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New HH-LED+ Spot Curing System Offers Cool, Consistent, Low Cost UV Curing

  • Wednesday, 24th October 2007
  • Reading time: less than a minute

Dymax has introduced a new hand-held LED curing system to its complete line of UV curing spots lamps, floods lamps, conveyors, and radiometers.

The HH-LED+ uses LEDs (Light Emitting Diodes) to generate both UV and visible light (375-415 nm) to provide cool, consistent, low cost UV curing, according to Dymax.

They say that the HHLED+ costs 75 to 85% less than higher intensity UV spot lamps and there are no expensive bulbs to replace. The HH-LED+ does not emit IR or other unused wavelengths and, therefore, provides much cooler UV cures than traditional spot lamps. More consistent cures are possible since there is virtually no reduction in intensity for over 5,000 hours. Instant on/off and an integral timer features make the HH-LED+ a very economical and process friendly UV curing system.

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