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New Applications and Innovations at the JEC Composites Show 2007

  • Monday, 9th April 2007
  • Reading time: about 21 minutes

Numerous innovations will be exhibited at the JEC Composites Show next week, running from 3-5 April at Paris Expo, Porte de Versailles.

A selection of the innovations expected at the show include:


EDO Corporation: Aircraft Engine ducts
The EDO Corporation has produced innovative engine ducts for the aerospace sector. The ducts are able to withstand high temperatures and boast light weight and high strength. They have complex geometric and hybrid structures, and can also find roles in the defence, storage and launch tube markets.
Come and meet EDO Corporation on stand Q35 at the JEC Composites Show 2007

Hexcel Corporation: Acoustic insulation nacelle for aircraft engines
This acoustic insulation nacelle consists of a permeable composite cap material bonded to the honeycomb-core cell wall with adhesive. This new solution offers superior acoustical performance and increased bandwidth attenuation. It also reduces the weight of the structure.
Come and meet Hexcel on stand E68

Institut fur Verbundwerkstoffe GmbH : Ring-winding technology
Developing a technique for manufacturing axially symmetrical components became possible when a ring winding head with modular siphon impregnation units was perfected and progress was made with path generation for the wet winding technique. The new impregnation technology reduces the risk of resin leakage, leading to a “clean” work station; resin consumption is reduced, and hazardous waste can be avoided almost entirely. This new concept offers the possibility to mass-produce fibre-reinforced high-pressure vessels for hydrogen storage tanks for future cars, more efficiently and thus more economically.
Come and meet the Institut fur Verbundwerkstoffe GmbH on stand C32

Owens Corning: WindStrand , new glass-fibre reinforcement
WindStrand, new high-performance glass-fibre reinforcement for the construction of extra-long wind-turbine blades. This new generation of lighter, more powerful wind-turbine blades allows producing 12% more energy, thanks to blades that are longer for the same weight. The composite used here has better mechanical performance and fatigue strength; as a result, the production cost of a kWh is reduced by 3-6%.
Come and meet Owens Corning on stand Q30

DJP: “Vaneo” hydraulic control assembly
This hydraulic control assembly for large marine motors consists of a valve body and a bifurcated duct. The assembly weighs seven to eight times less than traditional assemblies made of steel or cast iron, and resists mechanical stress and vibrations better. The one-shot manufacturing process requires no assembly or gluing. The product exhibits good pressure resistance, a longer service life and lower maintenance costs (less vulnerable to corrosion).

Icotec: Composite cervical plate
This implant replaces metal parts that may involve fatigue problems and interfere with magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) type testing procedures. The plate is compression-moulded in PEEK reinforced with continuous carbon fibres. It is highly biocompatible, with better fatigue resistance, and is radiolucent for artefact-free imaging.
Come and meet Icotec on stand J11

EMS-GRILTECH Grilon MS: fusible bonding yarn for stabilising carbon fabric
This innovation is a phenoxy-resin-based continuous yarn for use as a thermal binder, which is compatible with epoxy resin. The yarn dissolves in the resin during cure and does not cause any local delamination. It is an aid to automating the production process.

Die Wethje GmbH: Carbon fibre in photography
Die Wethje GmbH Kunststofftechnik Germany presents at the JEC Composites Show 2007 the Carbon Telestabilisator for cameras developed in partnership with its distribution partner eki GmbH in Ismaning. The balance point of the camera can be regulated by the stageless height adjustment. By using mainly CFK elements, the weight to comparable aluminium parts could be reduced from about 1.650 g to 700 g, which guarantee a high quality.

Nanoledge: New material for skiing
Nanoledge, in partnership with Axunn, have developed “Nano in Black”, a range of nano products dedicated for the sporting industry. The companies have designed the first high-performance ski containing carbon nanotubes that improve certain properties such as weight, flexibility and impact resistance. This product is commercially available since February 2007.
Come and meet Nanoledge on stand Q18

Salomon SA: A2000, a mass-produced bicycle wheel that is 100% carbon
This 100% all-carbon bicycle wheel is produced in industrial conditions with a short manufacturing cycle, allowing short delivery times (15 days compared to the usual four to six months) and reduced production costs. The manufacturing process is one shot.

