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New Catamaran Builder in Brazil

  • Friday, 25th November 2005
  • Reading time: about 3 minutes

Avante Yachts, a Brazilian company, is set to launch their new boatbuilding operation in a facility near Recife, Brazil in early 2006.

The well experienced North American – European team, with many years in the Marine Industry, are primarily aiming to build innovative, sail and power multihulls using the latest eco-friendly, cost-effective marine technology on the market.

“”We feel that Brazil is a viable option to building boats in China – as so many other boatbuilders in the industry look east,”” stated Allen Brown, an American partner in the new venture. “”And that’s for a number of great reasons… including the outstanding government support mechanisms in place to support boatbuilders in this country,”” he added.

Company co-founder Brown attended MIT in the sixties and has been a boatbuilder for over 20 years – bringing a wealth of innovative and creative engineering to the company.

“”Not only do we feel that using emerging technologies to drastically save on the cost of, or completely eliminate fossil fuels (it may be inevitable), makes sense… I think it’s simply smart boatbuilding to use what tools and products we have available to build better, more efficient boats,”” said Richard Kastelein, Brown’s partner. “”And the fact that we can build boats that are more environmentally friendly in an increasingly more sensitive ocean environment also adheres to our ethos.””

“”What was not feasible three years ago is very possible now,”” added Kastelein.””At the Marine Equipment Trade Show (METS) show in Amsterdam this year it was clear that cutting edge composites, prepregs, moulds and resin infusion are the answer when it comes to requirements for stronger and lighter laminates, less wasteful production, better use of labour and cleaner working environments.””

The group not only has day charter catamarans on their mind – but has also been discussing the production of cruising power and sail catamaran lines with several designers. With a startup five-axis CNC plug maker in Paraguay offering affordable moulds, Avante Yachts are looking towards capitalizing on the latest technologies in yacht construction to fuse efficiency, strength and quality in their boats. The success of The Catamaran Company, who sold over 250 boats last year has also caught their attention.

“”After ten years in the vibrant Caribbean industry, it became clear that catamarans would take over many of the markets including day charter, term charter, and the cruising crowd,”” said Kastelein. “”The incredible success of is a clear litmus test of what’s to come. Baby boomer’s are entering retirement and have comfort in mind… and hands down, a catamaran wins when it comes to chartering, living aboard and the cruising life.””

The advantages of building in Brazil include – a government program allowing for duty free importation of quality marine products from overseas for boatbuilders that export their final product out of the country, a large pool of talented craftspersons, competitive salaries, low cost of living, vast array of fine products such as farmed hardwoods, resins, composites, fibreglass and much more… all produced in the large and diverse country of over 200 million people.

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