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New Composites Program Info sessions

  • Monday, 11th December 2006
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COCC is offering two information sessions about its new composites manufacturing program.

COCC’s composites manufacturing program grew from the need of local composites companies for trained employees, according to Ross Tomlin, dean of instruction at the college. The big two aviation manufacturing companies (Epic Air and Columbia Air) are expected to need 400 to 500 new employees over the next few years. Starting wages for those with a composites certificate would be $14 to $15 per hour.

The COCC program is designed to provide students with enough basic skills to obtain employment after just one term of training, which would qualify them for a basic composites certificate. With two additional terms of training (three total), students can earn a second certificate in composites manufacturing technology. Most students would be employed after the first term, but would be encouraged to continue training to earn the second certificate. In total, the program entails 36 credits and is eligible for financial aid. The courses will be taught by a COCC-approved instructor.

Training will be on the actual production lines of the local composites manufacturing firms, primarily Epic Air, Columbia Air and Entre Prises. Students will see the actual processes used for manufacturing different composites products; in turn, the companies will have a chance to see the students in action

The sessions will be offered at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, Dec. 12, in Room 306 of the Manufacturing and Training Center on the Redmond Campus; and at 7 p.m. on Thursday, Dec. 14, in Room 206 of Ponderosa Hall on the Bend Campus.

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