ApATeCH: Composite drainage channel for railway tracks
This innovation is used to dispose of rainwater and flood from railway tracks and highways. The channel is made of glass-fibre-reinforced polyester resin, using hand lay-up and press-moulding technologies. No heavy machine is needed fore the installation. The channel has a very long service life: 50 to 70 years compared to 20 years for a concrete structure.


Ashland: Low emission gelcoat
Ashland’s INSTINT colour service system that reliably delivers gelcoats in minutes in exactly the colours needed. It has helped produce MAXGUARD NP, a high performance gelcoat with extremely low styrene emission during application, which gives final products excellent yellowing and water resistance. It will be useful for the marine, building and construction and transportation markets.
Come and meet Ashland on stand J42

EOS: Laser-sintering offers flexibility and cost effectiveness
EOS presents at the JEC Composites Show 2007 a completely new generation of laser-sintering systems for plastic products, the FORMIGA P 100, themed “small, fast, efficient“. With a build envelope of 200 mm x 250 mm x 330 mm the system manufactures plastic products within a few hours and directly from CAD data. The machine is ideally suited for the economic production of small series and individualised products with complex geometries – requirements which apply among others to the medical device industry or to high-value consumer goods.

Karl Mayer: Optimised yarn feeding
Karl Mayer presents at the JEC Composites Show 2007, his yarn feeding used for technical textiles, particularly the multiaxial and biaxial products that are used for the composite market. The upgraded machines will feature optimised weft yarn feeding on mutiaxial and biaxial machines which will increase performance and improved fabric quality.

MFC Eram: Polyurethane spraying technology
MFC Eram has developed a revolutionary technology for spraying polyurethane (PU) over moulds, applicable to moulds up to six metres long and 2.5 metres wide. The new process is used to create elastomeric skins in PU (Shore A hardness ranging from 50 to 95) and PU-skin/PU-foam systems for seat cushions. MFC Eram presents its technology at the JEC Composites Show 2007

Aerovac: Reusable sealing system
RVCS is a new Aerovac development which adds to the already comprehensive range of reusable sealing systems. It extends the application field of the well known Vacuum Cavity Seal system (VCS) to allow for complex shapes and very large dimension moulds. RVCS consists of a semi rigid rubber frame supporting the diaphragm, which is particularly suited to low temperature vacuum applications and for vacuum oven cures. RVCS will be present at the JEC Composites Show 2007.

Airtech: Custom engineered shaped vacuum bags
Airtech has further developed its capabilities to manufacture custom engineered shaped vacuum bags, implementing Catia V5 software to accelerate the design and manufacturing processes. The company also announces the introduction of multi-layer technology to its range of small bore vacuum bag tubing. Furthermore, Airtech has developed new perforation technology resulting in the introduction of the High Bleed MP22 perforation style for resin infusion applications.
Come and meet Airtech on stand M30

Cetex: UD and MD advancements
Cetex has developed new technology and machinery for dry UD and MD multiply structures with hot melt reinforcement. The advantages of this innovation are that the products can be stored at room temperature over long periods of time. Furthermore, multiply fabrics are not reinforced by means of sewing threads like multi-axial multi-ply fabrics. Cetex is exposing at the JEC Composites Show 2007.

Icotec: Composite fastening system
Icotec has presented a new type of composite fastening system, the composite clamped inserts with a setting device. The composite clamped insert is a rivetless and glueless fastening element. Its insert is designed for composite structures and is made of endless fibre reinforced thermoplastic composite. The clamped inserts are simple to mount without gluing or riveting. The composite inserts are ideal for all composite structures because of the similar behaviour with respect to temperature differences, elongation modulus and fatigue behaviour.
Come and meet Icotec on stand J11

