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New Fire Retardant Polyester Resin System

  • Monday, 7th August 2006
  • Reading time: about 2 minutes

A new Crystic 344A resin has been introduced by the Scott Bader Company to combine minimal burning characteristics with low smoke and toxic gas generation.

This is a low viscosity amine accelerated polyester resin, both halogen and antimony free, which is used with a Crystic 344A aluminium trihydrate filler for the production of fire retardant laminates.

These products are approved according to BS 6853, and IMO for use in many areas of mass transportation systems (buses, trains, boats and planes) both above and below ground and at sea, and also comply with BS 476 regulations for use in the building industry. Typical building applications include panelling and cladding, together with the production of modular bathrooms which extends uses into the hospital and general healthcare market, including residential and care homes.

According to Scott Bader, Crystic 344A can be considered as an alternative to many traditional phenolic products, but has also been designed to be much easier to use than other resins. Maximum fire resistance is achieved with a filler to resin mixture in the ratio of 3:1. Application can be with conventional hand-lay techniques or using ‘chopper-gun’ spray equipment. The Crystic 344A filler is specially coated for ease of mixing and full dispersion within the resin, and includes a thixotropic additive to minimise filler separation. Only emulsion bound mat or woven glass reinforcements should be used, with a glass content of 20% by weight. Optimum mechanical and fire-retardant properties can be achieved with products post cured using both air drying and oven heated procedures.

The image shows the housing of the Surelock rail points drive system by Ivensys-Westinghouse which has been manufactured by Brecknell Willis Ltd using the Scott Bader Crystic 344A polyester resin. The housing is lockable and flood resistant and can be used for metro or conventional trackside mounting.

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