd Industrial Nanocomposites Conference taking place 10-11 October in Stuttgart, Germany, is now available.

PolyGraph Project to Exhibit at Graphene Week

PolyGraph Project to Exhibit at Graphene Week

15 August 2017

PolyGraph, a multi-partner EU project led by NetComposites in the UK, will be exhibiting at Graphene Week.

OCSiAl Invests in Luxembourg Nanotube Production Facility

OCSiAl Invests in Luxembourg Nanotube Production Facility

11 July 2017

The Ministry of the Economy and the Ministry of Finance of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg and OCSiAl have signed a Memorandum of Understandin...

KTN Launches Special Interest Group on Graphene

11 July 2017

The Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN) has launched a new special interest group focusing on commercial opportunities for the UK in 'Graphene and Other 2D Materials.'

Carbodeon Nickel-PTFE-Nanodiamond Coatings Offer Improved Abrasive Wear Resistance

Carbodeon Nickel-PTFE-Nanodiamond Coatings Offer Improved Abrasive Wear Resistance

04 July 2017

Carbodeon of Finland has worked with metal finishing specialist CCT Plating of Germany, to develop a new electroless nickel, PTFE and nanodi...

Nanoco Receives First Commercial Order for CFQD Resin

04 July 2017

Nanoco Group has received its first commercial order from Wah Hong Industrial, a Taiwan-based manufacturer of optical films and sheets for the display industry, for the supply of resins containing Nanoco’s cadmium-free quantum dots (CFQD).

OCSiAl Furthers Health and Safety Testing on Nanotube Materials

OCSiAl Furthers Health and Safety Testing on Nanotube Materials

13 June 2017

OCSiAl reports that recent research on single wall carbon nanotubes has demonstrated that, unlike conventional additives, no protruding part...

Carbodeon Demonstrates Nanodiamond Nickel Coatings with Enhanced Tribological Properties

Carbodeon Demonstrates Nanodiamond Nickel Coatings with Enhanced Tribological Properties

13 June 2017

Carbodeon of Finland has worked with metal finishing specialist CCT Plating of Germany to develop a new NanoDiamond enhanced electroless nic...

Intertec Launches Nanotech Antistatic Coating for Hazardous Area Enclosures

Intertec Launches Nanotech Antistatic Coating for Hazardous Area Enclosures

23 May 2017

Intertec is introducing a nanotechnology-based antistatic surface coating for its glass fibre reinforced polyester (GRP) outdoor enclosures.

NetComposites Enterprise Upgrades Nanocomposite Facilities to Further Extend its Consultancy Offering

NetComposites Enterprise Upgrades Nanocomposite Facilities to Further Extend its Consultancy Offering

04 April 2017

To better support the increasing interest in the use of nano-scale additives for enhancing the properties of composite materials, NetComposi...

Intertronics Introduce New Nanoparticle Deagglomeration Technology

Intertronics Introduce New Nanoparticle Deagglomeration Technology

21 March 2017

Intertronics has launched its Thinky PR-1 Nanoparticle Dispersion Machine, a desktop unit which can disperse carbon nanotubes (CNT), graphen...

Applied Graphene Materials Host Ministerial Visit

Applied Graphene Materials Host Ministerial Visit

21 March 2017

On 2 March 2017, Lord Prior of Brampton visited Applied Graphene Materials (AGM) for an introduction to graphene and the science behind it.

Graphene-Enhanced Composite Materials Improve Lightning-Strike Performance

14 March 2017

Haydale Composite Solutions are producing a graphene-enhanced electrically-conductive carbon fibre-reinforced composite materials with improved resistance to damage from a severe lightning-strike event.  

CRP Technology Showcases Additive Manufacturing with Windform Materials at JEC World

CRP Technology Showcases Additive Manufacturing with Windform Materials at JEC World

07 March 2017

CRP Technology will showcase its latest innovations in the field of additive manufacturing with Windform high performance materials.

Nanofibre Strengthening in Hot Demand

21 February 2017

A New Zealand company is increasing its production output to meet growing world-wide demand for a nanofibre strengthening product used in everything from Formula One race cars and fishing rods through to the aerospace industry.

AIMPLAS Co-ordinates a European Project on New Nanomaterials to Catch CO2 Efficiently and Combat Climate Change

31 January 2017

AIMPLAS, the Plastics Technology Centre, is coordinating the European project, GRAMOFON, which started on October 2016 and will end in 2020.

Carbon Nanotubes – a Game Changer in Reinforcing Composites

24 January 2017

A recent study by the Institute of Polymers and Composites at Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH) has compared neat and TUBALL single wall carbon nanotube modified unidirectional CFRP prepreg with results showing that ultra-low concentrations of 0.01 and 0.05 wt.%, nanotubes significantly improve fracture properties and fatigue behaviour.

TFP Host Live Webinar on Composites Structures Using Nonwovens

TFP Host Live Webinar on Composites Structures Using Nonwovens

15 November 2016

Technical Fibre Products (TFP) will be hosting a free, live Webinar titled ‘learn to enhance the performance, properties and production of c...

Benefit from Graphene in Your Composite Development

Benefit from Graphene in Your Composite Development

08 November 2016

Meet and interact with graphene experts at the Graphene Connect workshop taking place at Messe Düsseldorf, conference room 814 A & B, du...

Applied Graphene Materials Supplies First Production Orders

01 November 2016

Applied Graphene Materials (AGM) is starting to supply first production orders to customers within the company’s target Composites, Polymers and Coatings industries.

NetComposites Continues as Innovation and Headline Media Partner for Advanced Engineering 2016

NetComposites Continues as Innovation and Headline Media Partner for Advanced Engineering 2016

25 October 2016

NetComposites will once again be a key innovation and headline media partner to the Composites Engineering show, part of the Advanced Engine...

Revolutionary Composite Gas Transition Seal

Revolutionary Composite Gas Transition Seal

04 October 2016

Haydale Composite Solutions (HCS) has been awarded a contract extension by UK utility company, National Grid, to develop 14 different lightw...

New Nanoparticle Coating for Plasticating Screws Has Greater Wear Resistance Than Standard Thermal-spray Tungsten Carbide

New Nanoparticle Coating for Plasticating Screws Has Greater Wear Resistance Than Standard Thermal-spray Tungsten Carbide

04 October 2016

A technology that uses exceedingly tiny tungsten carbide spheres barely larger than the particles in cigarette smoke has yielded a coating f...

TFP Exhibit Innovative Nonwoven Developments at CAMX

TFP Exhibit Innovative Nonwoven Developments at CAMX

20 September 2016

Technical Fibre Products (TFP) will be exhibiting several innovative nonwoven developments at CAMX from 27-29 September 2016 in Anaheim, Cal...

Huntsman Advanced Materials Creates Step Change for Material Developments in Nanocomposites

13 September 2016

Huntsman Advanced Materials is researching opportunities for developing graphene-enhanced composite solutions, with a view to incorporating graphene into its Araldite epoxy resins and it is expected that such applications will significantly advance the market for nanocomposites.

Carbon Nanotube 'Stitches' Strengthen Composites

Carbon Nanotube 'Stitches' Strengthen Composites

09 August 2016

Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s (MIT) aerospace engineers have found a way to bond composite layers in such a way that the resulting...

Haydale and Flowtite Technology to Create Next Generation GRP Pipe Products

07 June 2016

Haydale Graphene Industries has signed a new joint development agreement (JDA) to develop class-leading pipeline solutions utilising advanced materials technology including Haydale functionalised graphene based thermosetting resin masterbatches.

Haydale Win Major Research Grant Awards

Haydale Win Major Research Grant Awards

23 February 2016

Haydale has been awarded a number of research grants, totalling £350k, which will help accelerate the development of new products enhanced b...

Primary Dispersions Working to Develop Graphene Based Epoxy Resins for the Aerospace Industry

Primary Dispersions Working to Develop Graphene Based Epoxy Resins for the Aerospace Industry

05 January 2016

Primary Dispersions has extremely promising results from a UK collaboration that aims to commercialise specialist graphene based epoxy resin...

Building a Specialist Pilot Plant for the Production of High Value Nano-structured Powders

Building a Specialist Pilot Plant for the Production of High Value Nano-structured Powders

05 January 2016

The Centre for Process Innovation (CPI) and nine other European partners are collaborating in the design, scale-up and build of a high energ...

European Company Granted US Patent for Nanodiamond-containing Polymers

European Company Granted US Patent for Nanodiamond-containing Polymers

15 December 2015

Carbodeon has been granted a US patent for its technology which enables detonation-synthesised diamond particles (nanodiamonds) to be combin...

NCC-FOAM Project Ramps-up Production with New Pilot-scale Manufacturing Cell

NCC-FOAM Project Ramps-up Production with New Pilot-scale Manufacturing Cell

08 December 2015

The EU-funded project NCC-Foam has successfully scaled up its production of nano-crystalline cellulose foam for use in innovative composite ...

A World First for Revolution Fibres

A World First for Revolution Fibres

17 November 2015

New Zealand company Revolution Fibres has received AS9100c certification allowing it to further develop nanofibre products for its aerospace...

Screen Printable Functionalised Graphene Ink

03 November 2015

Haydale’s proprietary HDPlas technology has been used to create functionalised Graphene Nanoplatelets (GNPs) that have been incorporated into a functional graphene ink, which has been developed for screen printing; the ink has been created with area printing applications in mind.

Angstron Unveil Two-Pronged Plant to Jump Start Graphene Market Growth

03 November 2015

During remarks at GrapChina 2015 in Qingdao, China, Dr. Bor Jang, Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Angstron Materials (AMI) unveiled a two-pronged plan he says will eliminate bottlenecks and jump start market growth.

Arevo Labs Launches Additive Manufacturing Service

Arevo Labs Launches Additive Manufacturing Service

20 October 2015

Arevo Labs has launched an Additive Manufacturing (AM) Service to make 3D printed composite parts for demanding end use applications in both...

Haydale HDPlas Process Granted European Patent

20 October 2015

Haydale has received confirmation from the European Patent Office (EPO) of the decision to grant a European Patent for its proprietary HDPlas functionalisation process for graphene and other nanoparticulate materials.

Bauer Hockey Newest Stick NEXUS 1N Reinforced by TeXtreme

Bauer Hockey Newest Stick NEXUS 1N Reinforced by TeXtreme

13 October 2015

Bauer Hockey has introduced their latest stick, the NEXUS 1N, which is reinforced by TeXtreme.

Graphene Specialists Haydale Wins Major Research Grants

06 October 2015

Haydale has recently been awarded a number of research grants, totalling over £450,000.

Student Nanocomposite Poster Competition Announced for INC 2015

29 September 2015

Students will have the opportunity to showcase their work to an industrial audience in a poster competition that will run during INC 2015 (Industrial Nanocomposites Conference) in Stuttgart, Germany, 24-25th November.

TFP Open State of the Art Production Line

TFP Open State of the Art Production Line

29 September 2015

TFP has celebrated the formal opening of a third manufacturing line, doubling production capacity in response to increased demand for its in...

Zenyatta Ventures Graphite Has Unique Properties for Valuable Graphene Applications

29 September 2015

Following materials testing by the nanomaterials research group at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (BGU), researchers have identified unique properties in Zenyatta Ventures Albany graphite deposit that show positive attributes for use in multiple graphene applications.

Delcam to Show Latest in Machining with Robots at Composites Europe

Delcam to Show Latest in Machining with Robots at Composites Europe

22 September 2015

Delcam will show how easy it is to program complex robot machining operations with its PowerMILL Robot CAM system at the Composites Europe e...

Premier Composite Technologies ‘Platinum Sponsor’ for NetComposites’ CompIC Middle East 2016

22 September 2015

NetComposites is pleased to announce Premier Composite Technologies as the exclusive sponsor of its brand new conference, Composites in Construction Middle East (CompIC ME), taking place 9-10 February 2016 at The Palm, Dubai.

Magna International Showcase New Innovators at Advanced Engineering UK

22 September 2015

Magna International will be increasing its involvement at this year’s Advanced Engineering show to be held at Birmingham’s NEC, UK, on 4-5 November 2015.

AMAC Forms Strategic Partnership with Textechno

22 September 2015

With plans to expand its worldwide activities in the field of Advanced Materials, Textechno, Germany, has formed a strategic partnership with AMAC.