Ingersoll: Infrared light beam
In the frame of continuous development for proprietary automatic fibre placement machines, Ingersoll will introduce the massive application of InfraRed light beam. The necessary heating of fibres during deposition is obtained by fine tuned controlled IR lamp installed on the effector head. Patenting is in process. Its characteristics assure a safety heating of the composite surface with no risks of resin cracking. Furthermore there is no admittance of lost heath in the clean room environmental, typical problem with hot-gas heating.
Come and meet Ingersoll on stand J16

Innowep: Optical measuring system
Innowep has presented a new optical measuring system called SSA. The innovative “profilometer” enables quick, mobile and contact-less measurements of surface topographies and the visual impression of a surface. Due to the small size of the measuring head and the laptop-integrated power supply and software, the SSA instrument is fully portable and enables measurements also outside of the laboratory. The measuring time is only a few seconds long.

IPF: Moulding tool made of composites
The Institute of Polymer Research (IPF) presents at the JEC Composites Show moulding tools made of fibre-reinforced composites that ensure homogenous heat distribution. The necessary consistent temperatures of the tool surface may be achieved by application of glass fibre epoxy resin composites as tool material and embedded carbon rovings acting as Ohm conductors. The different heat emissions in the middle and at the margins of the tool can be compensated for by locally different heating powers, which are brought about mainly by varied densities in the arrangement of carbon rovings.

Jiashan Sanfang Electric Components: multifunctional and sectional platform
China-based Jiashan Sanfang Electric Components has created a new multifunctional and sectional platform. The products can resist corrosion from various gas or liquid medium such as acid, alkali, organic solvent and compound. With quarter density to steel and two thirds density to aluminium which provides high strength as ten times as rigid PVC, the same absolute strength standard as normal steel and absolute strength of aluminium profile. Jiashan Sanfang Electric Components will be present at the JEC Composites Show 2007.

Matrasur: New robot production range
Matrasur Composites has released a new robot range. Called Robomat, Robostrat and Usimat, the machines use leading-edge technology for spray-up, chop, part trimming and machining, fibre placement and material lay down applications. Live demonstrations will take place at the JEC Composite Show 2007. Viewers will be able to see the first 100% automated equipment solutions for the manufacturing of composite parts
Come and meet Matrasur Compoites on stand E06

MF Tech: Filament winding innovation
Supported by its partners Kuka and Material for the development and design phases, MF Tech is proposing a filament-winding innovation for the JEC Composites Show 2007. The innovation adds the potential for winding elbow and T-shaped parts, using wet-moulded glass fibre and/or carbon prepregs. The company’s technology makes it possible to optimise fibre placement procedures with high repeatability, leading to cost savings on materials and labour.

Respecta: Technology for compound manufacturing
Respecta has developed a new technology for compound manufacturing, in cooperation with German Fraunhofer-Institut Chemische Technologie (ICT), Dieffenbacher, BYK-Chemie, Johns Manville, M-Base, Menzolit-Fibron and Volkswagen. The innovative process prepares compounds in a continuous operation. With the RESPECTA VacuCast technology, recipe-controlled metering, mixing and degassing of twelve different solid and liquid components are an automatic process.
Come and meet Respecta on stand G30

Steinbach AG: Sound insulation membranes
The Steinbach AG membranes are used in the manufacturing processes of composite materials worldwide. The company, which has developed multi-functional products for sound and noise control for composite materials made from different components, can trim the membranes precisely for the size of laminators, vacuum table, 3-D press machines or special application. Applications will be presented at the JEC Composites Show 2007.

Tekna: 4-axis machining centre
Tekna has recently installed a 4-axis machining centre specifically designed for the fabrication of carbon fibre components for the aerospace industry. The parts that are machined are C and I shape profiles of different dimensions and length (maximum 6700 mm). The clamping system has been specifically designed for this application: depending on the width of the profile, clamps are set automatically; clamps jaws are retractable and controlled by the CNC to avoid collision.
Come and meet Tekna on stand H64

Raw Materials / Resin / Reinforcements

Axson: moulding solution
Axson is introducing a new epoxy resin system that combines low viscosity and high temperature resistance. The system makes it possible to mould high-quality durable tools using the infusion process, even under the severe conditions of an autoclave cycle. It can be provided with a high-temperature-resistant gelcoat for applications that require a glossy surface finish. The system is intended for the aeronautical, automotive, construction, interior-decoration, marine and sports industries.
Come and meet Axson on stand F16

Phoenixx TPC: High temperature nylon composite
Phoenixx TPC has produced a new high temperature nylon 6/6 based thermoplastic composite. These new high temperature nylon resins provide excellent mechanical/physical properties at higher temperatures, even after saturation with water. Its main application fields are in machine parts, wear/bearing surfaces and structural parts for the industrial, aerospace and sport sectors.

