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New Board Material from RAMPF Opens Up New Dimensions in Foundry Modelling

New Board Material from RAMPF Opens Up New Dimensions in Foundry Modelling

  • Tuesday, 19th May 2015
  • Reading time: about 3 minutes

RAMPF Tooling Solutions adds highly abrasion-resistant RAKU-TOOL WB-1258 foundry board material range of top-quality board and liquid materials for the foundry industry.

“The new RAKU-TOOL WB-1258 board material opens up completely new dimensions in foundry modelling,” says Heinz Horbanski, Managing Director of RAMPF Tooling Solutions. “Up until now, only liquid systems have been able to deliver abrasion resistance at this level, but these involve complex manufacturing processes and higher costs.”

According to RAMPF, RAKU-TOOL foundry board materials can be used in the production of core boxes and pattern plates to quickly and easily produce models with high abrasion resistance, dimensional stability, and dimensional accuracy. Fast production is facilitated by directly milling the core box / pattern plate using CAD data, which also ensures the high precision of the models. The dimensionally stable materials are easy to process and changes can be applied effortlessly; adhesives are specially adapted to match the product / application. It claims that they can also deliver high chemical resistance and virtually no swelling.

“Customers with large-series production can now also benefit from all these advantages – using the new, orange RAKU-TOOL WB-1258 foundry board material,” says Marcus Vohrer, Head of Application Technology at RAMPF Tooling Solutions. “Along with our other top-quality boards, such as RAKU-TOOL WB-1210, WB-1222, WB-1250, WB-1404, and WB-1460, we can now offer the ideal working board material for every need.”

RAMPF explains that the RAKU-TOOL PC-3459 / PH-3958 three-component face casting system can be used for the production of more than 80,000 parts. The beige-coloured system is ready for use after curing at room temperature for five to seven days. RAKU-TOOL PC-3459 / PH-3958 has an HDT-B of 65 °C and can be hand-cast in quantities of up to approximately 110 kilograms.

Thanks to the ability to produce high part quantities, the three-component face casting system from RAMPF Tooling Solutions is particularly well-suited for large-scale series production of core boxes and pattern plates. It claims that advantages of the material include:

  • very high dimensional stability,
  • dimensional accuracy of the foundry core boxes/pattern plates (metal backing),
  • very high chemical resistance,
  • no swelling,
  • reduced maintenance costs, as only the face casting layer needs to be renewed when the wear limit is reached.

Photo provided by RAMPF.

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