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New Rapidscan 3D System from Sonatest

  • Sunday, 3rd August 2008
  • Reading time: less than a minute

Sonatest NDTS has introduced the Rapidscan 3D which has the capability to scan structures in 3-Dimensions using a co-ordinated measuring arm.

Sonatest say that large area coverage is possible due to the combination of the high resolution ultrasonic arrays used within their Wheelprobe, Workflows software and the measuring arm. The system is ergonomically designed to follow complex 3D shapes, which greatly reduces inspection time, and results are presented in the form of 3D images of the inspected part.

The Rapidscan 3D comes with complete suite of software tools, supplied as standard, enabling the storage of test measurements taken in situ. Post-processing and results analysis can be performed off-line or even off-site. Powerful analysis functions allow defects to be detected, sized and reported.

The Rapidscan software wizard allows the operator to quickly choose a specific part from a library stored on the instrument. These parts are supplied from a mixture of images based on specific 3D CAD models and parts generated from pre-defined stock objects. The wizard then presents compatible inspection tools for different regions of the test part. The library can be developed for many specific testing applications and environments, providing a selection of different measuring solutions.

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