NetComposites Showcases Latest Nano and Construction Developments at Composites Europe 2015

15 September 2015

During Composites Europe, NetComposites will be showcasing some of its latest nano and construction developments ahead of its conferences, Industrial Nanocomposites Conference (INC) 2015 and Composites in Construction Middle East (CompIC ME) 2016.

VELOX to Supply AB-Polymerchemie’s Styrene Free Product Range

15 September 2015

VELOX Composites has partnered with AB-Polymerchemie, starting on the 1st of August 2015, to supply its poly-acrylic products in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

FORMAX Celebrates Opening of New Innovation Centre

15 September 2015

FORMAX will be highlighting the capabilities of its new Innovation Centre at Composites Europe 2015.

Hexcel to Present Products for Automotive, Wind Energy and Recreation at Composites Europe

15 September 2015

Hexcel will be promoting composite materials which offer performance and processing benefits to customers in the Automotive, Wind Energy and Recreation markets during Composites Europe.

Graphene Enhanced Araldite Resin Composite Materials

Graphene Enhanced Araldite Resin Composite Materials

15 September 2015

Haydale Composite Solutions (HCS) has signed a letter of intent to start a joint development and commercialisation agreement with Huntsman A...

Haydale and Cardiff University Develop Component Scale Composites Using Nanocarbons

Haydale and Cardiff University Develop Component Scale Composites Using Nanocarbons

01 September 2015

At the recent 20th International Conference on Composite Materials (ICCM), researchers from Cardiff University, UK in conjunction with Hayda...

Cristex Launch PVC Flexyfoam

01 September 2015

Cristex has launched its Flexyfoam range of PVC Foams, a closed cell, cross linked polymer foam that combines high stiffness and strength to weight ratios with toughness.

Polynt Launch Latest Gel Coat Armoflex 99F

01 September 2015

Polynt Composites has launched its latest Gel Coat, Armorflex 99F, for the European Marine and high performance composites markets.

From Rail to Sea with DIAB Divinycell

From Rail to Sea with DIAB Divinycell

25 August 2015

Qingdao Victall Railway Group, a global supplier of transportation components, is set to enter the marine segment, extending its concept of ...

Scout’s 420 LXF Made Possible with Vectorply’s R2O

Scout’s 420 LXF Made Possible with Vectorply’s R2O

11 August 2015

Scout Boats turned to Vectorply to assist with the laminate design and technical recommendations as they tackled their first epoxy-infused b...

Perfect to the Core, “Bajaca”, Stylish and Modern Cruiser

Perfect to the Core, “Bajaca”, Stylish and Modern Cruiser

04 August 2015

Roger Hill’s latest creation, “Bajaca”, is a twin hull boat built in Divinycell core material, which according to DIAB, is the next-generati...

AIC Celebrates 25 years of Providing Worldwide Service to Industry

04 August 2015

AIC is celebrating 25 years of providing services, huge hot drape formers and autoclaves to the advanced materials and composites industries.

Vision Systems Opens New Dedicated Composites Production Plant

14 July 2015

In order to better respond to the growing need of its customers in terms of composite products integration, Vision Systems is setting up a new production unit that will specifically produce composite parts.

HK Research Expands Production Facility

HK Research Expands Production Facility

30 June 2015

HK Research Corporation has recently completed an expansion of their North Carolina, US production facility after a significant increase in ...

BGF Industries Releases Innovative Thermoplastic Composite Material

23 June 2015

BGF Industries has launched its latest innovation in thermoplastic composite material, PolyPreg.

Spirit Delivers Third SDTA Fuselage to Sikorsky for Production Representative CH-53K Helicopter

Spirit Delivers Third SDTA Fuselage to Sikorsky for Production Representative CH-53K Helicopter

23 June 2015

Spirit AeroSystems has successfully delivered to Sikorsky the third fuselage section for the CH-53K 'King Stallion' heavy lift helicopter pr...

US Partner Country of Composites Europe 2015 and 1st International Composites Congress

09 June 2015

The US will be the partner country of this year’s Composites Europe, which will take place in Stuttgart from 22 to 24 September.

Crestabond Primer-Less Structural Adhesives Gain DNV-GL Approval for Maritime Applications

Crestabond Primer-Less Structural Adhesives Gain DNV-GL Approval for Maritime Applications

19 May 2015

Two grades from Scott Bader’s range of Crestabond primer-less methacrylate structural adhesives have now been independently approved by DNV-...

Barracuda Opens its New Training Facilities in Rio de Janeiro

Barracuda Opens its New Training Facilities in Rio de Janeiro

21 April 2015

Barracuda Advanced Composites has opened its new training facility in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

HK Research ReFlex Gel Coat Polymer Brings Pure Protection to Marine Industry

14 April 2015

HK Research, brings the marine industry its new ReFlex polymer gel coats, one of their Revolution series of gel coat polymers, which represents one of the biggest innovations in marine coatings in more than 70 years.

Dilutec Plans Gelcoat Capacity Expansion

31 March 2015

Dilutec has planned a 50% expansion in the installed capacity of the plant it operates in Senador Canedo, Brazil.

CCG and Aquarius Fibreglas Develop the First Fully Infused Boat Hull in India

CCG and Aquarius Fibreglas Develop the First Fully Infused Boat Hull in India

24 March 2015

Aquarius Fibreglas has developed a fully infused boat hull, claiming it is the first of its kind in India.

CompoSIDE delivers up to 40% Efficiency Savings to STRUCTeam

10 March 2015

Composites consultancy STRUCTeam saved over £40,000 in software licensing costs in 2014 using CompoSIDE, at the same time as reducing composite application design time by between 25% and 40%.

3A Composites Invests into New Foam Core Extrusion Line in US

10 March 2015

3A Composites will further expand the production capacities of its Airex PET core materials.

Composites for Better Living by JEC Design, Architecture and Art: JEC Group Popularise the Use of Composites at JEC Europe 2015

03 March 2015

JEC Group introduces a brand new and exclusive program named “Composites for better living”, a sensory experience to publicise composite materials to designers and the general public at JEC Europe 2015.

Composites Evolution to Display Ecopreg Products for Mass Transport at JEC Europe 2015

Composites Evolution to Display Ecopreg Products for Mass Transport at JEC Europe 2015

03 March 2015

Composites Evolution will display a range of Ecopreg products designed for the mass transport industry at JEC Europe 2015.

Hexcel Focus on Composite Innovations for Aerospace, Automotive and Wind Energy at JEC Europe 2015

03 March 2015

Hexcel is exhibiting at JEC Europe 2015 to promote the latest composite innovations for aerospace, automotive and wind energy applications.

DIAB Reveals Latest Recyclable PET Cores at JEC Europe 2015

03 March 2015

DIAB will show a variety of high-performance structural core materials for a multitude of applications, including its new recyclable PET Cores, at JEC Europe 2015.

Sicomin Presents Clear Coating, Laminating and Foaming Epoxy Systems for the Automotive Industry and Accredited Resins for Rail and Aerospace at JEC Europe 2015

03 March 2015

Sicomin will be showcasing foaming epoxies for complex shaped automotive laminates which are suitable for the production of strong, high quality, structural parts that are too expensive or complex to create using a rigid foam or honeycomb core at JEC Europe 2015.

Electrical Ferry Made in Divinycell Cruises the Stockholm Archipelago

24 February 2015

Ferry operator, Ballerina, has introduced a new, electrically propelled passenger ferry built in composite material, that runs smoothly, comfortably and with essentially none of the noise that accompanies combustion-engined vessels.

Gurit Reinforces its Long-Standing Commitment to High Performance Yacht Design Conference

24 February 2015

Gurit, a worldwide leading developer and manufacturer of advanced composites and technologies, is delighted to announce sponsorship of the High Performance Yacht Design (HPYD) Conference to be held in Auckland, New Zealand, at the Viaduct Marine Events Centre, from March 9-11, 2015.

Career Day Comes on the Heels of Industry Growth

24 February 2015

Marine & Composites Industry Career Day, which takes place on March 7 in Newport, Rhode Island, US, comes on the heels of good news in the marine trades.

Chomarat Increases its Production Capacity in Multiaxial Glass Fibre Reinforcements 

17 February 2015

Chomarat is expanding its Tunisian plant in Grombalia and will be increasing its production capacity of multiaxial glass fibre reinforcements for the wind turbine market.

3A Composites Introduces AIREX T10, a New PET-Based Structural Core Material for High Volume Sandwich Applications

10 February 2015

3A Composites introduces AIREX T10, the first product derivative based on the new technology AIREX GEN2, a highly industrialised production process presented last year.

Zyvax TakeOff Helps Aerospace Industry Reduce Mass and Improve Fuel Economy

10 February 2015

Chem-Trend’s new release agent designed for lightweight composite materials.

Rhode Island Composites Alliance Receives Seed Funding

27 January 2015

The Rhode Island Composites Alliance (RICA), a newly formed partnership of companies and stakeholders focused on growing the composites industry in Rhode Island, US, has received $175,000 in funding from the Rhode Island Foundation and the van Beuren Charitable Foundation.

Team Vestas Wind aiming to Re-Join the Volvo Ocean Race

06 January 2015

Having recovered the Vestas Wind in better-than-expected condition, Team Vestas Wind will repair the Volvo Ocean 65 at Persico Marine in Italy and plan to re-enter the race in Lisbon in late May.

Versarien Agrees Joint Venture with Dimar to form DV Composites

02 December 2014

Versarien has agreed terms to form a 50:50 joint venture with Dimar to distribute a new range of tooling for the composites industry.

Haydale Acquires EPL Composite Solutions to Advance Graphene Commercialisation Capabilities

18 November 2014

Haydale has entered into an agreement to acquire EPL Composite Solutions (EPL), a specialist in the design, development and commercialisation of advanced composite polymer materials both in the UK and overseas.

STRUCTeam Reaches 100 Project Milestone 

18 November 2014

STRUCTeam has celebrated passing its 100 successful projects milestone by growing its team and premises alongside relaunching its website.

UK National Composites Centre ‘Building the Future’ 

UK National Composites Centre ‘Building the Future’ 

18 November 2014

An innovative racing yacht, lightweight road cars and the largest openly accessible high rate manufacturing press for composites in Europe w...

Sicomin’s Marine Epoxy Resins Set New Standards in Performance and Reliability at METS 2014

11 November 2014

Sicomin, showcased their range of marine product solutions at METS 2014.

Formax to Showcase Technical Textiles Optimised for a Range of Processing Techniques at Composites Engineering 2014

04 November 2014

Formax will be showcasing a selection of samples from their range of technical textiles optimised to suit Resin Infusion, RTM, Prepregs, Injection moulding and Wet lay-up processing techniques.

According to the company, through continuous investment in R&D and new technologies, Formax’s glass and multiaxial fabrics claim to be stronger, lighter and more cost-effective for a variety of Automotive, Marine, Wind Energy and Industrial applications.

Product highlights include:

Epsilon Optics Provides Fibre-Optic Sensing for TEL’s DeltaStream Tidal Energy Turbine

Epsilon Optics Provides Fibre-Optic Sensing for TEL’s DeltaStream Tidal Energy Turbine

28 October 2014

Tidal Energy’s innovative DeltaStream turbine will soon be installed off the Pembrokeshire coast, UK in Ramsey sound, where it will be close...

Composites One and the Closed Mold Alliance to Host Demostrations at CAMX

14 October 2014

Composites One, along with the Closed Mold Alliance and more than 15 industry partners, will stage a “Super Demo” of  Vacuum Infusion, Reusable Bag Molding, Light RTM, Prepreg and more during CAMX 2014.

Hexcel to Exhibit at CAMX

14 October 2014

Hexcel will be promoting its latest innovations in carbon fibre and composite materials for aerospace and industrial markets including automotive and wind energy at CAMX.

Scott Bader- ATC Showcasing Advanced Composite Materials at CAMX

Scott Bader- ATC Showcasing Advanced Composite Materials at CAMX

07 October 2014

Scott Bader-ATC is exhibiting at the new Composites and Advanced Materials Expo (CAMX) taking place from 13-16 October in Orlando, Florida, ...

