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New Release Allows Moulds to Run Cleaner Longer

  • Monday, 23rd October 2006
  • Reading time: less than a minute

A new semi-permanent mould release from Axel is intended to address excessive moulding residue that dirties moulds and forces production to stop for cleaning.

“Compared to wax/naptha blend mold releases, semi-permanent mould releases have offered closed moulders considerably better results overall, although until the development of Xtend 19CMS, they still had not adequately resolved the extensive buildup that is encountered in these operations”, said Nancy Teufel, Global Product Manager for Axel. According to Teufel, Xtend 19CMS was developed specifically for closed moulding and difficult release situations. “Our goal was to deter the onerous styrene and monomer buildup that typically occurs on closed moulds after several moulding cycles and commonly creates a rough textured surface, particularly on ‘B’ sides of composite tooling.”

Axel said that conversion to Xtend 19CMS has permitted one customer to mould 40% more parts before reapplying release and to eliminate the wax that was used on the flange areas, meaning that moulds remained cleaner longer, extending productivity time and reducing the labour required for mould cleaning.

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