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New Resin Purification Service Reduces Ionic Impurities in Polymers

  • Friday, 19th November 2004
  • Reading time: about 2 minutes

PolyClean Technologies have produced a unique resin purification processing service that significantly reduces the level of ionic impurities in a wide range of polymers.

Reductions of up to 95% are claimed to have been achieved, bringing residue levels from a few hundred parts per billion down to several parts per billion. According to Harish Sangani, President, PolyClean Technologies, “”The cleanliness and purity requirements for polymers in critical applications continue to become more demanding. This is a challenge for resin suppliers who must find economical ways to reduce the level of residues in their virgin polymers and compounds.

“”It also creates a challenge for moulders and manufacturers to find suppliers willing to meet these requirements for what may often be a small volume niche application.””

PolyClean Technologies resin purification service is a unique, proprietary process that provides an economical solution. “”Processing methods can be adjusted to achieve an optimum balance between purity and processing cost,”” explains Sangani. “”By using our services resin suppliers can easily create a high purity grade of their standard products, allowing them to focus on their core strengths of material formulations and efficient production while still meeting their customers¹ cleanliness specifications.””

“”The purification service can be performed on virgin pellets, materials accidentally contaminated by process upsets or improper storage and handling, and regrind that customers want to recover,”” explains Sangani.

The proprietary solid state purification process does not affect the performance properties of the polymer. “”Because we have a high degree of flexibility in the production process, we can handle lot sizes from a few hundred pounds up to multi-truckload quantities,”” he says. Smaller quantities can be processed on a lab-scale system, and initial evaluation trials are offered at no charge.

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