RAMPF Presents Solutions for Modelling and Mould Construction at CAMX

07 October 2014

RAMPF Group will present its comprehensive RAKU-TOOL product portfolio for modelling and mould construction at CAMX 2014, from October 14-16 in Orlando, Florida, US.

Hexcel Promotes Composites for Aerospace, Automotive and Wind Energy at Composites Europe 2014

30 September 2014

Hexcel will be promoting its latest carbon fibre and composite technologies at Composites Europe 2014, in Stuttgart, Germany, from 7th to 9th October 2014. 

Scott Bader- ATC Showcasing Advanced Composite Materials for Marine Applications at IBEX 2014 Show

23 September 2014

Scott Bader ATC will promote its advanced materials at IBEX, which this year is taking place from 30 September – 2 October in Tampa, Florida, US.

Scott Bader Exhibiting at China Adhesive Showcasing New Crestabond Structural Adhesive

Scott Bader Exhibiting at China Adhesive Showcasing New Crestabond Structural Adhesive

16 September 2014

Scott Bader will exhibit for the first time at China Adhesive, which this year is taking place from 25-27 September at the Shanghai World Ex...

Teufelberger to Showcase Light-weighted Three Metre Space Frame Structure at Composite Europe

Teufelberger to Showcase Light-weighted Three Metre Space Frame Structure at Composite Europe

09 September 2014

Teufelberger will debut its fibre composite and metal-composite hybrid component developments for structural lightweight applications at the...

Scott Bader to Exhibit New Applications at FAST Exhibition

Scott Bader to Exhibit New Applications at FAST Exhibition

02 September 2014

Scott Bader is exhibiting at Fastening & Assembly Solutions and Technology (FAST) exhibition, taking place on 10 September 2014 at the W...

Gurit Congratulates Frers Naval Architecture and Persico Marine on the Launch of the New Frers 60

12 August 2014

Frers Naval Architecture & Engineering have added a new design to its daysailers: Spectre, the first boat of the new Frers 60’ daysailer/racer.

Sicomin’s Marine Epoxies Awarded Lloyd’s Register Certification

Sicomin’s Marine Epoxies Awarded Lloyd’s Register Certification

05 August 2014

Sicomin has achieved Lloyd’s Register (LR) certification on a number of new systems aimed towards the Marine market. 

Isle of Wight College Secures £11 Million Funding for New Composites Training Facility

Isle of Wight College Secures £11 Million Funding for New Composites Training Facility

22 July 2014

The Isle of Wight College has secured a successful £11 million bid to develop a new 3,500 m2 Centre of Excellence for Composites, Marine and...

Composites Evolution and VELOX Offer Sustainable Natural Reinforcement Solutions

Composites Evolution and VELOX Offer Sustainable Natural Reinforcement Solutions

15 July 2014

VELOX, distributor of composites materials in Europe has the pleasure to announce their new partnership with Composites Evolution. Leader in...

SCIGRIP Solar Boat Team Celebrate Dong Energy Solar Challenge Success

SCIGRIP Solar Boat Team Celebrate Dong Energy Solar Challenge Success

15 July 2014

SCIGRIP is delighted to announce the SCIGRIP Solar Boat Team raced to victory in the Dong Energy Solar Challenge.

Chomarat and B&R Building Materials Sign Distribution Agreement 

Chomarat and B&R Building Materials Sign Distribution Agreement 

24 June 2014

Chomarat and B&R Building Materials have signed an agreement for the distribution of C-GRID corrosion resistant carbon grid structures, ...

Hart Marine Deliver Wave Piercing Pilot Boats Built with DIAB Material

24 June 2014

Hart Marine has constructed pilot boats using DIAB structural cores with French Pantocarene design for use by Port Philip Sea Pilots, Victoria, Australia.

Australian-Made Houseboats Benefit from the Latest Fiberglass Technology

Australian-Made Houseboats Benefit from the Latest Fiberglass Technology

17 June 2014

Poppy’s Fibreglass on the Sunshine coast, Queensland, Australia, uses DIAB infusion technology to take the manufacturing of their houseboats...

Anaglyph Release New Version 4.4 of Laminate Tools

Anaglyph Release New Version 4.4 of Laminate Tools

17 June 2014

Anaglyph is very pleased to announce the release of the latest version of its Laminate Tools.

The company explains Laminate Too...

Brazilian Composites Sector Reports US$ 385 Million Revenue in the First Quarter

10 June 2014

The Brazilian composites sector reported revenue totalling US$ 385 million in the first quarter of 2014; 11.2% higher than in the same period of the previous year and 0.5% higher than the result of the last quarter of 2013 (figures from Maxiquim, a consulting firm hired by the Latin American Composite Materials Association (ALMACO).

Composites One Signs Agreement with Nexeo Solutions

10 June 2014

Composites One has signed a purchase agreement to acquire essential composites distribution assets from Nexeo Solutions, and the Nexeo Solutions dedicated composites distribution employees will join Composites One.

Hexcel Highlights Aerospace Innovations at SAMPE Tech 2014

Hexcel Highlights Aerospace Innovations at SAMPE Tech 2014

03 June 2014

Hexcel Corporation will be promoting the latest composite solutions and applications developed for the aerospace market at SAMPE Tech 2014 i...

Owens Corning Launches Industry’s First Comprehensive Technical Fabrics App

Owens Corning Launches Industry’s First Comprehensive Technical Fabrics App

03 June 2014

Owens Corning has launched the first Technical Fabrics Guide for industrial, marine and leisure applications.

Chomarat and B&R Building Materials Sign Distribution Agreement

Chomarat and B&R Building Materials Sign Distribution Agreement

03 June 2014

Chomarat and B&R Building Materials have signed an agreement for the distribution of Chomarat’s C-GRID product range in Europe and the M...

McConaghy Boats Establish New Zealand Office and Increase Focus on Superyacht Sector

McConaghy Boats Establish New Zealand Office and Increase Focus on Superyacht Sector

03 June 2014

McConaghy Boats have announced it will move into the large yacht market, establishing a a new office in New Zealand.

Sikorsky Unveils CH- 53K Helicopter

Sikorsky Unveils CH- 53K Helicopter

20 May 2014

Sikorsky Aircraft has unveiled the CH- 53K heavy lift helicopter, the next generation in the CH- 53 type series.

Barracuda Composites Designing Rio City Aquarium

Barracuda Composites Designing Rio City Aquarium

15 April 2014

Barracuda Composites engineering division has designed a total of 27 sandwich composite tanks using finite element analysis to be used at a ...

AIMPLAS Opens New Research Centre for Materials and Nanocomposites

AIMPLAS Opens New Research Centre for Materials and Nanocomposites

08 April 2014

The Technological Institute of Plastics (AIMPLAS) has opened  a new research centre for materials and nanocomposites in the Technology Park ...

Owens Corning Launches Improved Multi-purpose Chop Roving for Weaving & Knitting Applications

01 April 2014

Owens Corning has introduced ME 3060 roving designed to combine excellent processing characteristics with enhanced final laminate surface quality.

JEC Move Halls to Accommodate its Largest European Show Yet

JEC Move Halls to Accommodate its Largest European Show Yet

04 March 2014

JEC Europe Composites Show and Conferences 2014 will take place on 11 – 13 March 2014 at Porte de Versailles, Paris, France in halls 7.2 and...

JEC Innovation Award Presented to North Thin Ply Technology Supported by Huntsman Advanced Materials

JEC Innovation Award Presented to North Thin Ply Technology Supported by Huntsman Advanced Materials

25 February 2014

Huntsman Advanced Materials is joining North Thin Ply Technology (NTPT) as they celebrate winning the JEC Europe 2014 Innovation Award in th...

JEC Announces Winners of the 2014 JEC Innovation Awards

JEC Announces Winners of the 2014 JEC Innovation Awards

18 February 2014

15 companies and their partners will receive an Innovation Award at JEC Europe taking place on 11-13 March 2014 in Paris, France, for their ...

Gurit Shows Gradual Recovery from Lows in the Materials Business with Strong Growth in Systems and Engineering

04 February 2014

Gurit achieved un-audited full year net sales of CHF 281.1 million, a decrease of 19.9% compared with 2012.

Emanuele Mascherpa to Distribute Scott Bader’s Crestabond Range

14 January 2014

Emanuele Mascherpa has been appointed by Scott Bader to distribute its specialist range of Crestabond structural adhesives and Advanced CompositeTechnology products in Italy.

Barracuda Supports Composite Boatbuilding Course

17 December 2013

The University of Itajai, Santa Caterina, Brazil is to offer a Composite Boatbuilding class. 

SCIGRIP Collaborates with Dedicated Polish Distributor Alugraf to Expand Sales in Central Europe

19 November 2013

SCIGRIP are continuing to expand its sales presence in Central Europe with the assistance of Polish adhesives supplier, Alugraf.

Aviation Enterprises Successfully Completes Static Proof Test of Composite Tidal Turbine Blade

11 November 2013

An important milestone for the tidal energy industry has been reached by the successful static proof testing of a 600kW composite tidal turbine blade. 

A Future Fibres Fully Customised Carbon Mast, Boom and Rigging Package is Integrated into the Advanced Premium Catamaran

11 November 2013

Future Fibres says the 24 metre APC 78 – Fast Cat, being built at Green Marine, will combine the performance of an all-out racing mini maxi with cruising comforts and luxury in an impressive shape from Nigel Irens Design, penned by industrial designer Christophe Chedal Anglay.

WrapIt Offers New Way to Test Curved Composites

11 November 2013

Phoenix Inspection Systems says a new development in ultrasonic probe technology offers a faster and more effective way to inspect complex curves and radii in composite components.

Scott Bader to Exhibit Ultra-Low Styrene Content Gelcoat at Composites Engineering 2013

05 November 2013

The Scott Bader stand  will showcase its unique technology ‘ultra-low styrene content’ spray gelcoat Crystic Ecogel S1PA launched earlier this year at JEC Europe.

Composite Integration Supplies Direct Infusion Technology to Wind Energy Sector

22 October 2013

Composite Integration says it has spent the last three years developing highly-automated commercial solutions for the infusion of structural composite components.

Composites Evolution to Exhibit Low-Cost Biotex Jute Fabrics at Composites Engineering 2013

08 October 2013

Composites Evolution will showcase its Biotex Jute reinforcement range at the Composites Engineering show, which takes place on 12-13 November at the NEC, Birmingham, UK.

Scott and Fyfe Launch a Range of Multi-Axial Reinforcement Fabrics

08 October 2013

Scott and Fyfe has announced a new range of multi-axial reinforcement fabrics.

Cytec Industries Features New Composite Products at JEC Americas

01 October 2013

Cytec will promote its range of advanced composite and process material at JEC Americas in Boston, Massachusetts, US October 2 – 4, 2013.

SCIGRIP Showcased MMA Structural Adhesives Range at Composites Europe 2013

01 October 2013

SCIGRIP showcased its range of tough methylmethacrylate (MMA) structural adhesives, which it says was developed specifically for the bonding of carbon and glass composites to metals and engineered plastics.

SICOMIN Showcased an Innovative Range of Epoxy Resins at Composites Europe 2013

01 October 2013

SICOMIN exhibited new product ranges at Composites Europe, Stuttgart, Germany.

SICOMIN to Showcase New Range of Epoxy Resins at Composites Europe 2013

27 August 2013

SICOMIN will be participating at Composites Europe, Stuttgart from the 17 -19 September where it will showcase a new range of fire retardant systems and liquid expanding epoxy foams.

ATK Technologies Support Launch of ULA's Delta IV Rocket Carrying Wideband Global SATCOM Satellite

20 August 2013

ATK propulsion, composite and spacecraft technologies supported the successful launch of a United Launch Alliance (ULA) Delta IV rocket from Space Launch Complex 37 at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Florida, US.

Quadrant Engineering Offers Composites Solutions for Unmanned Vehicles

13 August 2013

Quadrant Engineering Plastic Product’s (EPP) says the unique formulation of its advanced materials for Unmanned Vehicle Systems (UVS) are aimed at lowering overall weight and increasing durability in the harshest of environments.

Ashland Announces New Composites Distribution Agreements for Operations in Europe

16 July 2013

Ashland Performance Materials, a commercial unit of Ashland, has announced new distribution agreements that cover its leading resin chemistries and technology solutions for composite manufacturing in the Europe.

