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New Hull Supplier for Sword Marine JetPac

  • Friday, 3rd February 2006
  • Reading time: about 2 minutes

To meet increasing demand for the JetPac self-enclosed waterjet, Sword Marine Technology has called upon Advanced Composite Solutions to manufacture its innovative hull.

As a leading designer of composite parts for experimental aircraft, Advanced Composite Solutions is able to produce more hulls, which feature additional enhancements.

On the cutting edge of propulsion systems, the JetPac is a self-enclosed inboard engine with waterjet, which mounts on the boat’s transom. With its new hull, the JetPac is even more stable, quieter and more buoyant than before. In addition, internal components like the bilge pump are now easier to access for maintenance.

The JetPac’s new gel-coated, fiberglass-composite hull is designed to handle over 1,200 pounds of displacement and boasts a fire-retardant, baffled exhaust system. Because the power plant and drive are completely enclosed, no engine fluids can contaminate the environment.

The JetPac increases the planing surface of the craft and adds 200 to 500 pounds of positive buoyancy to offset the weight of the engine/drive unit. It sets no lower than the keel of the boat.

Unlike conventional sterndrive/jet combinations, the JetPac’s engine is mounted on top of the jet and coupled to the drive by a toothed Kevlar belt system. The large-diameter jet is responsible for the unit’s high thrust and quick acceleration.

The entire unit is mounted on the exterior of the boat’s transom and will fit most craft from 18′ to 28′. It is available with 150- or 200-hp diesel power or with 275- or 300-hp gasoline engines.

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