Carbostamp: Top production time and cycle performance
Soficar’s Carbostamp is a range of fully impregnated carbon/polyamide 12 fabrics. Carbostamp offers excellent production time and cycle/mechanical performance. It has been developed for high productivity for automotive, sports & leisure, aeronautic and industrial markets. Several moulding technologies are possible including press moulding, stamping, vacuum & autoclave moulding. Other advantages include excellent surface finish, service temperature of up to 90°C and industry wide acceptance.
Come and meet Soficar on stand G02

ASA.TEC: goes basaltic
ASA.TEC (Asamer Basaltic Fibre), subsidiary of the leading Austrian raw materials group Asamer, is converting the potential of basalt fibre into innovations and solutions. Basalt fibre has remarkable technical advantages compared to other technical fibres. It is chemical resistant, stands up to extreme variations in temperature, has great tensile strength and is fully suitable for recycling. A huge range of markets will profit from basalt fibre technology in the years ahead: composite industries, automotive, technical textiles, construction and so forth …
ASA.TEC is exhibiting at the JEC Composites Show 2007

Collano: New multilayer film generation
The new Collano multilayer film generation meets the high functional demands and competitive price requirements of automotive applications in terms of low temperature flexibility and adhesion performance and is prized in the light weight panel industry for their economical use at low process temperatures. It is also very crash-resistant, absorbing high energy upon impact even at low temperatures.
Come and meet Collano on stand K57

Fibroline: FibroCompTM, a new long-fibre composite material
Fibroline has developed an innovative dry impregnation process (Fibroline®) and exhibits a new concept for obtaining a composite reinforced with extra-long fibres, FibroCompTM, at the JEC Composites Show 2007. This original composite solution uses powdered thermoplastic or thermoset resins to impregnate chopped rovings. Based on the application of an alternating electrical field, the Fibroline® dry impregnation process can be used to impregnate porous structures (such as non-woven material, fabric, foam, paper) with all types of powdered materials.
Come and meet Fibroline on stand R72

Hexcel: New carbon fibre product
Hexcel is launching a new improved version of Magnamite® IM9, an Intermediate Modulus carbon fibre with an excellent balance of tensile strength and tensile modulus performance. Magnamite® IM9 has a Tensile Strength of 890ksi/6141MPA, Tensile Modulus of 42MSi/290GPA, making it particularly suitable for in high end sports equipment, Formula 1 application and the automotive industry.
Come and meet Hexcel on stand E68

GrafTech International: Reinforced composite panel
GrafTech International has produced a reinforced composite panel called GRAFOAM with number innovative characteristics. These include: sustained fire resistance, low thermal conductivity, electromagnetic shielding, high strength to weight ratio, acoustic shielding and a facility to bond with laminates. Fields of application include doors, walls, ceiling panels and flooring.
Come and meet GRAFTECH INTERNATIONAL on stand Q66

Telene: a new grade of Telene
The perfecting of a Telene formulation reinforced with mineral fibre was adapted for use with In-Mould Coating, an environment-friendly painting process for reaction -injection-moulded parts. Thanks to reinforced Telene, the pool panels have peerless impact strength and corrosion resistance, as well as great dimensional stability even at extreme temperatures. The reinforced Telene also offers new advantages: more rigidity and a great dimensional stability while preserving the lightness of the product.
Come and meet Telene SAS on stand L52

