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New Features Added to DTEC-PRO Camera System

  • Thursday, 29th August 2019
  • Reading time: about 3 minutes

LAP will be on location at Composites Europe 2019 to introduce the new features of its laser projection system (CAD-PRO, PRO-SOFT and the DTEC-PRO camera system) for composite manufacturing.

LAP has added new features to its PRO-SOFT operating software for increased efficiency and process reliability when working with laser-assisted composite lay-ups. Supported by PRO-SOFT, the DTEC-PRO camera system’s new features make calibrating CAD-PRO laser projection systems even faster, easier, and more user-friendly.

Opening and assigning calibration files and executing calibration—the camera will soon begin performing these tasks nearly automatically. The DTEC-PRO camera system already shortens the calibration time of LAP laser projection systems to just a few seconds. With the new ‘unit calibration’, ‘camera live image’, and automatic ‘QR code recognition’ features, companies can benefit from considerable time savings and higher process reliability in their composite manufacturing activities.

Opening calibration files via QR codes

PRO-SOFT now lets users load and run calibration files via QR code. As soon as a workpiece is placed in the detection range of the DTEC-PRO camera system, the camera scans the QR code linked to files such as the associated order documentation. Upon the user’s confirmation, the calibration file assigned to the tool is then opened and the calibration automatically started. “This saves the user time by eliminating the need to manually open the file on the computer. And because the file is unambiguously assigned to the project, it also increases process reliability,” says Matthias Lange, Product Manager for CAD-PRO laser projection systems at LAP.

Unit calibration does away with basic calibration

Another new feature is the ‘unit calibration’, which sees laser projectors and camera systems treated as a single unit in PRO-SOFT. It is also possible to combine one or more DTEC-PRO camera systems with one or more CAD-PRO laser projectors. “For the administrator, this offers the crucial advantage of no longer needing to execute basic calibration on each individual tool. The user simply places the tool and opens the calibration file, which can be done via QR code, and the calibration starts automatically. Production can then begin immediately, even if tools that are not already ‘known’ to the system are used. This saves a lot of time in the production process,” says Harald Grimm, PRO-SOFT Product Manager at LAP.

‘Camera live image’ as positioning aid

PRO-SOFT’s ‘camera live image’ displays the detection range to the user from the perspective of the camera. This allows the user to optimally position the tool in the production range and ensure the target is visible to the camera before production begins, resulting in increased production quality.

Threefold process acceleration

In combination with CAD-PRO laser projection systems and the PRO-SOFT operating software, the DTEC-PRO camera system increases efficiency in flexible composite manufacturing processes, especially when many different tools are used. The DTEC-PRO camera system accelerates set-up processes thanks to quick and automatic calibration; CAD-PRO laser projectors ensure efficiency and precision during the lay-up process; and the PRO-SOFT operating software optimises workflows, starting from the preparation phase all the way to quality assurance, thus minimising throughput time.

Visit LAP at stand F55, hall 9 at Composites Europe, 10-12 September 2019 to see a live demonstration of how CAD-PRO, PRO-SOFT and the DTEC-PRO camera system work together.

Image provided by LAP

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