Future Fibres Supplies Composite Multihull Rigging Package for A65 Catamaran

16 July 2013

Future Fibres has manufactured and supplied a high-performance rotating wing mast with carbon rigging for the Nigel Irens Design A65 Catamaran.

Panel Systems Sees an Increase in Demand for Bespoke Polypropylene Honeycomb Sandwich Panels

16 July 2013

Panel Systems says it has seen a huge surge in demand for Thermhex, a polypropylene honeycomb material which was launched into the UK market at the beginning of 2013.

JETCAM expands European composite software operations with JETCAM Composite

16 July 2013

JETCAM International announced the foundation of JETCAM Composite, which will focus on selling its range of nesting and composite material management applications to companies in Europe.

Call for Papers’ Deadline Imminent for UK’s Largest Ever Composites Event

09 July 2013

Organisers of this year’s Composites Engineering Show, being held at NEC Birmingham on 12-13 November 2013, have announced the final call for papers for organisations wishing to be considered for a presentation spot within in its two day open conference programme.

JETCAM Plans to Expand Composites-Focused Reseller Network for its CrossTrack Composite Management Suite

02 July 2013

The move is in direct response to increased global interest from companies manufacturing with composite materials in CrossTrack’s real-time, end-to-end tracking of materials, material life, plies, kits, orders and nests.

JEC Americas 2013 to Focus on Top Innovations in the Americas’ Vibrant Composites Sector

25 June 2013

The second JEC Americas Composites Show and Conference will welcome delegates from around the globe to Boston, US, from 2 – 4 October 2013.

3A Composites Core Materials Continues its Activities on Balsa Relevant Product Solutions

25 June 2013

3A Composites, through its Airex brand, now owns the extended FSC certification for the manufacture and sale of structural core materials and interior panels based on 100% FSC-certified balsa veneer.

Fibrelite Expands Range of Composite Access Covers

18 June 2013

Fibrelite now offers company logos and other brand markings on its full range of access covers.

Gurit to Present Composite Materials and Design for Architectural Applications Before the American Institute of Architects

18 June 2013

Gurit will be exhibiting for the first time at the American Institute of Architects Convention (AIA) in Denver, CO, US, from 20 - 22 June on stand 1366, and will be showcasing advanced composite products, case studies and solutions for architectural applications.

Composites Engineering Show to Host Key Technology Content with NetComposites and Composites UK

04 June 2013

The Composites Engineering Show, being held at the NEC, Birmingham on 12-13 November 2013, will provide its most ambitious open conference programme to date, providing attendee groups with vital technology, market and strategic, value-added information.

Hosted on the show floor, the 2013 Composites Engineering Show’s open conference programme, in partnership with NetComposites and Composites UK, will provide an insight into the latest materials innovations, processes, capability advances and applications. A crucial component of this year’s open programme will be the NetComposites-hosted embedded stream of technology sessions covering biocomposites , sustainability and recycling, thermoplastic composites, nanocomposites and non-destructive testing.

Galway Carbon uses Scott Bader’s Crestapol Resin in Citroën DS3 Rallycross Composite Body Panels

04 June 2013

The former World Rally Champion, Petter Solberg, is currently competing in the 2013 European Rallycross Championships with a customised 600 horsepower Citroën DS3 supercar fitted out with new lightweight carbon-kevlar composite body panels.

Cooperative Research Centre for Advanced Composites Structures and Advanced Composites Structures Australia Open Head Office

04 June 2013

CRC-ACS and ACS announce the opening of the new head office and facilities of the Cooperative Research Centre for Advanced Composites Structures (CRC-ACS) and Advanced Composite Structures Australia (ACS Australia).          

Composite Insights Assesses Demand for Composites in the Marine Industry

04 June 2013

Composite Insights says it has analysed opportunities for composites in the global marine-composites industry, where demand is set to grow 5.8% per year between 2013 and 2018.

NTT Carbon Fiber Reaches Agreement to Set Up Joint Development Programme with Xolve

21 May 2013

The development programme will use KORE carbon fibres, carbon nanotubes and Xolve’s graphene masterbatches.

Cytec to Promote Variable Temperature Moulding Resin Systems at All Energy 2013

14 May 2013

Cytec will be exhibiting its range of composite and process materials on stand number D51 at All-Energy 2013, which is being held in the Aberdeen Exhibition & Conference Centre, Aberdeen, UK, on 22 - 23 May.

New Prodrive Manufacturing Process Brings Bright Colours to Carbon Composites

30 April 2013

Prodrive says it has developed a new manufacturing process which combines “designer” colours with a deep, glass-like finish and the durability required for demanding applications.

Future Pipe Industries Group Acquires Specialty Plastics

30 April 2013

Future Pipe Industries Group (FPIG) has acquired 100% of the fibreglass reinforced pipe business, Specialty Plastics (SPI) from ITT Exelis.

Cytec’s Flame-Retarded Epoxy and Phenolic Prepregs Added to Lloyd’s Register

16 April 2013

Cytec recently extended its Lloyd’s Register Type Approval by adding its flame-retarded VTM264FRB epoxy and MTM82S phenolic structural resin systems to the list.

Sigmatex Secures Major Marine Contract

02 April 2013

Further to receiving Type Approval Certification from Det Norske Veritas (DNV) for a numbers of its multiaxial and unidirectional carbon fibre fabric products, Sigmatex is pleased to reveal the first in a number of contracts have been secured for a significant European Marine project.

Huntsman Epoxy Resin Systems Receive Lloyd’s Register Type Approval

26 March 2013

A range of the latest epoxy resin systems from Huntsman Advanced Materials have received certification from the Lloyd’s Register Type Approval.

Future Fibres Highlight New Automotive Composite Technologies

19 March 2013

Future Fibres are targeting the automotive sector following combined expertise with Persico in advanced composite fibres and precision tooling to produce prototypes of the carbon composite tub for a new racing roadster, codenamed RP-one.

Composites Evolution Launch New Materials at JEC 2013

12 March 2013

Composites Evolution will launch a range of new materials and prepregs at JEC Europe, Porte de Versailles, Paris, France, on the 12 – 14 March 2013.

Oracle Team USA Work to Defend their Title with Help from TeXtreme

12 March 2013

Oxeon have announces that they have joined forces with Oracle Team USA to become a preferred supplier to the team during the Americas Cup.

TeXtreme Cars Successful at Daytona 500

06 March 2013

The National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing (NASCAR) season got off to a good start for cars using TeXtreme Spread Tow carbon reinforcements by winning the Daytona 500 race and obtaining 4 out of the 5 top positions.

Clean Wet-Filament Winding Technology Developed by UK Consortium Showcased at JEC Europe

06 March 2013

A collaborative R&D project between The University of Birmingham’s School of Metallurgy and Materials and a UK consortium of companies has successfully developed a new environmentally friendly ‘clean’ filament winding technology for the production of high-performance composites that will be showcased at JEC Europe, Porte de Versailles, Paris, France, next week.

Premier Composite Technologies Sign Contract to Build Potential Sydney Hobart Winner

26 February 2013

Dubai-based Premier Composite Technologies (PCT) will build one of the most exciting new grand prix race boats to be commissioned in 2013.

Composites Evolution to Showcase Recent Material Developments at JEC Europe 2013

19 February 2013

Composites Evolution will be showcasing its latest Biotex flax fibre developments at JEC Europe 2013, 12th - 14th March 2013, at Porte de Versailles, Paris, France (stand B13).

Strategic Partnership Renewed and Expanded Between Caterham Composites and Altair Engineering

19 February 2013

Caterham Composites and Altair Engineering have extended and expanded their strategic partnership.

PURLoc Seawalls Provide Lightweight, Strong and Durable Waterfront Protection

12 February 2013

Gulf Synthetics’ PURLoc, which utilises Bayer MaterialScience’s Baydur PUL 2500 polyurethane system, has been used as a long-term solution for waterfront projects.

IYRS Open House Gives Attendees an Opportunity to Explore Composites Careers

12 February 2013

Individuals interested in pursuing a career track in the composites field will have a chance to explore training and career options during a February open house at IYRS, a marine trades and technology school based in Bristol, Rhode Island, US.

Resintex Technology to Promote New Crystic 15PA and Demonstrate Closed Mould RMIM System at Seatec 2013

05 February 2013

Resintex Technology is once again exhibiting at Seatec 2013, which runs simultaneously with Comptec 2013 in Carrara, Italy from 6th - 8th February.

Panel Systems Secures Supply Agreement for Thermhex in the UK

29 January 2013

Panel Systems has become the UK supplier of Thermhex, a new polypropylene honeycomb material, suitable for a wide variety of applications.

Composites One and the Closed Mold Alliance to Highlight Customer Stories

22 January 2013

Composites One, along with the Closed Mold Alliance and 20 industry partners, will use the latest closed mould processes to build parts, including an actual production part for a real Composites One customer live on the show floor at COMPOSITES 2013, Orlando, Florida, US from January 29 - 31.

SCIGRIP Expands European Adhesives Offering

22 January 2013

SCIGRIP will be showcasing the latest advancements in bonding systems and adhesive chemistries at Compotec 2013 in Carrara Fiere, Italy, from 6-8 February on Stand 845 in Hall D.

Gurit Introduces New Group Organisation

15 January 2013

Gurit has introduced a new Group Organisation effective of February 1, 2013.

3A Composites Further Expands its Balsa Plantations

15 January 2013

With its latest purchase of land, 3A Composites increases its balsa plantation base by 20% and now owns almost 10.000 hectares in Ecuador.

Gurit to Implement a Globally Unified Brand

08 January 2013

Gurit is implementing a unified global brand strategy to reflect its comprehensive offering, global geographic presence and ever wider industry reach.

IYRS Scholarship Deadlines Extended for Spring Programs

08 January 2013

The deadlines to apply for three named scholarships at IYRS for school programs beginning this spring have been extended to a first-priority deadline of January 6 and a final deadline of February 15.

Caterham Group Gets Together at the Autosport International Show

08 January 2013

Caterham Cars, Caterham Composites and Caterham Technology & Innovation (CTI) will be showcasing their combined expertise and experience of lightweight structures at Autosport International (stand 2520, in Hall 20), demonstrating how they use a range of metallic and composite solutions to benefit a range of transportation industries, i.e. automotive, aerospace, motorsport, or marine.

DSM Advocates Evaluation of Styrene-Free Solutions after Recommendation by EU RAC to Reclassify Styrene as CMR2 Substance

18 December 2012

DSM advises that the harmonised classification and labelling (CLH) recommendation of the EU RAC last week of styrene as CMR2 is a clear signal for the composites industry to start investigating substitute technologies.

UK National Composites Centre Celebrates Government Funding for Phase II Project

11 December 2012

A Government investment of £28m will be made to enhance the capabilities and capacity of the UK National Composites Centre (NCC).

SCIGRIP’s SG230 HV Methacrylate Adhesive Strengthens Aging Marine and Land Infrastructures

11 December 2012

An Australian company specialising in composite repair structures for marine pilings recently selected SCIGRIP’s SG230 HV (High Viscosity) methacrylate adhesives the bonding agent in its PileJax pile encasement repair system.

Roger Williams University to Offer IYRS Graduates Credits Toward Degree Programs

11 December 2012

Students who complete the International Yacht Restoration School (IYRS) programs will be granted up to 30 credits toward bachelor’s or associate degrees offered by Roger Williams University (RWU) School of Continuing Studies.

ORACLE TEAM USA New Boat Designed with Dassault Systèmes’ 3DEXPERIENCE Platform 

27 November 2012

ORACLE TEAM USA, winner of the 33rd America’s Cup in 2010 and 34th America’s Cup defender in September 2013, has used Dassault Systèmes’ 3DEXPERIENCE platform to bring the team’s AC72 racing catamaran from concept to reality. 

SG200 Series Methacrylate Adhesives from SCIGRIP Provide Permanent Bonding Power for Dragonfly Boatworks’ Paddle Boards

20 November 2012

SCIGRIP SG200 methacrylate adhesive technology serves in critical bonding and sealing applications and enhances the performance of recreational and fishing paddle boards, as well as other personal watercraft manufactured by Dragonfly Boatworks.

