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New Innovations from Plastech

  • Monday, 15th March 2004
  • Reading time: about 2 minutes

Plastech have also developed a PVSensor system to improve the Light RTM process, as well as a next generation autosprue design for efficient, economic and clean resin injection handling for closed moulding.

The Turbo Autosprue (TAS) from Plastech is a result in over 3 years development offering a number of improved features in a compact design.

According to Plastech, the Turbo Autosprue will install into the mould, lock, unlock and remove in less than 3 second using “Locksert” a patented snap lock Autosprue mould insert. The Turbo Autosprue is compact, nominally 118 mm high x 50mm diameter, and is designed to fit compact mould rear face access points.

Plastech have also developed a PVSensor system improving the Light RTM process.

The new system has been developed to accommodate the rigours of the general frp shop, provide internal mould pressure readings in the millibar (mb) range and displaying the result on a large LCD screen. The system thus allows the operator to prevent under or over pressurization of the mould during fill.

Housed in an all PTFE body the sensor can first be used to read atmosphere pressure and thus provide the operator with accurate atmospheric maximum clamping force for the days production. Secondly when the cavity is drawn down to injection vacuum a check can be made on the vacuum security prior to injection and thirdly provide the important build up of injection pressure as resin is injected. The display electronics warns as a pre set maximum pressure is reached and either calls for operator intervention to control the machine output to an optimized injection flow or signal the machine to throttle down automatically.

Plastech claim that for some moulders the system can provide a pay back within a week in providing safe faster mould fill with almost no operator intervention.

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