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New Large-Scale CMM Equipment At Brookhouse

  • Tuesday, 17th June 2003
  • Reading time: about 2 minutes

Brookhouse Patterns has installed a large envelope, 5-axis programmable Co-ordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) at its dedicated composites engineering building within its India Mill factory complex.

The new CMM, which is housed in a specially constructed, temperature-controlled room, has the capability to handle components up to 3.5m in length, up to 2.5m in width and up to 1.5m high and can measure to an accuracy of ±15 microns. It can accept data from 3D CAD models, such as Catia-generated models, and its sophisticated software can convert this data to be compatible with the CMM.

The same Applied Automation Technologies software is also used with the Cimcor 3000I portable CMM equipment, which features a 3.2m arm and an accuracy of ±0.075mm. Both machines offer high quality reporting capability, as complete data inspection reports in Excel, HTML or Word can be automatically generated directly from a series of CMM readings. In addition, as well as providing accurate and precise inspection of complex composite components and moulding tools, the machines can be used in a reverse engineering role, where they can map out a component with such accuracy that CAD drawings can be produced to allow moulding tools to be manufactured.

Complementing the two pressure sensor machines is a portable Leica 3D laser tracking system, which has a working envelope of 70m. This is an interferometry-based measuring machine, where three-dimensional measurements are taken at a rate of up to 1000 per second and converted, encoded, stored and displayed on an integral PC.

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