SP-High Modulus to rebrand as Gurit from January 2013

13 November 2012

This change to a single brand will enable the Industrial and Marine business of Gurit to better communicate who it is and what it does. It represents greater integration of knowledge, expertise and innovation throughout the Gurit group and across the company’s market sectors, and will give current and new customers access to an unparalleled offering in terms of composite materials, engineering solutions and related technical services.

Cygnet Tex-Web Seals £5m China Deal

13 November 2012

Fibre processing company Cygnet Tex-Web has won a £5m contract to supply five PAN precursor creels to Jiangsu Hengshen Fiber Materials, one of the largest carbon fibre and composites manufacturers in Jiangsu Province, China.

Ashland Begins Gelcoat Production in Brazil

07 November 2012

Ashland Performance Materials will begin the production of Maxguard premium gelcoats in Brazil.

Huntsman Advanced Materials Embraces Future-Oriented Solutions at Composites Engineering 2012

30 October 2012

Huntsman Advanced Materials will showcase its latest developments in epoxy resins, composites tooling and speciality chemical building blocks, focusing on the added value its systems offer in enabling significant growth momentum in the global composites market during Composites Engineering 2012, 7 – 8 November, at the NEC, Birmingham, UK.

The UK Composites Strategy - Next Steps

23 October 2012

With the previously forecast expansion in the use of composites materials beginning to have a real impact on the industrial landscape, the Composites Leadership Forum has been formed to deliver the next stage of the UK Composite Strategy; its inaugural meeting was held on 10 October.

Huntsman Embraces Future-Oriented Solutions at Composites Engineering 2012

16 October 2012

At Composites Engineering 2012, at the NEC in Birmingham on the 7 – 8 November, Huntsman Advanced Materials will showcase its latest developments in epoxy resins, composites tooling and speciality chemical building blocks, focusing on the added value its systems offer in enabling significant growth momentum in the global composites market from its stand number 665.

Grade II Listed Training Centre GRP Building Shows Longevity of Crystic Gelcoat Performance

16 October 2012

A training centre acquired by Olivetti Corporation in the late 1960’s in Haslemere, Surrey, and refurbished using fibreglass panels manufactured from Scott Bader’s Crystic resin and gelcoat is showing, 43 years on, that the Lloyds approved marine grade Crystic 65PA gelcoat, also suitable for exterior building applications, is still in very good shape and has proved its long term outdoor performance capabilities.

SCIGRIP Adhesives Provide UV-Resistant, Permanent Bonding Power for Marine

09 October 2012

Providing boat builders and marine construction engineers with a bright white, UV-resistant two-part adhesive specifically formulated for marine applications, global adhesives supplier SCIGRIP is showcasing its SG100 Series methacrylate adhesives in Booth #1520 at the 2012 International Boat builders’ Exhibition & Conference (IBEX) in Louisville, Kentucky, US.

SP-High Modulus to Exhibit at IBEX 2012

09 October 2012

SP-High Modulus will be exhibiting at the International Boatbuilders Exhibition and Conference (IBEX) in Louisville, Kentucky, US.

SCIGRIP’s Adhesive Technologies to be showcased at the PSP Southampton Boat Show 2012 

18 September 2012

SCIGRIP will be exhibiting together at the PSP Southampton Boat Show 2012 from 14th -23rd September, 2012, on Stand G073.

SP-High Modulus to Exhibit at Monaco Yacht Show 2012

18 September 2012

SP-High Modulus is to exhibit at the 22nd Monaco Yacht Show from 19th – 22nd September 2012.

Major Expansion for Tygavac in Early 2013

11 September 2012

In early 2013, Tygavac will be relocating to the Oldham Broadway Business Park, close to their current facility in Rochdale.

Scott Bader Exhibiting and Sponsoring a Workshop at Engineering Design Show 2012

11 September 2012

Scott Bader is exhibiting for the first time at the Engineering Design Show 2012, which runs from October 10th - 11th 2012 at the Jaguar Exhibition Hall, Ricoh Arena, Coventry.

India Composites Show Gains Momentum

28 August 2012

The India Composites Show, organised by Manch Communications in collaboration with Reed Exhibitions from 1st - 3rd November, 2012, at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi.

Interplastic Acquires Valspar Technology

28 August 2012

Interplastic has acquired product technologies from The Valspar Corporation.

Huntsman Advanced Materials Enhances Production Processes at Composites Europe 2012

14 August 2012

At Composites Europe 2012, Düsseldorf, Germany, 9th – 11th October 2012, Huntsman will look at growing demands for faster processing and reduced production cycles, focusing on the role high-performance chemistries are playing in enabling more efficient manufacturing techniques and the increased penetration of composites.

Scott Bader Shortlisted for UK Technology Innovation of the Year Award

14 August 2012

Scott Bader has been shortlisted in this year’s UK Private Business Awards in the ‘Technology Innovation of the year’ category for the outstanding chemical research and innovative development of their Crestabond range of industrial primer-less structural adhesives.

Composites Workshop for Brazilian Marine Industry

07 August 2012

Brazilian Boatbuilder Association (ACOBAR) will host a Composite workshop in Rio de Janeiro on the 10th August, 2012, to train the marine industry on the requirements of NBR-14574 – Rules and Regulation for Recreational Boats in Glass Reinforced Plastic with less than 24 meters, effective June 2012.

METYX Composites Acquires LEDA and ACT Assets

07 August 2012

In June 2012, METYX Composites completed acquisition of all LEDA assets at the Mondavio, Italy facility, as well as some of the major assets of Advanced Composites Technology (ACT Group) also located in Mondavio, Italy.

Plataine and Assembly Guidance Collaborate

07 August 2012

Plataine and Assembly Guidance Systems partner to provide a seamlessly integrated solution for optimised cutting and kitting of composite plies.

New Design Bluewater 31 Offshore Workboat Specifies Scott Bader

24 July 2012

Blue Water Boats has just launched their latest fibreglass monohull workboat Bluewater 31 using Scott Bader resins.

Zyvex Marine Launches LRV-17 Long Range Vessel As the First Nano-Composite Manned Boat

24 July 2012

Zyvex Marine has launched the LRV-17, a Long Range Vessel designed for fuel efficiency and rough sea stabilisation with a sprint speed over 40 knots and a range of over 1,500 nautical miles, more than three times the range of comparatively sized vessels.

Composites Consulting Group launches a Chinese website

17 July 2012

Composites Consulting Group (CCG) has launched a Chinese website;, to support their growing team in Shanghai.

NetComposites' 3rd Composites Innovations Conference a Resounding Success

17 July 2012

NetComposites’ 3rd biennial Composites Innovation Conference was held at the National Composites Centre, Bristol, UK, on the 4th and 5th July 2012 and provided a unique forum for the exchange of concepts and technological developments in materials, design and manufacturing to support the changing demands of industry.

Scott Bader’s Gelcoat Crystic Permabright Used in UK Vacuum Infused Sailing Yacht

10 July 2012

The largest fibreglass sailing yacht produced by resin infusion in the UK to date is currently being built by Discovery Yachts, at Marchwood, near Southampton, UK, and is fabricated from Scott Bader’s vinyl ester (VE) infusion resin Crystic VE 679-03 in combination with a ‘matched’ marine system using Crystic VE 679PA skincoat and Scott Bader’s new Crystic Permabright D-Iso/NPG high UV performance, marine approved gelcoat.

SP-High Modulus Holds Marine Designer Workshop

10 July 2012

SP-High Modulus recently held a marine designer workshop in Forli, Italy, bringing together composite designers and engineers from all over Italy for a day of presentations and discussion.

Metyx Holds Third Composites Summit

10 July 2012

Metyx Composites organised and hosted its 3rd Composites Summit in Istanbul, Turkey, June 4-8, 2012, in conjunction with event sponsors; Airex AG, Aksa, Duratek, PPG Fiber Glass, Reinforced Plastics Magazine, Scott Bader, The Turkish Carbon Society, Turkish Composites Manufacturers Association, and Umeco.

JEC Further Expands its Services, Support and Expertise in the Americas

03 July 2012

After 55 years in the Americas, JEC Composites will further expand its offerings in the region this fall with the opening of its inaugural JEC Americas Composites Show & Conferences at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center, Nov. 7 – 9, 2012.

Scott Bader’s Crystic Resin and Crestomer Adhesive Materials Used in Revolver 42 Speedboat

03 July 2012

Scott Bader’s Crystic Vinyl Ester (VE) resins and a Corecell M-foam core has been specified in the Revolver 42, a polyhedric monohull speedboat, constructed using high performance composite materials by the Italian shipyard Anselmo Mauri, located in Sirmione, Lake Garda. 

Formax to Strengthen Regional Business Collaborations at East Midlands Composites Show

26 June 2012

Formax will be exhibiting at the East Midlands Composites Show to be held at the University of Derby Enterprise Centre on 29th June.

Dassault Systèmes Release Latest Version of its 3DEXPERIENCE Platform

26 June 2012

Dassault Systèmes has released the latest version of its 3DEXPERIENCE platform. 

Lightweight Panel Solutions for the European Market

19 June 2012

ATL Composites and MuH von der Linden of Wesel, Germany have announced the formation of a joint venture company, vdL Composites to produce DuFLEX composite panels for the European market.

World’s First All Composite Ferry Pontoon

12 June 2012

Riverside Marine, from Brisbane, Australia, has collaborated with Wagners CFT Manufacturing to develop a bespoke floating pontoon structure which is the first and largest ‘all composite’ ferry pontoon to be commissioned.

ASTM Approves Standard for Damage Resistance Testing of Sandwich Constructions

25 May 2012

ASTM has approved a new International standard for damage resistance testing of sandwich constructions, which they say is a common composite structural configuration.

Formax Carbon Multiaxial Fabrics Achieve DNV Materials Qualification

25 May 2012

Formax has been awarded the renowned DNV materials qualification its entire range of carbon multiaxial fabrics.

Johns Manville Receives Germanisher Lloyd Approval for StarRov076

25 May 2012

Johns Manville (JM) recently received another new approval by Germanisher Lloyd (GL) for glass fibres to be used in wind turbine blades.

Babcock Blazes Trail in Examination of Composite Repairs

25 May 2012

Babcock has achieved a significant step forward with a new technique allowing non-destructive examination (NDE) of composite repairs and the underlying substrate – something they describe as a valuable advance allowing repairs to be monitored for assurance of long term performance.

Brazilian Boatbuilding Association Improving Composite Education in the Brazilian Marine Market

18 May 2012

ACOBAR (Brazilian Boat Builder Association) is planning a set of technical workshops that will be held in the 3 mainly marine hubs of Brazil, Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Santa Catarina states, and will happen in August, October and November consecutively. 

SP-High Modulus to Exhibit at Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show

18 May 2012

SP-High Modulus is to exhibit at the Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show from 24th-27th May 2012 in Queensland, Australia. 

SP-High Modulus Silver Sponsor to Cowes Superyacht Cup 2012

06 May 2012

SP-High Modulus is the silver sponsor of the 2012 Superyacht Cup in Cowes, Isle of Wight, UK.

SCIGRIP Secures Marineware as UK Distributor

06 May 2012

SCIGRIP has appointed Marineware as a key distributor, supplying the UK marine market with SCIGRIP’s most cutting edge toughened adhesive chemistries and bonding systems.

Flex Transducer Set to Revolutionise Composite Inspection

06 May 2012

A new flexible ultrasonic transducer which can squeeze into corners and conform to curved surfaces is set to revolutionise the inspection of composites and components with complex geometries.

Marine Technology System’s Fireproof Doors Attract Take-Over by PaR Systems

27 April 2012

Marine Technology Systems (MTS) and affiliated company MST Engineering have been acquired by PaR Systems. 

Caterham Composites Expands

19 April 2012

Caterham Compositeswill be expanding its operational bases in Germany and the UK in order to meet the demands of the large number of projects it has taken on in recent months in the aerospace, automotive, marine and motorsport industries.

JEC Europe Report Greater Attendance

11 April 2012

JEC Europe brought together 1,181 participating companies, occupying a surface area of 50,000 m2, and had an increased attendance, with a total of 32,256 visitors, as compared to 29,867 in 2011.

Victrex Peek Now Available As Release Film for Aerospace Composite Part Production

03 April 2012

Victrex Polymer Solutions recently formed a strategic marketing partnership with Umeco to market release films made from its APTIV film based on high performance Victrex PEEK.