Huntsman: Four new products
Huntsman Advanced Materials recently released four new innovative products. The first is a new infusion system for windmill blades called Xb 3951 that will benefit large blade production and add to their durability. It also produced RenShape SL7800 and 7810, accurate and general purpose resins that retain dimensions and impact resistance and RenCast 6414A/5117-1B, a DDM free solution having excellent toughness properties.
Come and meet Huntsman on stand C6

Nidaplast: Nidaplast®8RI for infusion moulding
Nidaplast offers a new range of honeycomb materials for infusion moulding. The combined properties of the material and process provide higher performance and cost efficiency through optimised resin use and strictly controlled resin contents. The final product is sealed by a hot-melt reinforced plastic film perforated at 15-centimetre intervals to ensure consistent resin flow. Nidaplast®8RI is a cost-effective alternative to standard materials used in infusion moulding.
Come and meet Nidaplast Honeycombs on stand F53

Alcan: Alternative core material
With the development of the Alcan’s AIREX T91 foam, especially designed for applications where increased damage tolerance, impact resistance, or flexible strength was required, the company is positioning itself to cover new market segments. The material offers good thermal stability and adhesion, high strength, no water absorption or after-expansion and is easily thermoformable. As the rail industry is looking for an alternative core material with good FST properties, Alcan’s material could fill that demand.
Come and meet Alcan on stand P09

Huachang Polymer: elastomer modified vinyl ester
Shanghai, China-based Huachang Polymer co has developed a new type of composite resin called MFE-9 that has yielded some impressive results. Applied in construction of railways, the product was created to overcome the contradiction between flexibility and mechanical properties, and has excellent crash and impact resistance. Huachang Polymer is exhibiting at the JEC Composites Show 2007.

CNBM: Chinese fibreglass reinforced materials
China National Building Materials Corp (CNBM) has produced some innovative SMC compounds and chopped strand mat materials of various forms and sizes. These fibreglass reinforced materials have high corrosion resistant ability and strength and can be used widely in producing GRP products. The company’s materials have been used frequently in the storage and automotive industry, to help construct applications such as water tanks, pipes and vehicle bodies.

The Japan-based Industrial Technology Center of FUKUI Prefecture: Spread technology prepregs
The Japan-based Industrial Technology Center of FUKUI Prefecture has introduced thin UD sheets or prepregs using what it calls “Spread Technology”. These can be made with both thermosets and thermoplastics. With Spread Technology, the producer can improve physical properties of the laminated composite significantly.

Econcore: Honeycomb technology progress
During 2006, Econcore’s ThermHex and TorHex technology progressed significantly. ThermHex technology can now be demonstrated in a width of 1.4 m and a speed of 10 m/min. This Technology enables continuous production of ThermHex honeycombs from different thermoplastic polymers directly from the extruder or from a roll of thermoplastic film. Different cell sizes, densities and thicknesses are possible. The TorHex technology enables a production speed of 100 m/min and is currently available in a production width of 1.2 m.
Come and meet Econcore on stand J24

HOS-Technik: High temperature stability
HOZOLE is a linear high-performance polymer manufactured by HOS-Technik using a polybenzimidazole (PBI) base. It shows excellent high-temperature stability, with a service temperature above 310°C (590°F). Temperatures of 500°C (930°F) are also possible for short periods. Products made from HOZOLE are non-flammable and demonstrate high strength properties, chemical resistance and temperature stability, as well as having low wear and friction coefficients.
Come and meet HOS-Technik on stand J36

Kamenny Vek: Basalt fibers with higher tensile strength
Kamenny Vek, the Russian producer of advanced basalt fibres, are offering a new roving grade with sizing especially made for concrete reinforcement applications and basalt twisted yarns for civil engineering projects. Concrete constructions based on such kind of basalt fibre reinforcement have better mechanical properties and physical characteristics as compared to conventional glass fibre reinforced constructions.
Come and meet Kamenny Vek on stand C36

Maruhachi: Spread fibre technology
Japan-based Maruhachi has created new materials for UD and woven products with spread fibre technology. Called Peel-ply, the product has better physical properties than standard materials. The company also released ECORM, a material for multi-axial and woven products that has remarkable strength and is environmentally friendly.

