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New Epoxy Prepreg Compatible Gelcoat

  • Saturday, 1st March 2003
  • Reading time: about 2 minutes

Advanced Composites Group and Scott Bader have launched ACG Crystic GC260, to be compatible with ACG VTM260 series epoxy prepreg systems and associated ZPREG materials.

Crystic GC260 is a pre-accelerated gelcoat specifically formulated by Scott Bader for use with all VTM260 series prepregs and associated ZPREG formats. Currently formulated for brush application, Crystic GC260 will bond to VTM260 series prepregs without the use of a tiecoat. Tests have shown that the Crystic GC260 gelcoat gives a robust and reliable bond with VTM260 epoxy prepregs across a wide range of cure cycles between 65°C to 120°C (140°F to 248°F).

Application is simple; Crystic GC260 gelcoat is applied to the mould in the same way as any other gelcoat system, to a controlled thickness of 0.4mm-0.5mm (0.015-0.020 inch) wet film thickness. Then a minimum period of two hours is required before laminating can begin using the VTM260 prepreg or ZPREG formats.

To those moulders wishing to adopt prepreg lamination, but not wishing to replace an existing polyester gelcoat system, ACG/Scott Bader have offered Crystic TC260, a tiecoat formulated to give a robust and reliable interlayer between VTM260 series prepregs (and ZPREG) and a range of standard gelcoats.

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