Evolite Endorsed by Marine and Automotive Industry

28 March 2012

Rhodia Engineering Plastics is showcasing Evolite by Technyl at JEC Europe this week, which they say has been recently endorsed through partnerships and co-innovation projects to develop automotive and marine applications.

SCIGRIP Introduces Methacrylate Products at JEC Europe

28 March 2012

SCIGRIP, a merger of IPS Weld-On (US) and Holdtite (UK) are demonstrating the latest advancements in bonding systems and adhesive chemistries at JEC Europe this week.

JEC Innovation Awards Reward 13 Companies

20 March 2012

This year, 13 companies and their partners will receive awards at JEC Europe next week.

DIAB Introduces New Core Materials & Finishing Options at JEC Europe

20 March 2012

DIAB will introduce new additions to its range of core materials and sandwich composite solutions at booth K26 at the JEC Show in Paris.

Chem-Trend Present User-Friendly Mould Release Agents at JEC Europe

20 March 2012

Chem-Trend will present its portfolio of Chemlease branded release agents for the processing of composite materials at booth P83 at JEC Europe next week.

Metyx Invests in Core Material and Fabric Kitting

20 March 2012

Metyx has made a major, multi-phased investment in the core material and fabric kitting business which will form part of Metyx Composites Kitting Centre (MCKC), a new business unit at the company’s manufacturing centre in Manisa, Turkey.

SP-High Modulus Sponsors Yacht Design Conference

13 March 2012

SP-High Modulus is sponsoring the High Performance Yacht Design (HPYD) Conference being held in Auckland, New Zealand from this week.

Amber Composites Offers Prepreg Made from Biotex Natural Flax Fibre from Composites Evolution

06 March 2012

Prepreg with fabric made from sustainably-sourced woven flax, made by Composites Evolution, is now available from Amber Composites providing the high performance and easy processing normally associated with glass fibre composites but with lower weight and environmental impact.

Carbon Fibre Industry Set For Strong Growth to 2020

06 March 2012

The Carbon Fibre Industry Worldwide 2011-2020: An Evaluation of Current Markets and Future Supply and Demand, written by Tony Roberts, a leading expert on the carbon fibre industry, is a new market report on the rapidly growing carbon fibre industry and its global markets.

Harbor Technologies Manufactures the First All Composite Pier

28 February 2012

Harbor Technologies has supplied the Down East Institute (DEI), Beals Island Maine, the first pier made entirely of composites.

Ashland joins Boat Xperience in partnership with Barracuda

14 February 2012

Ashland Performance Materials participated in the Boat Xperience boat show, which took place January 25 -29 in Guarujá, São Paulo, in partnership with Barracuda, its distributor for the marine market.

13 Companies Rewarded For Their Composite Innovations in the JEC Innovation Awards Program 2012

14 February 2012

This year, 13 companies and their partners will receive innovation awards at JEC Europe - Composites Show and Conferences, March 27-29, 2012.

Scott Bader Promotes New D-Iso /NPG Gelcoat Technology and High Performance Materials

14 February 2012

Scott Bader will be exhibiting at the ACMA Composites 2012 Show in Las Vegas next week and will be showcasing their new UV weather resistant Crystic Permabright advanced polymer technology gelcoat, alongside other products.

Braj Binani Group Acquires Europe's 3B - The Fibreglass Company

07 February 2012

Binani Industries has acquired a 100 per cent equity interest in 3B – The Fibreglass Company (‘3B’) from Platinum Equity.

Composites One Demonstrate Closed Mould Technology Live at COMPOSITES 2012

31 January 2012

Composites One, the Closed Mold Alliance and over 15 industry partners, will host a demonstration of closed mould technology live on the show floor during COMPOSITES 2012 in Las Vegas, Nevada on a specially designed staging area at Booth #629, both Wednesday, February 22, and Thursday, February 23.

Mattia’s Catamaran Made Lighter Using New Technologies

24 January 2012

Mattia recently launched the Mattia 60, an ocean going sailing catamaran, designed to offer greater speed and manoeuvrability than predecessors, and after investigations into composite materials and processing options the end result is a reengineered fibreglass craft, 19 metre (62ft) long by 9 metre (30ft) wide with a 23 metre high mast which displaces only 17,000kg and is capable of sailing at up to 23 knots.

IYRS Announces New Scholarship Opportunities

24 January 2012

IYRS are offering new scholarship opportunities which they expect to draw a large field of applicants to the school’s full-time programs beginning this autumn.

Huntsman Launch Paste for Marine Sector

17 January 2012

Huntsman Advanced Materials has a new solution for making plugs and moulds for the marine sector whilst offering cost savings and time intensive production processes through its range of RenPaste epoxy seamless modelling pastes.

Scott Bader Increase Manufactured Products Prices

17 January 2012

From the 6th February 2012, Scott Bader Europe is increasing the price for its range of Crystic polyester, DCPD based and Vinyl ester resins by 100/te.

Reichhold Opens Manufacturing Plant in China

17 January 2012

Reichhold has launched its new manufacturing facility in Tianjin in northern China, with a planned annual production capacity of 38,000 MT but with a potential expansion to 60,000 MT.

Gurit Launches New G-PET Product Range

10 January 2012

Gurit has launched a new range of G-PET structural foam targeting mainly the global wind turbine blade manufacturing and marine markets.

Composite Integration Use Modern Manufacturing Methods in Traditional Boat Build

03 January 2012

Composite Integration has supplied RTM and infusion equipment and expertise into a very wide range of marine applications including the Princess 40 and recently Cornish Crabber 12, an important new boat for yacht builders, Cornish Crabbers.

JEC Europe Topics include the Innovation Networks, Automation and Recyclability

03 January 2012

JEC Europe in Paris, Porte de Versailles, on 27-29 March 2012, will be focusing on 3 topics; the innovation networks, automation, and recyclability.

Vince Cable Opens Up Opportunities for UK Composites Companies

29 November 2011

An innovative car, flight refuelling kit and turbine blades showcased the latest in composite technology to the Rt Hon Dr Vince Cable MP, Secretary of State for the Department of Business, Innovation and Skills as he formally opened the National Composites Centre (NCC) in Bristol on 24th November.

ACG's Prepregs used in Holland Composites' Advanced Racing Catamarans

15 November 2011

Customised MTM57 carbon prepreg materials from Advanced Composites Group (ACG are being used by Holland Composites to manufacture the lightweight, ultra-thin laminate hulls and a variety of structural parts on its A-Class Advanced Racing Catamarans.

Siemens to Acquire Vistagy

15 November 2011

Siemens is to expand its industrial software portfolio with the acquisition of Vistagy.

Sp-High Modulus Appoints New Japanese Re-Seller

15 November 2011

Gurit's SP-High Modulus has appointed Bestlink Trading Company as a new re-seller for SP-High Modulus branded products for the Japanese marine retail market with immediate effect.

SP-High Modulus to Highlight Extended Core Materials Range at Mets 2011

01 November 2011

SP-High Modulus is exhibiting at the forthcoming METS exhibition from 15th – 17th November 2011, and will showcase its range of marine composite products.

Rampf Tooling create their Two Millionth Board

25 October 2011

During October 2011, Rampf produced their two millionth board since they commenced in 1982.

Delta Patterns Changes Name To Orion Machining

18 October 2011

The Composites Engineering Group (CEG) has completed the acquisition of Delta Patterns, to ensure a complete composites design and tooling to manufacturing service for existing and new customers throughout the Group, and has renamed Delta Patterns as Orion Machining.

Scott Bader Expand Crystic 'Rapide' 25kg Coloured Gelcoat Service into Germany

11 October 2011

Scott Bader have set up a new, coloured gelcoat mixing and delivery service for the German FRP composites market in Bodo Moeller Chemie's (BMC) facilities located in Offenbach am Main, near Frankfurt, Germany. 

Queensland To Develop its Fibre Composites Industry

11 October 2011

Queensland Minister for Tourism, Manufacturing and Small Business, Jan Jarratt has launched the Bligh Government's Fibre Composites Action Plan 2011-2014.

Barrday Composite Solutions Introduces EP2052 Snap Curing Fire Resistant Epoxy Prepreg

05 October 2011

Barrday Composite Solutions has introduced a new fire resistant epoxy system for aircraft, rail, marine and other interior applications.

Umeco Composites Hold Corporate Open Day

28 September 2011

Umeco Composites had a Corporate Open Day in Heanor, Derbyshire on Friday 23rd September.

Composites Evolution Showcase Biotex Flax Canoe

20 September 2011

Composites Evolution will be displaying an all natural canoe built using Biotex Flax at the upcoming Composites Europe Show.

Gurit Form Engineered Structures Business Unit

20 September 2011

Gurit has formed a new business unit, Engineered Structures, to more rigorously address new market opportunities for composite applications.

SP-High Modulus Launches Pvcell G-Foam to Marine Market

13 September 2011

According to SP-High Modulus, PVCell G-Foam provides high strength to weight ratio for all composite applications. They explain that other key features include outstanding chemical resistance, low water absorption and excellent thermal insulation capabilities and that it is compatible with most common resin systems including epoxy, polyester and vinylester.

METYX Composites Creates New Tooling Centre

13 September 2011

Metyx Composites has created what they describe as a comprehensive, new Tooling Centre.

Scott Bader Exhibit Crystic Permabright at China Composites Show

06 September 2011

Scott Bader Asia Pacific will be exhibiting their range of Crystic high performance specialty resins, gelcoats and adhesives at the 17th China Composites Show in Shanghai, this week.        

Aerovac Launch of Indian Liaison Office

06 September 2011

Richmond Aerovac has launched its new liaison office, based in India. 

Longitud Cero Composites Builds Yachts Using ACG’s Prepreg

19 July 2011

Lloyds Register approved VTM264 prepreg and complementary VTA260 adhesive film from Advanced Composites Group Ltd (ACG) have been used by Spanish boat builder Longitud Cero Composites to build two TP 52 yachts currently competing in the 2011 Audi MedCup Circuit.

Plasan Acquires Kazak Composites

05 July 2011

Plasan has acquired Kazak which it says will boost its capacity for mass production of composites for automotive and defence applications.

Hotel Facade Designed in Gel-Coated Fibreglass Takes Shape

14 June 2011

The exterior of the Vistas hotel in Benidorm, Spain, has recently been refurbished and given a modern new facade produced in white gel-coated fibreglass (GRP) by Miraplas.

Umeco Joins UK National Composites Centre

14 June 2011

Umeco has taken out 'Tier 1' membership of the National Composites Centre (NCC) after working closely with the Centre over the past six months.

Scott Bader Exhibit Next Generation Gelcoat Technology at JEC 2011

28 March 2011

At the forthcoming JEC Composites 2011 show in Paris from 29-31st March, Scott Bader is launching its latest innovative development, Crystic Permabright.

ITW Plexus exhibit with ITW WindGroup at JEC Composites 2011

28 March 2011

ITW Plexus, the European structural adhesives manufacturer, is once again exhibiting at JEC Composites in Paris and this year the company will be sharing its stand with its newly formed wind energy group, known as ITW WindGroup

ACMA Launches Two New Closed Molding Certification Programs

21 March 2011

The American Composites Manufacturers Association (ACMA) has designed two new Certified Composites Technician (CCT) programs - Light Resin Transfer Molding (LRTM) and Wind Blade Repair (WBR).

ACMA Composites Show Celebrates Innovation

08 February 2011

The American Composites Manufacturers Association (ACMA) announced the winners of the Awards for Composites Excellence (ACE) and Pinnacle Awards at the successful COMPOSITES 2011 Show.

Finish of Daedalus 30 Cabin Cruiser Causes a Stir

22 October 2010

A new fibreglass construction cabin cruiser, Daedalus 30, made its debut appearance at the UK Southampton Boat show in September, catching the attention of many seasoned fibreglass boat building experts who attended the show.

TenCate and 3M Partner to Combine Expertise

15 October 2010

3M will supply matrix resin to TenCate Advanced Composites USA for the creation of customized TenCate prepreg products, in a commercialization and supply agreement between the two companies.

Scott Bader to Exhibit at Composites Europe for the First Time

10 September 2010

Scott Bader will showcasing three new specialty products on booth number 10-11/D03 at the 5th Composite Europe exhibition in Essen, 14-16th September.

