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New Composite Applications and Innovations at the JEC Show

  • Friday, 20th March 2009
  • Reading time: about 7 minutes

The upcoming JEC Composites Show in Paris (24-25-26 March 2009) will host a number of composite innovations and provide an overview of the entire value chain, from raw-material producers to processors, from processors to users.

Many of the new trends and applications will be presented this year with a focus on the environment, through three types of complementary responses to such issues: automation, subcontracting and biocomposites.

The 2009 session will feature composite innovations in aeronautics, automotive, transportation, software, natural fibres, marine, textile, sports & leisure, environment, building and construction, and manufacturing processes, thus highlighting the dynamics of composite materials in most end-user sectors. Here is a brief overview of some of the innovations you can expect to see at the show.

RocTool and Performance Materials Composites will preview an all-composite laptop cover. By combining RocTool’s Cage System technology with PMC’s materials, it is now possible to compete with magnesium for such parts and save 15-20% on weight while producing a thinner part.

In addition to celebrating its 50 years of manufacturing diamond tools (1959-2009), DK Holdings is launching a new range of electroplated diamond tools specifically designed for the composites pipe industry at the JEC 2009 exhibition. Booth M79

Mondi Technical Coatings Automotive has developed a range of films that reduce the weight of underbody shields while maintaining all other properties, e.g. stone-chip resistance and dimensional stiffness. Booth H74

VN Composites will be demonstrating one of its key areas of expertise: compression moulding composite technology applied to carbon (CMC) or glass (GMC). This technology has been validated for both space and automotive endurance world championship applications. Booth S29

Wausau Paper is introducing several natural base paper release liners for the advanced composite industry. No bleaching chemicals are used in the process and pulp is produced with 55% renewable energy. This all adds up to a more environmentally-friendly way of producing release liners. Booth F43

Axel Plastics Research Laboratories will introduce several new water-based semi-permanent mould releases. The newest addition to Axel’s product line is XTEND W-102, a 100% water-based high gloss mould release. The semi-permanent release is quick drying, easy to apply at ambient temperature and requires no heat cure. Booth V46

The range of composite tooling materials from Axson Technologies has expanded to include a high-temperature infusion resin for use up to 190°C. The EPOLAM 2090 / 2026 is an epoxy resin for the infusion of large, high-temperature-resistant moulds. Booth G11

PEI recently developed high-capacity presses for Sotira, with large platen surface area, long stroke and high load, to meet the requirements of producing RTM body panels for an innovative electric sports car. Booth N40

At the JEC Composites Show in Paris, Vötsch Industrietechnik will be introducing the world’s largest industrial microwave hardening system with a 7000-litre working chamber volume for applications including composites. Booth Q51

Following several months of development and tests with CETIM (French Mechanical Engineering Technical Centre), Stäubli is launching a new machining robot for the industry. The RX170 HSM robot has a Precise-Fisher high-speed spindle integrated directly into its forearm, an adaptation that greatly enhances rigidity. Booth T81

Autonational has developed a new-generation continuous production line. This machine is equipped to continuously produce GRP pipes ranging from 300 to 3,000 mm in diameter. New innovations have made it possible to produce pipes of consistently high quality at high production speed with a minimum risk of machine failure. Booth L70

To meet manual cutting needs for all types of fabrics including prepregs, Decoup+ offers a new ultrasonic blade-equipped gun. As easy to use as a cutter, this light, easy-to-handle gun can cut fabrics without effort and with minimum wear. Equipped with suitable tooling, the gun can also be used to form sealing points for the assembly of multi-composite material layers. Booth S79

The new T2 Turbo Mixer™ from TAH Industries features an innovative design that combines 21 mixing elements in a standard 18-element nozzle. The T2 mixer’s unique bi-directional, 21-element geometry provides mixing power comparable to 24-element static mixers in a smaller package that allows the operator to get closer to the workpiece. Booth D10

The German system supplier Eisenmann is presenting its drier and oven technology at the JEC Composites Show. This technology is especially designed for the carbon fibre industry. Oxidation ovens from Eisenmann are consequently characterized by a constant air throughput and uniform temperature. The range also includes pre-oxidation ovens and drying systems for downstream processes in the manufacture of carbon fibre. Booth P76

Fiberforge introduces the latest generation of its patented Relay Station for the production of fibre-reinforced thermoplastic composite structures. The innovative new system produces parts up to six times faster than the original one, with increased flexibility and adaptability and a more user-friendly interface. Booth G43

With the new AMM (Application Milling Module), Kuka offers application-specific components and tools for quick and easy operation of a robot as a machine tool. AMM is specially designed for tooling tasks that use a milling spindle with a rated power of 8 kW, 12 kW or 16 kW and is mainly applicable to materials such as plastics, composites or wood. Booth D18

Reliant Machinery Ltd. will present their new Powerbond-HPC high-pressure compression and lamination system. The new Powerbond-HPC is designed to provide high controllable pressure during the heating and cooling cycles whilst allowing a continuous process to run. Materials can be fed into the system in continuous webs or in sheets. Booth R12

Zünd is launching G3, its newest generation of digital cutting/routing systems. Exceptional versatility and modularity are the main distinctive characteristics of these new machines. Developed specifically for round-the-clock operation, the G3 is a solid, heavy-duty yet visually striking system. Booth U43

GrafTech International has developed a prototype tooling system based on the Grafoam carbon foam. This foam has high thermal stability and a close match of thermal expansion with carbon fibre reinforced composites, making it an ideal lay-up mandrel tool material. Booth P52

Hufschmied Zerspanungssysteme GMbH has just released a new plastics machining catalogue containing new tools that will make machining both easier and more effective, as well as many useful tips from highly-qualified technicians. The Fiber-Line comes with many new tools with specific geometries and substrates developed to fit the needs of glass and carbon fibre materials, as well as fibre-reinforced materials. Booth S7

Karl Meyer will present an innovative Malitronic multiaxial machine onto the market. This generation of machines will be unveiled for the first time at the JEC Composites Show. German pavilion

In November 2008, Institut Für Verbundwerkstoffe’s new RTM mould carrier, type “MFT 10.5 x 12.5/10 universal – GL”, manufactured at DEGUMA Schütz GmbH in Geisa, was put into operation at the Demonstrations- und Anwendungszentrum (D.A.Z.). This universal mould carrier has a maximum clamping force of 1000 kN. A hydraulic rotation and tilting unit makes it possible to place the RTM mould carrier in the closing device in an ideal position for the injection process. Furthermore, the closing device is equipped with a synchronization unit which ensures parallel closing and opening of the injection tool, while offering the potential to open the tool to a defined cavity during the injection process. These technical developments will allow new innovative approaches in the area of LCM. Booth D32

The MonoMat-Epx500 RTM injection machine is the latest in an already well-stocked range of RTM machines and accessories from Matrasur Composites. The new machine opens up new possibilities for users of heat-activated single-component resins commonly used in high-performance composites. Booth W65

5M focused on developing materials for the aircraft industry, mainly epoxy resins for the production of laminated parts. Letoxit PR 220 is their best quality epoxy resin with high mechanical properties; it impregnates glass/carbon fabric perfectly and meets strict airplane production standards (ULL). Image Letixit. Booth U37

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