Nantong Mincom Composite Materials: FRP gratings and pultruded profiles
Nantong Mincom Composite Materials has presented a range of FRP gratings and pultruded profiles. They are corrosion and chemical resistant, have a high strength to weight ratio, are fire retardant, ergonomic, slip-resistant and age slowly. Furthermore, they require low maintenance, are very safe and are economically efficient.
Come and meet Nantong Mincom on stand K62

Polynt : New carbon fibre SMC
HUP CF 24/54 RB-9500 is a new carbon fibre SMC based on cut fibres and a modified vinyl ester matrix developed by POLYNT. Moulded parts with complex geometries can be obtained without changes in the SMC process. Densities are 20% lower and rigidities three times as high as with glass fibre reinforced SMC. Due to these mechanical properties a weight saving of 50% is feasible. It shows an extraordinary combination between mechanical and thermo-mechanical properties, chemical resistance, and thermal and electrical conductivity.
Come and meet Polynt on stand C18

Polystrand Inc.: Advanced fibre reinforcements
Polystrand, Inc has released three new products. The first is a new lighter weight version of Polystrand continuous advanced fibre reinforcement for weight-sensitive applications. The second is a corrugated panel that reduces repair and maintenance costs in refrigerated transportation applications, and the third is a new thermal formable sandwich panel made with a foam core and Polystrand continuous fibre reinforcement.

Pyromeral Systems: Resisting temperatures of up to 1000°C
Pyromeral Systems is launching the new generation of its high temperature structural composite Pyrosic. Despite its easy manufacturing process (parts made of Pyrosic are typically manufactured in autoclave/vacuum bagging at low temperatures), Pyrosic does not burn and retains its mechanical and structural properties at temperatures as high as 900C (1650°F), even in the case of prolonged exposures. With an improved manufacturing process, the new version of Pyrosic offers improved mechanical properties, light weight, flexibility in part design and still the exceptional temperature resistance that characterizes the material.
Come and meet Pyromeral Systems on stand Q57

SteelThermHex: Thermoplastic core with honeycomb structure
The sandwich panels developed by SteelThermHex consist of two steel sheets that are laminated in a continuous process on both sides of a thermoplastic core with honeycomb structure. This technology produces panels with an outstanding rigidity/weight ratio, excellent flatness, and low weight at a competitive cost. The range of steel products available for the skin opens an endless range of possibilities to tailor the product to the needs of specific end-use applications and leverages its aesthetic appeal. These products will be available at the end of 2007.


Granta Design: Unique commercial software system
Granta Design has produced the latest version of the GRANTA MI software, the leading system for materials information management in engineering enterprises. This new release, version 1.3, will include enhancements to enterprise-wide data management features and new tools to assist decision-making for companies seeking to optimise their materials usage.
Come and meet Granta Design on stand Q63

Nidaplast: “Magics” finite element software
Nidaplast proposes its help in the pre-dimensioning of parts with “Magics”, its new finite element analysis (FEA) software. Magics can be used to evaluate the structural sandwich in applications where that information is lacking. Nidaplast can help its customers save time in optimising honeycomb placement, by helping out them with the mechanical design of their parts and by cutting the material for them in advance to the desired shape. The company offers this service and know-how for all types of application.
Come and meet Nidaplast Honeycombs on stand F53

Think Composites: New software approach
Think Composites’ Super Micmac is a design software with a new approach including a new stress based failure criteria. It offers an easy-to-use format adaptability, and the design can include aging and fatigue effects using a time/temperature/stress superposition principle. This software has been used for the aerospace, sport, transport, automotive and marine industries.

Vistagy : Latest version of FiberSIM
VISTAGY has demonstrated the newest version of its FiberSIM® suite of composites engineering software. FiberSIM version 5.2 is tailored to the complete end-to-end composites product development process – from early conceptual design through manufacturing and quality assurance. New tools for defining preliminary 3D solids and generating weight studies help engineers solve particularly complex weight reduction challenges. VISTAGY is also showcasing the ING-Renault F1 Team race car with representatives from Renault F1 Team providing presentations at the VISTAGY booth.

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