Zyvax Capitalizes on Chinese Manufacturing Vitality

06 September 2010

Rapid expansion of Chinese manufacturing in a variety of industries has led to a boom for some U.S. companies including Zyvax, which recently established a distribution channel through a partnership with FRP Services, one of the nation's largest distributors.

Feature: Crystic Intumescent Topcoat Helps Wright Composites Make Tougher Fire Rated Bus Parts

16 July 2010

Wright Composites, part of the Wright Group, located in Galgorm, Ballymena, Northern Ireland, manufactures a range of passenger vehicle FRP parts to demanding quality standards, mechanical performance levels and stringent fire resistance specifications.

Airtech Introduces Securlon L-750 Bagging Film

25 June 2010

Airtech Advanced Materials Group has launched their new Securlon L-750 multi-layer bagging film, designed for low cost commercial, marine, wind energy and low temperature applications.

Improved Crystic Intumescent Fire Protection from Scott Bader

04 June 2010

The new Crystic Fireguard 75PA Excel intumescent fire protection topcoat is a product upgrade of the long established Crystic Fireguard 75PA, reformulated by Scott Bader’s R&D team to offer better FR properties and handling.

Innovations at JEC 2010 Conferences and Forums

09 April 2010

The agenda has been set for the 2010 Paris Conferences and Forums, which will take place during the JEC Composites Show Paris April 13-15 2010.

Delcam and KUKA to Show Robot Machining at JEC

09 April 2010

CADCAM developer Delcam will link with industrial-robot manufacturer KUKA to demonstrate machining by robot at the JEC exhibition to be held in Paris next week.

UK Consortium Named Winner of £5 Million Composites Grand Challenge

09 April 2010

A consortium of 23 companies led by GKN Aerospace has today been announced as the winner of a unique competition for a £5 million prize awarded to British business to develop innovative composite manufacturing techniques for high-performance, high-value products.

Plastiki Self-Reinforced PET Boat Launched in San Francisco

17 March 2010

Adventure Ecology founder and environmentalist David de Rothschild has unveiled the Plastiki, a pioneering 60ft catamaran made from approximately 12,500 reclaimed plastic bottles and self-reinforced PET (srPET)..

Crystic Rapide 25kg Coloured Gelcoat Service Expands into Spain

17 March 2010

A new, fast response, coloured gelcoat mixing and delivery service for the Spanish FRP composites market has recently been set up by Grupo Plastiform in their factory in Madrid.

New Radius WheelProbe

12 March 2010

New EcoTek no-styrene resin makes Catamaran Cruisers and the Environment better

05 March 2010

Catamaran Cruisers is the first in the marine sector to adopt AOC’s new Eco-Tek styrene-free technology to improve the environment and the workplace.

China’s Largest Prepreg Company Joins Forces with UK Technology Provider

05 March 2010

Weihai Guang Wei Composites has signed commercial and technical co-operative agreements with Red Composites to enhance Guang Wei Composites’ operational capability and accelerate their commercial presence in marine, transportation and renewable energy markets world-wide.

Alaglas Adds 'Green' Appeal to Pools

05 March 2010

Alaglas Swimming Pools has now begun using AOC’s EcoTek “green” resin as an option to environmentally-conscious customers wishing to purchase its composite pools.

Finnish Distributor Appointed by Scott Bader

24 February 2010

The Finnish composites distributor Terpol OY has recently signed a distributor agreement with Scott Bader to supply their range of Crystic products nationally throughout Finland.

10 MW Wind Turbine Planned for Norway

19 February 2010

Evona has provided Norwegian-based Sway with funding worth approximately £15 million to build what is expected to be the largest wind turbine in the world.

Further RINA Certification for Crystic Crestomer Structural Adhesive

15 February 2010

Crystic Crestomer has recently received additional composite application approvals by RINA.

Gibson/Jushi Environmental Stewardship Program to be Presented at ACMA Conference in Las Vegas

05 February 2010

Ron Adams, Vice President of Technical Sales for Gibson Fiberglass, is set to present information regarding a collaborative Environmental Stewardship program between Gibson and Jushi on Wednesday, February 10.

Campion Marine Selects Ashland’s Envirez Bio-Based Resin Boat Construction

28 January 2010

Canadian fibreglass boat builder, Campion Marine, is set to become the first boat builder in the world to manufacture all its boats with Envirez bio-derived resin, report Ashland Performance Materials.

3B Identifies Asia as Growth Market – Appoints India Agent

17 December 2009

3B has appointed Essen International as its non-exclusive agent for India. This latest move marks 3B’s stated commitment to developing its business in Asia, with a particular focus on India and China, which it sees as key growth markets.

VISTAGY to Expand its Presence in the Korean Composites Market

16 December 2009

VISTAGY has announced a strategic partnership with Maxoft, a Korean-based supplier of virtual product development (VPD) software and services that is delivering composites solutions for the aerospace, wind, automotive and marine markets.

Jushi: A Giant in Fibreglass

15 December 2009

Jushi, literally translated as ‘Giant Stone’, has come a long way since its inception in 1993. With 10,000 employees, spread amongst three plants across China, the Jushi Group has developed a colossal capacity, able to produce 900,000 metric tonnes of fibreglass per year, which the company say make it one of the largest producers of fibreglass reinforcements in the world.

Gurit Secures Agreement with Pulse Tidal

11 December 2009

Gurit has secured an agreement with Sheffield-based Pulse Tidal to engineer, supply tooling and manufacture the blades for Pulse Tidal Pulse Stream 1 mega watt (MW) demonstrator.

Dual Success for Hexcel Prepreg

08 December 2009

Late last week saw the climax of the Jacques Vabre transatlantic race, which yielded a dual victory for Hexcel as boats using the company’s prepregs won in both the mono and multihull categories.

Composite Filters Serve Vast Water Resort

01 December 2009

On 24th September 2008, Atlantis, The Palm, Dubai was opened; a large-scale aquatically-themed development whose vast water requirements needed 167 mega-filters in order to keep its supply at optimum cleanliness.

ACG Announces Official Supplier Agreement for the Multi One Design Program

25 November 2009

The Multi One Design program, an initiative to promote ecologically sound practices within the environment of competitive sailing, has finalised the designs for its 70’ Trimaran.

SP Showcases New Composite Products at METS 2009

24 November 2009

SP has launched a selection of new products ideal for the marine industry at the METS exhibition, which took place at the Amsterdam RAI Exhibition Centre; Spabond 540, Ampreg F230, and PRIME 20 ULV, were being showcased for the first time.

Composite Kayak Manufacturers Use Epoxy Bonding Gel-Coat Technology

23 November 2009

Hangzhou Epic Boat Co. and Nelo M.A.R. Kayaks are now using the latest polyester ‘epoxy bonding’ spray gelcoat technology from Scott Bader in their composite Kayaks.

Scottish Aerospace, Marine and Defence Sectors Geared for Growth

06 November 2009

Scottish Enterprise has launched a new industry-led strategy for the Aerospace, Defence and Marine Industry.

ACG’s New VTM260 and MTM Series Matrix Systems Take Centre Stage at METS 2009

23 October 2009

Advanced Composites Group Ltd. Will be exhibiting its VTM and MTM Series prepregs to the marine industry at METS 2009, which takes place between the 17th and 19th November.

Nanocyl Broadens Portfolio

18 September 2009

ATL Receives Further International Standards Recognition

16 July 2009

ATL Composites' products and technology have received further international standards recognition, this time from the German certification body, Germanischer Lloyd.

Boeing, Ten Cate, Stork Fokker and University of Twente Establish Research Centre

22 June 2009

Boeing, Royal Ten Cate, Stork Fokker and the University of Twente have signed an agreement to establish the Thermoplastic Composites Research Centre (TPRC) at the University of Twente in The Netherlands.

JEC Asia Ready for Action

05 September 2008

Critical Marine Components Bonded Together With Araldite

10 July 2008

Marström Composite has been working with Huntsman Advanced Materials and their distributors in Sweden to build the largest catamaran in the world for the famous Polish yachtsman Roman Paszke.

Emerald Performance Materials Acquires CVC Specialty Chemicals

11 February 2008

Emerald Performance Materials has acquired CVC Specialty Chemicals, the manufacturer of specialty epoxies, monomers, and catalysts for structural composites, adhesives, coatings and industrial applications.

Techfab Changes Name and Expands C-Grid Product Line

21 January 2008

TechFab has officially changed its name to Chomarat North America and has also added two new products to its C-Grid product line.

ITW SprayCore Acquires Euromere

15 January 2008

ITW SprayCore has acquired Euromere, the French supplier of thermoset-resin based specialty products, barrier coats and high-performance gel coats.

Case Study: Fiber-Tech Increases Ballistics Panel Applications

15 January 2008

Composite panel fabricator Fiber-Tech has significantly increased its participation in ballistics and military applications over the past few years due to homeland security concerns and the need for troop protection in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Composites Europe Takes Off

19 November 2007

New Sole Distributor for SP Products in Italy

15 November 2007

SP, the Marine business of Gurit, has appointed Resintex Technology srl as their new sole distributor for SP branded products including Corecell for the Italian Market.

Two JEC Programmes Pay Tribute to Tomorrow's Innovations

16 September 2007

JEC have announced a call for presentations for the 2008 User Forums and a call for candidates for the 2008 Innovation Awards Programme.

ACMA 2007 Lifetime Achievement Winners and Hall of Fame Inductees

16 September 2007

The American Composites Manufacturers Association (ACMA) has announced its 2007 Lifetime Achievement Winners and inductees for the association's Hall of Fame.

BlastGard to Acquire Innovative Composites Inc

04 September 2007

BlastGard International has entered into an option agreement to purchase 100% of Innovative Composites Incorporated (Innovative), a Michigan based corporation engaged in the design, engineering and manufacturing of continuous fibre reinforced thermoplastics.

Creative and Northstar in Composite Sheet Pile Partnership

29 May 2007

Northstar Vinyl Products will become the exclusive marketer of the SuperLoc Composite Sheet Pile System in the US market while Creative Pultrusions will become the exclusive manufacturer of fibreglass sheet pile for Northstar.

Vistagy and Jetcam Expand Global Technology Partnership

08 May 2007

Jetcam International, active in CAD/CAM and nesting for the sheet metal and composites industries, and Vistagy, the provider of specialized engineering software, have announced an expanded business and technology partnership in composite materials.

Univar to Distribute Reichhold Vinyl Ester Resins in the UK

28 January 2007

Reichhold has named chemicals distributor Univar as the company’s new distribution partner for vinyl ester resins in the United Kingdom (UK), under the brand names Dion & Hydrex.

New UK Project on Greener Structural Composites

08 January 2007

The UK is on its way to developing structural composite products manufactured from plant products, thanks to a new collaborative research and development project being led by NetComposites.

Minton, Treharne and Davies Acquires Composite Inspection Ltd

17 December 2006

Minton Treharne and Davies Ltd (MTD) the Cardiff based inspection, training and testing group has acquired Composite Inspection Ltd.

Alcan to acquire Penske

04 November 2006

Airtech Materials Build Panels for Carbonyte

23 October 2006

Airtech materials have helped manufacture lightweight panels with the finish required for Carbonyte’s new luxury Anarchy Limousine

Supreme Switches to Adhesives

04 June 2006

Supreme has started using Lord adhesives to bond composite and metal components on their range of customized vehicle bodies.

Sisecam Introduces New E-Glass Single End Roving

05 May 2006

Sisecam has introduced a new single end roving - WR5 - to the composites market.

US National Composite Center to Showcase Quickstep Technology

30 April 2006

Australian advanced materials group Quickstep is set to showcase its unique composites manufacturing technology to North America after entering into a collaboration with America’s National Composite Center.

Quickstep Acquires Specialty Boat-Builder

06 April 2006

Quickstep has entered a new manufacturing venture using its Quickstep Process, after reaching agreement to purchase the business of Flatout Boats.

ADM and Metabolix to Build First Commercial Plant for PHA Natural Plastics

24 February 2006

Archer Daniels Midland Company (ADM) will build the first commercial plant to produce a new generation of high-performance natural plastics that are eco-friendly and based on sustainable, renewable resources.

Ammonia Replaces CFCs with Help from Vipel Technology

10 February 2006

An emergency system designed and manufactured by Heil Process Equipment with the help of Vipel technology from AOC is helping industry return to the use of ammonia as a refrigeration compound for production needs.

Honeywell's Composite to Armour Sea Knight Helicopters

18 November 2005

Honeywell’s Spectra Shield composite material is being used to armour 164 U.S. Marine Corps Sea Knight helicopters.

CCP Introduce New Gel Coats at IBEX Conference

14 October 2005

CCP will introduce the next generation of MACT-compliant marine-grade gel coats at the International Boat Builders' Exhibition and Conference (IBEX), in Florida.

Harbor Technologies Plan to Increase Manufacturing Capabilities

14 October 2005

Harbor Technologies, the composite marine infrastructure, are to invest millions over the next few years to become a one-stop-supplier for composite marine technology.

Aerovac and Richmond Launch Super-Wide Vacuum Bagging Films

30 September 2005

Aerovac Systems and Richmond Aircraft Products, sister companies within the Composites Division of UMECO plc, have launched a new range of super-wide and self-releasing vacuum bagging films.

Small Firms Take Free Tech- support as NCN Message Gets Through

30 September 2005

A growing number and variety of technical enquiries coming into the Helpdesk of the National Composites Network confirm its recognition as a key resource for UK companies manufacturing and using composite products.

Crane Composites Establishes New Thermoplastic Composite Facility

16 September 2005

Crane Composites is establishing a new manufacturing facility which will produce continuous fibre reinforced thermoplastic composites (CFRT).

Composites One Uses LRTM to Build 16-Foot Sailboat at IBEX 2005

09 September 2005

Composites One will conduct what it claims to be the largest live demonstration of Closed Mould Technologies held at the IBEX 2005 in October.

Global Aerial Surveillance Collaborates on Composite Airframe

09 September 2005

Global Aerial Surveillance has signed an agreement with Sparta Composites to begin working on proprietary airframe technology and design.

GE Rolls-Royce Fighter Engine Team Awarded $2.4 billion Engine Development Contract

26 August 2005

The GE Rolls-Royce Fighter Engine Team (FET) has been awarded a contract valued at $2.4 billion to develop its F136 engine for the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) program.

British Joint Venture to Address Changes in Global Aerospace Industry

10 June 2005

A New British company called HYTRI has been formed to address changes in the aerospace industry, especially with regards to new material use, and accelerate the drive to find more efficient ways to produce airframe structures.

New Zealand Windsurf Developer Automates Production with German Robots

20 May 2005

New Zealand’s Carbon Art International is completing a research and development project, with investment from Technology New Zealand, to automate its surfboard production using a German built robot.

Preview of JEC Exhibits

01 April 2005

AOC Resins Comes to the Aid of Sundance Boats

18 March 2005

Sundance Boats have developed shallow-draft skiffs in the 14 to 22-foot range with AOC resins using an improved manufacturing process.

Smith Opens Door to New Multi Million Pound Materials Centre

18 February 2005

The first phase of a new 12 million hi-tech research centre that will lead the way for greater use of 'composite materials' was today opened by Industry Minister Jacqui Smith.

AEWC Collaborates on Constructing Composite Sea Wall

16 January 2005

Maine Maritime Academy has teamed up with the Advanced Engineered Wood Composites (AEWC) Center at the University of Maine, Correct Building Products in Biddeford, Maine and the Cianbro Corporation in Pittsfield, Maine to build a wood composite sea wall at MMA’s campus in Castine.

Revised TR55 for Strengthening Concrete Structures with FRP

14 January 2005

A major revision of Technical Report 55, Design guidance for strengthening concrete structures using fibre composite material, is published by the Concrete Society later this month. TR 55 was first published in December 2000, and is widely accepted as the industry standard on FRP strengthening.

New GBP 30 Million Composite Network Launched in UK

03 December 2004

The UK’s new GBP 30 million National Composites Network was launched in London this week by Minister Jacqui Smith.

Cyclics and Ahlstrom Jointly Develop Wind Power and Marine Composites

29 October 2004

Cyclics Corporation and Ahlstrom Glassfibre have entered into a Research and Development Agreement in wind turbine and marine applications.

Thermoplastic Sandwich Panel to Revolutionalise Panel Production

22 October 2004

A new Eureka Project, Panelform, will adapt thermoplastic technology to produce sandwich panels for a range of industry applications.

TPI Composites Acquired by Landmark Partners

15 October 2004

TPI Composites, manufacturer of large-scale composite products have been acquired by Landmark Growth Capital Partners.

Ashland Introduce New Resins and Support the Buckeye Bullet Towards New Speed Record

08 October 2004

Ashland Composite Polymers, a division of Ashland Inc. demonstrated a number of new resins at booth 718, and support the first electric car towards a new land speed record.

Global FRP Use in Bridge Applications

22 April 2004

A new report on the use of FRP composites in global bridge applications show that at least 40% of the bridges within the United States are structurally deficient or functionally obsolete.

A New Record for the JEC Composites Show

16 April 2004

The 2004 JEC composite exhibition in Paris attracted greater numbers of international visitors, with more exhibitors than expected.

Engine Cowl Made of Polymers Sweeps Industry Awards

16 April 2004

Cowling components for Mercury Marine's Verado outboard boat engine recently swept the annual Product Design Competition, sponsored by the Society of the Plastics Industry's Structural Plastics Division.

US Plastic Lumber Corp and Solutia in Partners for Renewal Program

04 December 2003

US Plastic Lumber Corp. has joined up with the contract carpet market, Solutia in their Partners for Renewal program.

JEC Awards Open

04 September 2003

MGS Builds Up Its Portfolio for Boat Building

28 April 2003

To meet the unique requirements of composite structures in modern boat and yacht building, MGS Kunstharzprodukte presented a series of new products to the public at this years JEC composites show in Paris.

Ashland Expands AME Premium Marine Resin to Europe

15 April 2003

Ashland Specialty Chemical Company is launching its AME premium marine resin to the European market.

Velocity Powerboats Launches New Models

07 April 2003

Velocity Powerboats has introduced the first speedboats built entirely with VeTron High Performance Roving from Advanced Glassfiber Yarns LLC.

Alcan Grows Composite Products Business Through Acquisition of Baltek

11 March 2003

Alcan has entered into agreements to acquire Baltek Corporation, the supplier of balsa-based structural core materials, for approximately US$35 million.

SAMPE 2003 Update

16 February 2003

The SAMPE 2003 Committee had selected Jens Hinrichsen of Airbus Industries as the SAMPE 2003 Keynote Address Speaker. The talk, entitled “The Airbus A380 Technology Platform: A Market Driver for Suppliers”, is aimed at typical SAMPE show attendees who are heavily involved in advanced composites.

Seminar on Virtual Product Development Techniques for Composite Materials

26 January 2003

MSC.Software has launched the 3rd annual technology seminar in the highly popular “Black Metal or Black Art?” series : “A Review of Virtual Product Development (VPD) Techniques for Composite Materials and Components”.

DIAB Demonstration at IBEX

20 January 2003

DSM Composite Resins expands its business in China

16 December 2002

DSM Composite Resins (Switzerland) and Sinopec Jinling Petrochemical Corporation (The People's Republic of China) have reached an agreement whereby DSM acquires another 25% of the shares in the Jinling-DSM Resins Ltd. (JDR) joint venture.

Robotic Production Technology Introduced Accu-Cut WJ-44

04 October 2002

Robotic Production Technology introduced the Accu-Cut WJ-44 robot at Composites 2002. The Accu-Cut is equipped specifically for water jet cutting applications and the new unit is claimed to decrease cycle time and increase path capability.

Scott Bader on the move

16 September 2002

Newly Expanded Technical Training Center

16 September 2002

Cerritos College Composites Training Center (CTC) has expanded their training capacity through the launching of a manufacturing demonstration cell, which enables safe, clean and seamless presentations, demonstrations, workshops and training events.

Marine Products Contract

10 January 2002

Next-Generation Boat

01 October 2001

Ashland purchases Polydyne’s gel-coat business

23 August 2001

Ashland has purchased Polydyne Inc.’s gel-coat business and assets – the newly acquired business will operate within the Composite Polymers Division (CPD) of Ashland Specialty Chemical Company.

PowerSki International Corp. Teams With Zodiac

18 May 2001

PowerSki International Corp has entered a strategic partnership agreement with French-based multinational marine and aeronautical products company Zodiac Group. Zodiac Group, which has made a substantial equity investment in PSI through Zodiac of North America, will equip a complete new line of rigid and semi-rigid tenders aimed at the worldwide market with PSI's proprietary Jetboard engine.

Reichhold Extends Hydrex Marine Resin Line

11 May 2001

Reichhold, Inc. has extended its Hydrex marine resin product line with the introduction of a new family of low-styrene resins for the boat building industry.

2001 SAMPE UK & Ireland Seminar

23 March 2001

June 14th, 2001 - Cranfield, UK

New Lightweight, High-Strength Material

23 March 2001

Moldite Technologies, a joint venture formed by Venture Industries and composites developer Moldite, Inc., announced the development of Moldite(TM), a new lightweight, high-strength material. Unique properties suggest that Moldite will be highly suitable for a broad range of applications that include automotive, industrial, marine, military and aerospace. The key to this thermoset resin composite sandwic"" rests in its proprietary core. Moldite has an exceptionally high stiffness-to-weight ratio and offers a high-performance alternative to materials such as ultra high-strength steel and aluminum.

Workshop on Joining and Assembly of Composite Components

23 March 2001

26th April 2001 - Imperial College, London, UK

Prices Increase

09 March 2001

Eastman Chemical Company announced a $0.02 per pound off-list price increase for all forms of Eastman NPG glycol in North America and Latin America, effective April 1, 2001. The company also announced a worldwide $0.045 per pound off-list price increase for Eastman purified isophthalic acid (PIA).

Sale of Neste Polyester to Ashland

02 March 2001

Ashland Inc. and Neste Chemicals Oy, a subsidiary of Nordkemi Group, signed a contract Feb. 23 on the sale of Neste Polyester's business and assets to Ashland Inc. The transaction, which is conditional on certain regulatory approvals, is expected to be completed within six weeks. Terms of the purchase agreement were not disclosed.

Cal Dive and FMC Announce Intervention Riser

02 March 2001

Cal Dive International, Inc. and the Energy Systems business of FMC Corporation have entered into an agreement to develop and jointly fund a new intervention riser system that will be rated to operate in water depths to 10,000 feet. It will also be the first in the industry rated for working pressures up to 15,000 psi. The riser system, to be deployed from Cal Dive's newbuild Q4000, will be able to intervene in the horizontal and vertical subsea trees of all manufacturers. Using a composite reelable 2 inch flexipipe, the riser system allows for the circulation of fluids, flow testing and hydrate remediation of subsea wells. The riser's slim bore also allows it to be handled easier and run much faster than a conventional marine riser system. For example, the new system can be latched onto a subsea tree within six hours of arriving on station.

Marine Products Now Trading as Separate Company

02 March 2001

RPC, Inc. announced the completion of the tax-free spin-off of Marine Products Corporation.

Surface Finish Compression Molding

02 March 2001

ValTek, LLC, the advanced technology business unit of Advanced Accessory Systems (AAS) has been issued U.S. Patent #6,132,669 for providing a new process called surface finishing compression (SFC) molding which is capable of producing Class A surfaced parts with structural properties. Applications include large automotive, recreational vehicle, truck, marine, and off-road panel parts. Multi-layer constructions are possible and 100% recyclable. The film finish and the article are compression molded simultaneously using commercially available vertical presses. The SFC molding process does not require pre-formed film inserts and eliminates painting and all the associated environmental concerns. ValTek has produced commercial-sized parts and has a significant database in processing conditions and resulting physical properties.

Loven Named Senior VP, Sika Industry

23 February 2001

Sika Industry, a leading supplier of sealing, bonding and acoustic systems, announced the appointment of William E. Loven to Senior Vice President of Industry Division.

Reichhold Names Global Composites Leader:

23 February 2001

Gary S. Krall, president and COO of Reichhold, Inc. announced the appointment of Julia D. Harp as senior vice president, Global Composites effective March 1.